Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Update

My weekend was sorta like a 3 day weekend since Friday I was at a work conference. I am always up for an extra day during the weekend. Who is with me???
1. The work conference I attended on Friday. It was a long day since we drove to San Antonio that morning and back in the evening. But I feel like I got a lot out of it!
2. We were the first presentation of the day and had a full room! YAY! The presentation went great! I can't wait to read the evaluations.
3. My breakfast on Saturday morning. There was nothing else in our house that was Gluten-Free so I had to find whatever I could. Tortilla chips in the A.M. really isn't so bad.
4. Grocery shopping success. All Gluten-Free too. YAY ME. Feel free to leave any comments about products you would suggest. So far, I've heard that Udi's and Glutino are some of the best!

In other news, my bank account hates me. This red and blue dress just spoke to me. Adding it to my closet was the only option. Please tell me you already know how obsessed I am with the Fourth of July??? Yes??? Well I am already thinking about our party invites for 2014's party and what I'll wear. I vote that I wear this pretty dress. I'm hoping that it won't fit in July though. (Read here if you're confused.)


  1. I'm not a gluten-free expert, but I love substituting almond and coconut flour in my baking. FIngers crossed that dress doesn't fit for the Fourth of July!

  2. Cuuuute! The only option was to add it to your closet. And don't worry, it's stretchy..there will be room ;) Soooo, when should I book my flight for this epic shindig? hahaha

  3. So we tried brown rice pasta last night (it's pasta made out of brown rice) and the box said it was gluten free and I thought of you! We actually really liked it! It's very similar to wheat pasta (which I prefer over regular pasta anyway). Do you eat pasta? If so, you should try it!

  4. I am obsessed with hazel and olive! That dress is so cute! When I first saw it though it made me think of KU but I like your idea of 4th of July better!

  5. I had popcorn for breakfast Saturday. No shame. :)