Friday, November 1, 2013

Gluten Free: Week One

Gluten-Free week one has been good to me. I must say.

You'll notice that I tend to eat the same meals over and over. Hey, a girl knows what she likes. That seems to be a good thing in my opinion. 
So far, my favorite Gluten Free foods are...

+ Amy's Cheese Enchiladas. On a serious note, I am shocked how good these are. I am heading to the grocery store tomorrow to stock up. Don't judge me.

+ Glutino's Chocolate Vanilla Crème Cookies. Get in my belly. Like... yesterday. I think these are even better than Oreo's. Sorry that I'm not sorry.

+ Lundberg's Fiesta Lime Rice Chips. The perfect snack with just the right amount of zest. Yummo.

What other products would y'all suggest? Any brands that I should definitely try? Or any restaurants that are super gluten-free-friendly? Any help is much appreciated.

Anyways, here's a little more about my experience:

I miss... Nothing for the time. I hope it stays that way too! I am feeling... More energized than when I ate gluten products. It's been hard... Not spending more money on GF products. They are expensive and I just want to buy everything. I am hoping... To stay Gluten-Free longer than just 30 days, as originally planned in my 30 Before 30 list.

Happy Friday and weekend!


  1. I really really really don't think gluten is the issue. I think it's just the way foods are processed now. people have been eating gluten for 100s of years! my husband works in nutrition and really gluten isn't bad for you! just my two cents.

  2. Mexican almost every day? I'm shocked! haha

  3. I've seen the Amy's meals in the store. I was curious about them. I buy frozen meals for lunch sometimes. I might have to try those!

  4. Where do you buy all of this stuff?? I want those enchiladas!

  5. I have Celiac Disease and have been gluten free for over 2 years now. Some of my favorite foods/brands are Udi's breads, muffins (especially the blueberry muffin tops!), tortillas, cookies and pizzas. Some of my other favorite foods are Chobani yogurt, Nature's Path granola bars, Van's gluten free waffles, Snyder's of Hannover or Glutino gluten free pretzels, Schar or Sam's Mills pasta and Perdue gluten free chicken nuggets. If you have any other questions feel free to email me!

  6. That's great! Congratulations :)

  7. Your menu sounds DELICIOUS! I've been thinking about trying to go gluten free for a little bit, but I've always felt like I'd be missing certain foods! But with this menu I think I'd be totally content!