Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ten Guilty Pleasures

1. Being lazy. This is my most favorite thing (in the whole world) to partake in. When I think of the most perfect weekend ever, I imagine staying up extremely late watching Mystery Detectives in bed and then not waking up until 9 or 10am. Wouldn't that be heavenly? Then, I imagine a day full of TV watching in bed. I am so pathetic, and I'm totally okay with that.

2. Topo Chico. As if this is news to y'all, I love Topo Chico. It's an obsession really. This was a conversation that my hubby and I had yesterday evening (true story):

Ross: They didn't have any Topo at work today. I couldn't believe it.
***He looks in fridge***
Ross: Oh thank God! I needed a Topo.
Me: How many more do we have left? 
Ross: Just one.
***We stare each other down, wondering who gets the last one***

3. The Real Housewives. I watch any and every city featuring those cray cray housewives. My favorites include: Lisa Vanderpump and Tamera Barney.
4. Red, white, and blue. You don't even want to know how many patriotic-themed things I own. From nail polish, clothes, and decor, I am fully loaded in my red, white, and blue department. But on second thought, you can't even have too much.

5. Concerts. Maybe you know this about me, maybe you don't. But I love going to pretty much any country concerts available! In fact, I am going to Brett Eldgredge soon, and also Florida Georgia Line too! Pretty pumped!

6. Lupe Tortilla's. Omg omg omg. this place is tortilla heaven. Last night, my hubby surprised me by bringing home the most.amazing (literally) corn tortillas of my entire life. I was drooling. We've always loved this place for their rice, queso, flour tortillas, and more. But now? Knowing they have amazing corn tortillas makes them even better. Remember that I'm currently Gluten Free? Yea buddy.

7. Free shipping. I love online shopping even more than shopping in person. Primarily because I can usually find coupons to use online. That being said, when a website offers free shipping, I fall victim every.time. I am such a sucker.

8. Ulta. I don't know how... but I have some dumb luck. I got $77 worth of stuff for FREE from Ulta. Yep, you read that right. I didn't spend a single penny. Here's the down-low: I went in after work yesterday hoping to use the rewards certificate that I had received in the mail. I had a level 9 (yay)! This meant that I got some stuff for free, just for being a valued shopper. Well then, in addition, I saw a few things I needed. Duh. So finally, when I'm at the checkout line, she rings me up, and the computer automatically zeros out and prints a receipt. The cashier didn't even think twice, she said, "Well, it looks like your stuff was free today!" EEK! The computer must've acted up and she was tired of dealing with it. I was in the right place, at the right time.
9. Mail. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I check the mail while on my lunch break. I love getting happy mail! E-mails are great and all, but snail mail makes my heart go pitter-patter. Speaking of happy mail, have you signed up for the Christmas Swap that Kasey is hosting??? It's snail mail with a prezzie in honor of Jesus' birthday (Christmas). GO NOW! It'll be so much fun.

10.YouTube. Hubby and I are the type of family that YouTube's everything. Need to figure out how to clean you vacuum? YouTube it. Need a beauty tutorial? YouTube that shizz. Need a good LOL moment? YouTube is the place to be.

Today's post was inspired by Shelby.


  1. Out of all this you know that the ULTA story has me super jealous! I'm doing the Christmas swap too, can't wait!

  2. My dream weekend sounds exactly like yours. A whole weekend of comfy clothes, no makeup, and all the reality tv marathons that my little heart desires.

  3. Love all of these things! Especially being lazy. I am a PRO at that.

  4. WHAT?!? You are the luckiest girl in the world! I would LOVE that much free stuff from Ulta!

    You might be getting this comment twice?! I don't know! I commented and then my computer acted better safe than sorry lol

  5. ulta is the best. i could spend hours upon hours in there. but i try to restrain myself.

  6. 1. RHOC is my favorite!!
    2. I check my mail everyday as well haha no shame!
    3. Being lazy is the best sometimes. Lazy Friday nights in are my absolute favorite and always have been.
    4. Love the list!!

  7. I love Tamera, she's also my favorite! Thank you for sharing the news about the Christmas Swap, I joined in on the fun too :-D

  8. We are definitely meant to be friends.
    Lazy in bed watching trashy reality tv = HEAVENLY in my book.
    RHOBH is by far my favorite city. But I like Kyle the best and Brandi needs to go to rehab.
    We were born to be concert buddies.
    I would eat Mexican food everyday if I could.
    AND you mentioned my Christmas swap in this post.
    You're awesome.