Friday, November 15, 2013

FOR SALE + Five on Friday

First things first, I want to draw your attention to this pretty little sweater that I'm selling! I'm even including FREE shipping!!! You just pay the cost of the actual sweater ($30). I bought it a couple weeks back and I just haven't gotten around to wearing it. Now, it's just sitting in my closet and needs a home! Think quick because this beauty won't last long!

1. Aztec Sweater 
One size
Never worn; New w/ tags
$30 (free shipping!)

2. Buxom.
Real talk... I am officially hooked on Buxom. Last month, Ipsy sent me a travel size of Buxom lip polish (in the color Dolly). It's said to plump your lips. I am SERIOUSLY in love. It has a menthol feel to it. Amazefest. I just bought myself another one in the color White Russian. Buying multiples of a product; that's how you know when I really love something.

3. Turkey.
This year, my hubby and I plan on spending Turkey Day with my mom and her side of the fam. You know what this means? I get to see my sweet little baby cousins. Yay for having Thanksgiving plans finalized. Now to determine our Christmas plans. Hubby and I may decide to do a stay-at-home Christmas again like we did last year. That was the most fun thing ever. We woke up, cooked breakfast together, and exchanged gifts (even with our only child at the time - Zoey). This year, I would like to do the same thing, especially since it'll be our first Christmas as a family of four! Little Layla (aka Layler) joined our family just after Christmas last year.

4. Weather.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, it's SO COLD OUTSIDE. I am not okay with that. Umm, hello??? I live in Texas for a reason. It's not supposed to be 32 degrees in November. We woke up to frost on Thursday morning. Go away coldness, why don't you.

5. Linky.
As mentioned yesterday, Kasey is doing a Christmas Swap link up! You should totes def join in on the fun. Who doesn't L-O-V-E receiving happy mail packages???

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  1. Hello from the link up! I agree that Buxom really is the best. I love their big and healthy lip sticks. I was cracking up at your definitely was chilly in Texas this week!

  2. Girl, you have been cranking out some serious beauty product purchases lately!

  3. I am SO excited about our stay at home Christmas this year. This will be mine and John's first Christmas at OUR house by ourselves since we started dating in 2008!! We've always either been in Ft. Worth or NY! I love your idea of cooking breakfast together! I'm looking forward to starting traditions that we'll carry out with our own family one day :)

  4. Buxom is seriously one of the best for lip plumping!

  5. Umm, I love lip plumping products! Where can I find Buxom?

  6. Favorite line of the whole post: "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, it's SO COLD OUTSIDE." Totally cracks me up. But you'll find no sympathy here! I'm an Indiana girl and we've seen snow already and been freezing through the 20s. You Texas folks have it good :)

  7. I need to check out Buxom, that color is perfect! Frost in Texas? Who knew?! I expect that from New England but not Texas!

  8. I would be buying that cardigan if I wasn't on this stupid shopping freeze. Grrr!
    Two days in a row? GIRL, you da best! :)

  9. Love the stay at home Christmas idea! I refuse to go anywhere Christmas morning because I feel that is our time to be together at home and cook a fancy breakfast as a family. :)

  10. Love the frosty weather :) And This is our first thanksgiving that we are hosting! Yay!