Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was one of my favorites. Mainly because it had to do with the following:

+ My oldest baby turned 4 years old
+ Being extra lovely dovey with my husband due to our anniversary
+ Cuddling with baby Harper
+ Season premier of Homeland
+ Series finale of Breaking Bad

If you ask me, all those things equal pure happiness. Well, except for the fact that BB is no longer going to be a part of my life. That in itself makes me very sad. But yea... let's get down to the deets of it all.
On Thursday, my oldest Princess Bear turned 4 years old. My, oh my! She is one sweet little girl. In honor of her b-day, we bought her a new toy. Take a look at this cute video.
Long story short: I am very proud of the doggy Zoey has become. I also have to say that Layla (the black and white one) is the sweetest doggy in all the land. Her birthday is next month! We can't wait to celebrate.

Friday during the day, I did a little shopping and guess who I ran into??? SHANNA from Because Shanna Said So. So fun, right? Her and I saw each other and immediately smiled and chatted/hugged! We plan to meet up in the future for lunch or dinner sometime :)

That evening, hubbs and I went to a romantic dinner. But before we headed to the restaurant, we had to snap a picture. He's mighty fine, if I do say so myself.
We had the best time ever on Friday! Here's a look at how our evening went.
1. Another photo op of my cute hubbs and I.
2. Dramatic makeup for the night. Hubbs said he loved my lipstick! It was bright, but fun.
3. Dinner at The Range! We love this place!
4. I can't even describe in words how great our dinner was. My mouth is currently water as I think about it. It was a filet, some veggies, and scalloped potatoes. Oh gracious, it was good!
5. After dinner, we headed to a local beer-bar!
6. We ended our evening at a wine bar.

Saturday, we took it easy considering how much rain we got. It was a stay-indoors kind of day. We did a little cleaning, and a lot of napping. That night, we went to our neighbors where I got to cuddle with little Miss Harper. She melts my heart. We had pizza and watched a movie there. We watched The Place Beyond The Pines. It was different than I expected... Have y'all seen it?

Sunday was spent doing a lot of schoolwork (because I've been slacking) and then TV watching! I sorta teared up at the end of Breaking Bad. I cannot believe it's over!!! It's been ... what???... 5 seasons? It doesn't seem real for it to all end. But all good things must come to an end, I guess.

Hope everyone's week is awesome!


  1. I loved all of y'alls pictures from your fancy date night! Looks like such a fun night out on the town! And we're also very sad that BB is over. We loved that show! And I especially loved that it was on at 8 pm before my bedtime, ha!

  2. Y'all are such a drop dead gorgeous couple! Glad your anniversary was a blast!
    And how fun you ran into Shanna this weekend! :)

  3. looks like a great weekend and that picture of the two of you, wow!

  4. Loooove your dress! Beautiful! Sexy heels too! ;)

  5. You two look so cute for date night! Glad you had a great Anniversary celebration! I saw the Place Beyond the Pines and it was totally not what i was expecting!! Such weird twists and turns.

  6. Seriously loved how gorgy you looked for your romantic dinner. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  7. Hottie hottttttie! You guys look awesome! :) So glad you had a fun weekend!!

  8. You two look adorable! & Happy birthday to your sweet girl :)

  9. Yum steak and wine! Glad y'all got a nice night out. I have Place Beyond the pines on Netflix just waiting to be watched, but won't be able to until next week. Was it weird?

  10. YAY what a great weekend! I love your dress pretty friend. Such a great way to celebrate such a sweet marriage. Have a great week!