Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Update

Let's talk about how great this weekend was.

Wait... let's rephrase that.

Let's talk about how great Friday night and Saturday was. Sunday... not so much. And that is better left unwritten. But as you can probably imagine, pre-surgery does require that you "clean out" your body. Let's leave it at that.

Anyways, by the time you read this, I will probably be right in the middle of surgery. (Yes, this post was scheduled.) That also means that I won't be able to "moderate" the comments until I am awake enough to click "publish." Sooo... if you leave me happy notes, I will certainly publish them once I get the chance. Speaking of, I hate that I even have to moderate comments, but such is life.

Oh yea... you're probably still thinking about me mentioning surgery. I told y'all that I was going under the knife soon. And the day has finally arrived. I'm a nervous wreck, true story. BUT, it's for the better. Furthermore, I will have answers to questions that I've been needing. Don't feel totally left in the dark; very few people actually know what the surgery consists of. Everyone will know in due time.

Here's a little look at our weekend:
1. On the way to take our second anniversary pictures!
2. Jenni posted a sneak peak. She did awesome. I can't wait to see the rest :)
3. Pre-surgery drinks. Disgusting. That would be a half gallon of Gatorade with the mix. Just looking at this photo makes me gag.

On another note, I will be an "aunt" soon! Two of my girlfriends are due with babies this week and I couldn't be more happy for them. I am super pumped to cuddle up with the little cuties!

That's all. Say a prayer that everything goes smoothly for me today.


  1. Hope everything is okay!! I didn't know about your private blog :( but best of luck with the surgery!!

  2. Lots and lots of prayers for you, my friend! If it's any consolation, you look beautiful in your anniversary pictures! :)

  3. Good luck today!! I am still annoyed with my computer for letting me into the other blog once and then never again - ha, I'm terrible with this thing. But I have an idea as to what it's for and I'm glad it will provide you the answers you need!! Still praying for you guys.

  4. Praying for you!! :)

  5. Thinking of you all day my friend! Prayers and loves going your way... and I cannot WAIT to see all the gorgy anniversary pictures you took :)

  6. Thinking of you today!
    Glad y'all got to have some fun taking pretty pictures!

  7. Hope everything goes okay with your surgery! Sending some prayers your way!

  8. I just stalked instagram and am so glad you made it out of surgery safely. Any kind of surgery is very scary. Hoping you have a fast recovery and your husband takes extra good care of you!

  9. Love that 2 year picture! You are gorgeous!!