Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Allison, the Scarecrow.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I can't believe I just admitted that

I'll admit, there are times when I really look at myself in the mirror and think, "You are one goofy person, Allison." That thought usually pops in my head primarily due to recognizing the things that I do when no one else is around. Or just being aware of weird ticks that I have.

I thought I'd be brutally honest and share some of these (weird, funny, embarrassing) things with you. First, a rule. You cannot judge me. capeesh?  Second rule: You really ought to consider sharing one too. It would make me laugh, and who doesn't love a good laugh!?
Here goes nothin...

+ When the laundry dyer is going off, it sings a song. Each time I hear the song playing, I start whistling to the tune and immediately get more chipper. 

+ When I am obsessed with a song, I Google the lyrics just so that I can be cool and know how to sing every word. Then when I master the lyrics, I feel so.awesome. about my self.

+ I accidentally choke on my own spit randomly. Like the other night... I was peacefully sleeping when I woke up violently coughing because my own spit went down the wrong tube. Ross woke up and said, "Um, babe, are you okay?"

+ When a car driving in front of me turns extremely wide to make a left or right turn, I say (outloud) "Pimp Turn." Then I laugh because people are ridiculous that make turning their car that big of a deal.
+ Every time that I pluck my eyebrows, I sneeze uncontrollably. Once I'm done sneezing, I have to blow my nose like it's going out of style. It's pretty awkward. 

+ Smell is one of my most heightened senses and I feel like I have to smell everything. For instance: when out to eat with virtually anyone that I know, I will usually ask to smell their food. It's a curiosity thing, I guess. 

+ I tell my husband, "you're the greatest" And his response is always, "I know." He's so humble, y'all. :)

+ Nine times out of ten, I will not remember a person's name who I just met. I usually zone out and think about how I'm going to introduce myself. Pretty rude of me, right?

+ When I'm getting ready for work in the mornings, I always watch My Fox Austin news. Sometimes I even mock what I know an anchor is going to say. For instance, Zach Shields usually says something like, "Good Wednesday morning, Friends!"

+ I am a very expressive person. As in, I'm a talker. If I like something, I say it. If I don't like something, I say it. If I'm indifferent about something, I say it.

Do you have any corky things about you that are similar? Share your pretty little hearts out!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Update

My weekend was sorta like a 3 day weekend since Friday I was at a work conference. I am always up for an extra day during the weekend. Who is with me???
1. The work conference I attended on Friday. It was a long day since we drove to San Antonio that morning and back in the evening. But I feel like I got a lot out of it!
2. We were the first presentation of the day and had a full room! YAY! The presentation went great! I can't wait to read the evaluations.
3. My breakfast on Saturday morning. There was nothing else in our house that was Gluten-Free so I had to find whatever I could. Tortilla chips in the A.M. really isn't so bad.
4. Grocery shopping success. All Gluten-Free too. YAY ME. Feel free to leave any comments about products you would suggest. So far, I've heard that Udi's and Glutino are some of the best!

In other news, my bank account hates me. This red and blue dress just spoke to me. Adding it to my closet was the only option. Please tell me you already know how obsessed I am with the Fourth of July??? Yes??? Well I am already thinking about our party invites for 2014's party and what I'll wear. I vote that I wear this pretty dress. I'm hoping that it won't fit in July though. (Read here if you're confused.)

Friday, October 25, 2013

It's not me, it's you.

Let's talk gluten-free. We've all heard the buzz. No, I don't have any sort of allergy (at least not that I'm aware of???) Though I will say that yes, I do have some symptoms. I'm not going to jump to conclusions just yet. Regardless, I'm still intrigued. So much so that I decided to add a month of zero gluten to my 30 Before 30 list. Yikes. I'm already scared.
A couple months ago, my mom told me about how she's gone gluten-free and it's helped almost entirely with her migraines. This coming from a woman who got at least one migraine per week while I was growing up. She also told me about several other positives of it, and I decided I am going to give it a whirl. It will be EXTREMELY hard for me; just know that. But I am willing to give it a shot.

So... I'm writing for your advice!

I am a picky picky girl. I like rice and beans a lot. That's probably my favorite meal ever. Is that gluten-free? I assume so, but I don't know! Here are my questions.

+ Do you know of any good blogs specializing in gluten-free recipes? These need to be realistic recipes; I'm a working woman who is also a graduate student. I don't have time to cook like Betty Crocker.

+ What are the best gluten-free brands?

+ How can I determine if something is truly gluten-free? The labels can be misleading, or so I'm told.

+ What is your best piece of advice when going gluten-free?

That should get me started. Who wants to join me? We can be accountability buddies!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New beauty finds

First off, I am overwhelmed by the support and lovin' that I received from y'all yesterday. Thank you thank you thank you. When I wrote that post, I was terrified. But now with it out in the open, I feel good! I feel like I can breathe. And who cares if my relatives (reminder: relatives does't always equate to family) have anything negative to say.

Moving onto one of my favorite topics these days: beauty products.

There have been three beauty products here lately that have absolutely blown me away! I'm not even exaggerating either! I really enjoy trying new products. Sometimes I find duds, and other times I find major scores. In this case, I found three wins!

I bought this item on a whim just thinking I'd try a new powder to set my foundation. I love any and all things matte, so I figured "why not?" I love when powders offer a transparent color, so that's the one that I selected. Let me tell you... this powder is amazing. And for it to be a drugstore find, I was completely surprised. I've never actually used any other Rimmel products before this one, and I'm really glad I tried it out! My personal opinion is that it feels high end but without the price tag!

If I could summarize this product in one word, it would be FAVORITE. Of each and every blush that I've ever tried (yes, in my entire life), this is my favorite. The color goes beautifully with my pale skin tone. The texture is part creamy, part powdery. I am so so so happy that I randomly picked up this item at Ulta recently. I have found my forever blush and I have zero plans of ever switching!

I got this bad boy in my October Ipsy bag and was not too sure about the color. It's a muted plum color, which is not exactly my style. BUT, when I applied it, it basically just enhanced my natural lip color. The thing that I am absolutely loving about this product is that it feels like I'm wearing chapstick. I am (literally) addicted to chapstick, so this is amazing. It has a menthol feel about it, and lasts for-ev-er. With this lip polish on, I do not feel like I would have to re-apply any other lip product for several hours.

Have y'all tried any of these? I would highly recommend all three products. Seriously!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The post I didn't want to write

I can NOT believe I’m publishing this post, to be completely honest. I have a lot of anxiety right now but I know once it’s out in the open, I’ll feel a sense of relief. Here goes nothing.
I blog primarily for the reason of writing anything and everything my little ole heart desires. I am a self-proclaimed DIYer who loves writing about silly things such as makeup, music, and marriage. Who can blame me? I have a very blessed life! All of these things make me smile and are happy things.

But the reality is that no one’s life is perfect, including mine. And although it took me a while, I am finally comfortable writing about the not-so-easy part of life. No no... this is NOT going to be a woe-is-me blog moving forward. I like happiness and sunshine dust. Not Debbie-Downer stuff. This post is simply to get things out there in the open. That’s really it. I feel like I’ll be able to breathe a lot easier after publishing it.

That being said, before we jump in, you need to know the reasons that I've held back about writing this post.

First, let’s talk about judgment. I, nor anyone that I know personally, enjoys being judged. Do you? About 99% of the reason which I held back on writing this post is due to the fear of being judged.

Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I have an invisible tracker on my blog which shows me who is reading Texas Mrs. I know that some of my husband’s coworkers read, some of my friends read, and I also know that some of my relatives read. My biggest fear is that, “Oh my gosh… they will hold this against me!” Sadly, my primary fear of judgment stems from what my relatives would say. I can only imagine the hurtful things they could stir up in their mind.

But guess what? I’ve finally come to a point where it doesn’t matter. My relatives could say the meanest, most hurtful things ever and it would still be okay. Want to know why? Easy answer! Because God created me exactly how he intended to. And by golly, I’m going to trust that He knows what He is doing.

The second reason for holding back on writing this post is due to the word competition. Yuck, I absolutely hate that word. I’ve claimed time and time again to be the least competitive person on planet earth. Quite frankly, I don’t understand obnoxiously competitive people.

I know people (several, in fact) who compete with me personally. It’s as if their life isn’t fulfilled and they want to live my life. So what do they do? They do anything that I do, of course! That’s what competitive people do.

Let me be clear about something that I feel strongly about: Everyone is in different stages of life. Simply because I am at one point in my life does not mean that everyone else needs to jump on the bandwagon.

I am aware that once this post is out there that competition will begin; that is how competitive people work. But that’s fine by me. I’ve come to accept others simply feel they need to “keep up” with me. And if that’s what makes them tick, then fine. I am just grateful not to rush my life choices for the sake of competing with others.

Well that was a mouthful, if I do say so myself. Please tell me y’all have the gist though? I’ll summarize it for you: I have not written this post up until today due to fear of judgment and competition.
The next paragraph is going to be a long one. I apologize for that. I like paragraphs to be broken up so that way it’s easier to read but this one is different. I wanted to make sure whomever is reading is actually reading this post in its entirety; not just skipping around to the “good parts.” This entire post boils down to the fact that although Ross and I have been trying to conceive since November 2012, we have been unsuccessful. Yikes, I cannot believe I just put that out there. In my personal opinion, infertility is a bad word. It’s something that you don’t talk about. It’s virtually taboo. Before you start assuming things, you need to know this: no, we are NOT “infertile.” But the act of not being able to get pregnant within a year coins any couple struggling with that word. You need to know that doctors have examined us thoroughly and both he and I are in tip-top shape to make a baby. The doctors claim that I ovulate “beautifully” each month and that my husband’s men are “ready for an egg.”

There is something that plays a huge role in all of this though. And that is none other than stress. Oh lovely.

I, myself, do not handle stress very well. It’s been something that I’ve gotten much better at in the past year and I continue to progress in a positive way. However, when I am stressed, my body is the first to get the message. More times than not, my mouth produces painful ulcers in excess. The point of me telling you this is because my doctor says he believes that’s why we’ve been unsuccessful. If I’m getting visible ulcers in my mouth, can you imagine the things going on inside of my body?

Of course I have full intentions of going into greater detail about this journey, but it would take way too much out of your day for you to read it. Let’s save that for next time. But I do want to make a couple of quick points:

+ Anyone is welcome to email me personally with any questions/comments. My email is texasmrsblog(at)gmail(dot)com. Just know that I will also be posting more detail later. Maybe next week.

+ Yes, my surgery last month was due to this topic.

+ You’re absolutely incorrect to assume you know what our journey has been like. But you will all find out soon enough. At least some of it. There is a portion that will remain between my husband and I solely.

+ My husband and I have only grown stronger over this situation. Not only physically (I giggle) but also emotionally. When I cry, he comforts me. When I’m negative, he’s positive. He’s the ying to my yang and everything in between. Our marriage is rock.solid. because of this journey.

+ Should God’s plan lead us to an alternative form of parenthood such as adoption, surrogate, etc., we will feel overjoyed!

More than anything, the point I’d like everyone to get out of this post is this: My husband and I are stronger, better, wiser people because of this journey. I will preach that until I feel like I’ve made my point clear. (Seriously.) For the first time in my, I am NOT scared. I do NOT care if people poke fun at my struggles. I do NOT care if I’m viewed differently. There is (literally) nothing wrong with me or my husband in God’s eyes. Actually, there’s (literally) nothing wrong with he or I in the doctor’s eyes either. “It just takes time”, in their own words.
Hallelujah, you’ve reached the end of this blog post. If you read the entire thing, I applaud you. If you skipped around to the “good part” then you suck. :) 

Tomorrow I will be back with regularly scheduled fun posts. Because that’s how I roll. You haven’t seen me moaning and groaning the past year during our struggle, so that how it’ll continue on.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leopard is a neutral

True story: My husband thinks I look like a cougar whenever I wear leopard print. He's not the biggest fan of the print, but it's growing on him. On Friday I wore a leopard print shirt to work and before he left, he said, "You look good in that shirt!" What a sweet thang. My work here is done.

Due to the fact that I've been overly obsessed with leopard print as of late, I decided to play around on Polyvore this weekend. So productive, I know. But here are my creations. Can I have it all, please?!

So what is your favorite leopard print item? Are you obsessed too?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Update

The past couple of days have been glorious. Primarily because it was the weekend, FACT, but also because the weather cooperated very nicely. Hubby and I were able to do lots of yard work without even breaking a sweat, and we spent some lazy time on the couch. It was supreme, I will say that.
1. I am all kinds of loving my new gold iPhone! It was completely worth the wait. Originally whenever the iPhone 5S came out for sale, I was going to jump the gun and order the silver once since it was available immediately. But my heart wasn't set on it. So I decided to wait. And I'm really happy that I did! The gold is so pretttyyyyy!
2. Totally ridiculous of me to take a selfie at work, but I did it anyways. Leopard print top is from Forever 21 (similar here) and necklace is from Kendra Scott (here). More leopard goodness to come soon!
3. Hubby showing off his sexy thighs. This man makes me laugh. He ordered himself a pair of Chubbies and was walking around the house flexing all kinds of ways. Thank God he is my husband. He is one fine specimen of a man.
4. Found the most adorbz set of Mason Jar shot glasses. I found them at a local store, but you can also buy them online (here).

Work has been IN-SANE lately. I have been so busy! Not to mention, I'm still in graduate school, so my free time has been sparse. I am fully confident I'll have posts available each day this week. I hope to be able to spend more weekend time working on this here blog o' mine! Anyways, speaking of work, I will be presenting at a conference this Friday. So think happy thoughts for me that it goes well!

Last thing, I am planning on writing a post at some point during the week that I have been thinking about for a while. It will be a LONG one (just warning you) but it will be worth reading in it's entirety. Just a little FYI for you. Hope everyone's day is swell!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The biggest compliment you could ever give me

I can be sorta awkward when someone gives me a compliment. I tend to feel the pressure of giving one right back after they've given it to me. Not that it's a bad quality, but I just redirect the attention from me to that person.

Most people are flattered when you tell them any combination of the following:
You look skinny!
Where did you get that outfit?
I love your makeup today!
I need your purse!

Don't get me wrong... those are great compliments to receive. It's so thoughtful of someone to go out of their way to tell you something so nice. Personally, I am really bad at giving compliments. For whatever reason, I just don't think to do it. That doesn't stop me from thinking nice thoughts in my head though.

Anyways, that being said, there IS one compliment that makes me smile from ear-to-ear and it makes me want to have a full blown conversation with you about it. What could I be talking about? Smelling good, of course.

You smell good!
What perfume are you wearing?

When someone says those magic words, I light up! In fact, there is nothing more flattering (in my opinion) than someone saying that I smell good. I am a self-proclaimed perfume addict. I own an array of scents and I am pleased as punch whenever someone takes time out of their day to recognize my obsession.

I have talked about perfume a few times before (here & here). But I thought it would be wise to tell you which scent I get the most compliments about.

Tease by Victoria's Secret. It will rock your spouse's world. As the website says, the perfume has a "warm blend of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia." Yummo. If that isn't heavenly, I don't know what is!

So now I'm curious... what's one compliment that makes you really really happy!? There's gotta be something that sticks out! Do tell :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY: Fall glitter banner

I don't have a ton of Fall decorations. I tend to stock up on 4th of July goodies and hold off on all other holidays. After all, my husband limits me to filling up the guest closet. Yep, it's true. ALL my yearly decorations must fit in one guest-sized closet. But it's totally doable. I am good with my packing skills.

On a related note, we don't have a mantel in our house. Sad day. But the problem is that I love banners of all sorts. (Banners usually go on mantles.) When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew it was the perfect addition to add to our TV stand. It's my pretend mantle until we eventually get a real one. But who needs fire places in Texas??? Just kidding... I would love a fire place. Mostly for the looks; not necessarily for the purpose of heating the house.

Anyways, this project is super easy and best of all... it's glittery! Enjoy, all you fellow DIYers! :)

Step One: Gather your supplies. You will need:
+Mod Podge
+Mini clips
+Hot Glue + Gun Gun

Step Two: Paint your letters.
I used a metallic gold paint as the base. I must say that I was pretty imressed with the final color.

Step Three: Glitter your letters.
First, paint a coat of Mod Podge onto of the letter. Then immediately apply some glitter. Shake off excess once the glitter is completely dry.

Step Four: Attach mini clips.
I used a hot glue gun to attach the mini clips to the back of the letter. Then I cut some twine and strung it like a ribbon.

Step Five: Admire your puppies real quick-like.
Since they look so cute, you may as well snap a photo!

Step Six: Hang your banner.
Pretty much anywhere your little ole heart desires!
It's as easy as that. Now go make yourself one.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Update

Sadly, I don't have a ton of pictures to show for my fun weekend.
Just know that it was great, per usual.
Friday I spent some time in Houston, holding baby Colin. Gosh, he is so sweet. Absolutely perfect in every way imaginable. While there, Amber and I took him on a walk. That was fun. Then we just sat around and reminisced about our time in high school & college. I am so glad that I got to see her! Too bad I didn't get to see my other biffle while there. Luckily I'll get to see Ash in November!

Saturday, I ran a lot of errands and picked up some DIY schtuff. Super excited to show y'all this one. Stop by tomorrow for my newest creation. I am pretty sure next weekend is also going to be a DIY one. There's just so many projects and so little time.

We ended our weekend with an early morning grocery run, napping, schoolwork, and TV-watching. We hung out with our neighbors and caught up on Homeland. Oh and my favorite part? I got to rock baby Harper to sleep. MELT.MY.HEART. The little noises that she makes. It's love.

I'll say it now... I am going to be annoying AF whenever I have a kiddo. I am obsessed with my friends' babies. Imagine how I'll be with my own. Yikes. Anyways, I'm getting off tangent.

Do y'all watch the show "Scandal"? I've heard soo much about it and I finally decided to check it out. Nuts! I am already nearly finished with the first season. The last episode I watched was Olivia Pope saying, "Quinn, do you want to tell everyone who you are, or should I?" EEK! Can't wait to see what happens next.

I hope y'all have a super great Monday!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday

YAY for Friday. It just so happens to be a three day weekend for me. I plan to do a lot of homework (yuck), take naps, and just relax. Nothing sounds better! Today, let's look at five things that I'm loving.

I am soo excited to meet baby Colin for the first time today. His momma and I went to high school together and were even college roomies my freshman year. I am ready to cuddle and kiss the heck outta him!

Found this beautiful Kendra Scott gem and knew I needed it in my life. I have been over wearing my black one so I figured the gold would be more versatile!

3. DIY.
Of course I was on Pinterest for hours last night. Not on purpose. But I decided I am going to have a DIY weekend. I have so many ideas brewing in my head. Wine+DIY projects=HAPPINESS.

If you love The Walking Dead as much as I do, then you must know that Sunday is the season premier. I am so excited to see what the characters are up to. Any predictions on the first episode???

It's not the normal type of music that I listen to, but I am loving this song lately.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Favorites

Due to the cool front that is currently in the lone star state, I actually feel like it's fall. Except it's supposed to warm up next week. But that is completely beside the point.

I am definitely a summer girl, but I have been so excited for the cooler months! Here's a look at some of my recent favorite fall items!
1. BOOTS. I feel like no matter how many pairs of boots that I own, there are always other super cute ones that I need. You know that feeling? This is one of them! Plus, I am obsessed with Steve Madden shoes! For under $100, I need these in my closet!

2. POLISH. I own this color and I have been such a huge fan of it lately. It's a nice purple that is just deep enough for cooler months, but would also work in warmer weather too! I love the shine that it has about it also.

3. CHEVRON. Thanks to Brandi, I had to order this case! Although I'm still waiting on my iPhone 5S to arrive, I need this in my life. Brandi recently posted it on her Instagram and I fell in love! Thanks for letting me copy you, Brandi! And all you other bloggers out there: Feel free to jump on the bandwagon! This phone case is perfect! The gold tone in it reminds me of fall to a T.

4. SCARF. Leopard print scarf? Yes please. I own this baby myself. My hubby thinks that I look like a cougar (not the animal) when I wear anything leopard print, but he just doesn't understand fashion. It's on sale right now too! I would definitely recommend it if you're in the market for a leopard print scarf. You will love it!

So what are your favorite fall items? Do you own any of these?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Currently I am...

Dying To... Put glitter all over albino pumpkins. I mean really... orange is sooooo last season. White pumpkins + glitter = happiness. 
Smelling... Enchiladas. I took it upon myself to bake up the tastiest beef enchiladas that ever existed for dinner last night. I am pretty sure that my mouth is still watering from all that goodness. Luckily, enchiladas are the basics if you think of the food pyramid. At least it is in my mind!
Feeling... Sorta chilly. Fall is finally upon us in Texas. At least in the morning Fall is here. I woke up today and it was a whopping 50 degrees! Sadly, the afternoons get in the upper 80's still. Boo hoo!
Wishing... It was the weekend already. I was off last week and also off during the week of my surgery, so I am still getting back into the swing of things at work. However, I will say that I've realized one major thing about myself: I LIKE ROUTINES. Being off has completely messed up the structure with my weekdays. So it's sorta nice to be back.

Deciding... That I will be a Scarecrow for Halloween this year! Pinterest has won my heart yet again. When I had no idea what to do, it came to the rescue!
Listening To... "Wake Me Up" by Avicii. This song is chill music meets techno. I like. A lot.
Excited For... The Walking Dead premier this Sunday! EEK! It's been wayyy toooooo longggggggggg. I need to know what happens next!