Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I can't believe I just admitted that

I'll admit, there are times when I really look at myself in the mirror and think, "You are one goofy person, Allison." That thought usually pops in my head primarily due to recognizing the things that I do when no one else is around. Or just being aware of weird ticks that I have.

I thought I'd be brutally honest and share some of these (weird, funny, embarrassing) things with you. First, a rule. You cannot judge me. capeesh?  Second rule: You really ought to consider sharing one too. It would make me laugh, and who doesn't love a good laugh!?
Here goes nothin...

+ When the laundry dyer is going off, it sings a song. Each time I hear the song playing, I start whistling to the tune and immediately get more chipper. 

+ When I am obsessed with a song, I Google the lyrics just so that I can be cool and know how to sing every word. Then when I master the lyrics, I feel so.awesome. about my self.

+ I accidentally choke on my own spit randomly. Like the other night... I was peacefully sleeping when I woke up violently coughing because my own spit went down the wrong tube. Ross woke up and said, "Um, babe, are you okay?"

+ When a car driving in front of me turns extremely wide to make a left or right turn, I say (outloud) "Pimp Turn." Then I laugh because people are ridiculous that make turning their car that big of a deal.
+ Every time that I pluck my eyebrows, I sneeze uncontrollably. Once I'm done sneezing, I have to blow my nose like it's going out of style. It's pretty awkward. 

+ Smell is one of my most heightened senses and I feel like I have to smell everything. For instance: when out to eat with virtually anyone that I know, I will usually ask to smell their food. It's a curiosity thing, I guess. 

+ I tell my husband, "you're the greatest" And his response is always, "I know." He's so humble, y'all. :)

+ Nine times out of ten, I will not remember a person's name who I just met. I usually zone out and think about how I'm going to introduce myself. Pretty rude of me, right?

+ When I'm getting ready for work in the mornings, I always watch My Fox Austin news. Sometimes I even mock what I know an anchor is going to say. For instance, Zach Shields usually says something like, "Good Wednesday morning, Friends!"

+ I am a very expressive person. As in, I'm a talker. If I like something, I say it. If I don't like something, I say it. If I'm indifferent about something, I say it.

Do you have any corky things about you that are similar? Share your pretty little hearts out!


  1. Haha I thought I was the only person who choked on her own spit. I do it all the time. It's so embarrassing! My fiancé just stares at me and laughs.

  2. Ha oh I love this post! For me, 9.9 times out of 10 that I won't remember someone's name. I'm SO bad at names! And another random fact about me... sometimes, when I sleep I pop up in the middle of the night, look around, and then lay down and go back to bed. Joey gets a good laugh every time I do this!

  3. Hahaha these are great!! The "pimp turn" had me rolling!!!

  4. did you steal my weirdness? I think you did. I was driving to work the other morning and choked on my own saliva. LIKE CHOKED as in scared I was going to die. I also hum along to the dryer sound (when I had one that sang). love this!

  5. LOL! I like being weird, I'm glad you embrace your weird too ;) I totally google song lyrics all the time- I want to know them ALL!

  6. I get choked ALL the time. It scares the living daylights out of Tyler, but I HATE getting hit in the back. Normally he just had to sit there and let me tough it out lol

  7. I'm pretty quirky too! I like to think it's attractive in an Emma Stone awkwardness kind of way, but I think it's more like "that girl is soooo awkward...." I don't like for my foods on my plate to touch. It bothers me so much! I will eat around the parts that do touch and leave that part of my food on the plate. There are so many more I could list, but that was the first one that came to mind.

  8. I love this post! People's quirks are what makes them unique and likeable. Also, "pimp turn" made me lol, forreals.
    Something about me is that I have this THICK country accent and honest to God makes fun of me for it. I think that's mainly why I haven't done a vlog yet, because people can be down right mean.
    Speaking of mean, I laugh at the most horrendous times ever. I can't help it!

  9. Haha this post is awesome! I think we all do goofy things. The "pimp turn" thing had me thinking of the weird thing I do in my car. For instance, when someone is going ridiculously fa on the freeway, I start singing the 'Speed Racer' theme song.

  10. Oh my goodness I am so stealing pimp turn for future awesomeness!! I don't know if this counts but I love to dance awkwardly in the middle of stores to embarrass whoever I am with. I used to do it when working with adults with mental disabilities to make them laugh and I just kept of doing it. I'm weird and it's ok!! :)

  11. I totally laughed at the chocking on your own saliva thing. Now what can I share about myself....I cross my toes. My big toe and my pointer toe (not sure that's really what its called) can cross (I have really long toes). When i'm relaxed I often cross my toes out of comfort. I do it without thinking.

  12. I google lyrics to a song I really like as well!! ;)

  13. Ha!!! When I'm in a car sometimes I won't sing out loud.....I will hum the song and act facial expressions I would do if I were singing the song.....hand movements and all

  14. haha this is great. I totally sneeze too when I pluck my eyebrows!! I thought I was the only one! and I always am thinking of how I am going to introduce myself when other people are talking too. Especailly in a big group or work setting when you have to say your name and something interesting about yourself... I never listen to other peoples responses! Opps!
    Just found your blog and love it!