Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ten reasons why being a woman is awesome

Sometimes I bounce around on the dub-ya  dub-ya  dub-ya (WWW) looking for something entertaining to read. I came across this link and was immediately inspired to create a blog post about why being a woman is awesome.

One. We get to play dress up. As a little girl, we dress up barbies and other dolls with pretty clothing and then once we're adults, we can do this to ourselves. Women simply have way better fashion than men do. Oh and by the way, I couldn't be more thrilled to inform y'all that I won a recent giveaway that my Cali-twin hosted! EEK!

Two. Sisterhood. Not too many things are greater than the bond than of two girlfriends. This is one that my hubby can totally attest to. Sometimes all I need at the end of a day is a 3 hour phone convo with my bestie to talk about anything and everything.
Three. Dance parties galore. I dunno about you, but even at 26 years old, I have dance parties in my PJ's when home alone. I quite literally sing into my hairbrush and pretend that I'm a superstar. Men just can't do that.
Four. We can use our "monthly gift" as an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate. I personally don't see anything wrong with this. I like to think of the chocolate as a given right, considering the monthly circumstances.
Five. We get a brand spanking new last name upon marriage. In addition to taking on the new role as wife, you get to have a name that matches your husband's! This is probably the coolest thing ever in my humble opinion.

Six. Doors are held open for us, and chairs are pulled out. That's because women are to be respected. Yes please.

Seven. It's socially acceptable for us to cry for any given reason at any given time. But men on the other hand would be viewed slightly awkwardly if they busted out in tears for no apparent reason.
Eight. We can match our makeup look to fit how we're feeling that day: feisty, dark, summery, etc.

Nine. We can walk in high heels. I'd like to see a man walk as perfectly in 5 inch heels as women do. We were born to walk on the balls of our feet. Amiright?
Ten. We get to drool over the male species. And boy, are they hot!


  1. ahaha yes!! agree with all of this!! being a woman is so fun, espeically the dance parties!

  2. Dress up and my new last name, yes mam!

  3. I do have to is pretty awesome...and to be called Mrs. Bracco...*siiiigh* ;)

  4. Love this - especially number 4 - may print this one out to put on my chocolate drawer. (Yes I have one!)

  5. Haha, I totally agree with all of these! I use my monthly gift as an excuse for so many things!

  6. Haha! Love this, dance parties, chocolate, crying and Jake! Oh my!

  7. This is hilarious!!!
    It's awesome being a woman, especially for the last reason ;)

  8. Oh how I love that last gif!!!! Jake is MY boy! Thanks for reminding me that being a girl isn't all that bad!! ha!! We are pretty dang cool & fun, aren't we?

  9. I agree with every. single. one. of these! LOVE this!