Monday, November 25, 2013

How to make your parents happy

I've always been a "picture person." I like taking pictures, being in pictures, and looking at pictures. It's true. In fact, looking at anyone's wedding pictures are my favorite to indulge in. But that's completely beside the point. I think I got that picture-loving gene from my mom. She loves pictures too.

About a month ago, I texted my older brother asking if he wanted to split the cost of hiring a photographer. I proposed that we could do family pictures for my mom as her Christmas gift. He completely agreed and we let the scheming begin. 

That's when we came across Paige K Ramsey Photography. She was quick to respond and super flexible with her availability. Considering we had 7 people's schedules to work out, I knew it would be challenging. It was extremely helpful when we all agreed upon a set date.

Paige managed to get all of our photos edited in no time at all! Not only that, but her rates are competitive too! You will definitely get your money's worth. She is easy to work with during the photo shoot and is super encouraging. If you're in the central Texas area, I would recommend hiring her for your next photo session. Just contact her at paigekramsey(at)gmail(dot)com.

Let me tell you... my parents were over-the-moon excited. I am pretty sure us kids scored some major brownie points. If you're looking for a good birthday/Christmas/anytime prezzie for your parents, this is a sure win! Just do it! Your parents will be pleased as punch.

And without further adieu, check out some of my favorites. Oh and P.S. when we took these, it was legitimately like 30-something degrees. NOT.FUN. How was I supposed to know it'd be 80 degrees on Thursday and then 32 on Saturday? Make up your mind, Texas. But at least the pictures came out beautifully.
Little brother, me, big brother
Little brother, big brother, sister-in-law, stepdad, mom, me, hubby
Adorbz, right?
Just hanging by some hay.
More hay.
Cuddling up since it was freezing.
Hand in hand.
Tractor photo op.
Mom's favie.
Cute parents.


  1. Allison. What a great idea!! I bet your parents loved it!! I'm going to have to remember this idea. The pictures are fabulous!!!

  2. Great idea & they turned out beautifully! :)

  3. You guys are so cute! The pictures came out great!! We did this for my grandfather a few years ago with all the grandchildren. Definately the best gift I think anyone can receive!

  4. I love this!! What a beautiful family. :) Your mom is gorgeous too!

  5. Wow, that is a fantastic gift idea! Your mom's favie pic is mine too! xoxo

  6. these pictures are amazing! so beautiful!

  7. This is an awesome idea! I seriously think I am going to steal it for the future!

  8. This look awesome! What a great present for your Mom.

  9. Awwww GREAT! Family photos! I am huge picture nut too! I want pictures for everything!! haha

  10. What an awesome idea. Your family is gorgeous, look at you!! :) SO happy!

  11. LOVE all of these! Such a great gift!! :)

  12. Pictures are a priceless gift! The setting for them is great!

  13. LOVEEEEEEEEE these pictures!!! You look gorgeous! What a great gift!!

  14. Well, you guys are the cutest family ever!
    Love your two outfits :)

  15. The picture of y'all by the hay and the picture of just you and Ross are my favorite! They all turned out great, darlin'!