Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Admit That...

I admit that... I haven't been painting my nails very much lately. It makes my nails very sad and lonely without a nice colorful top coat.
I admit that... the two most common compliments that I get are 1) that I smell good, or 2) that people love my watch. I even had two grown men tell me how much they liked my watch just the other day.

I admit that... without even meaning to, I automatically dislike people if they're the "late" type. It annoys the $h*t outta me, actually. Just show up on time. How hard is that? #rantover

I admit that... I obsessively watch beauty blogger YouTube channels every night before falling asleep. I always pull up the newest video on my phone and watch until my heart is content.
I admit that... I'm still not done Christmas shopping. I plan on finishing this weekend. I had high hopes of being done by Thanksgiving and that just didn't happen. Does that make me a bad person? Ha!

I admit that... I choose to say "Merry Christmas" instead of Happy Holidays. After all, the entire purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
I admit that... without fail, every single Christmas, I listen to Nsync's holiday CD. Can you say favie?

I admit that... I am so ready for The Bachelor to come back on TV. I always always always read the spoilers beforehand too. My hubby thinks I'm crazy. You can read the spoilers too (here)! Yes, I already know who Juan Pablo picks. Hoorah for me.
I admit that... I am beyond excited for my two week (of paid) Christmas vacation. Hey, working for the state has it's perks. I can't deny that.


  1. I love beauty youtube channels! So addicting. I read one spoiler than I couldn't I want to be surprised. Haha! merry Christmas! :)

  2. Late people drive me crazy too! I can't stand it!!!

  3. Ugh I CAN'T stand people that are late!!!

  4. I am over the moon ready for my 2 week break!! Is it here yet?!

  5. Ahh!! I'm so excited for The Bachelor! I read the spoilers too, but I usually wait until it's a few weeks in so I actually know who he's talking about. I can't wait for Juan-uary! Hahahaha

  6. Juanary!!! Woohooo!! Can't wait.
    People being late really bothers me too. It is NOT that hard to be on time people...seriously.

  7. I am totally a "Merry Christmaser" to!!!

  8. I will never understand people who read spoilers! I could not be dedicated to watching if I knew how it ended. Not to mention it ruins all of the other romantic moments I see and I can't get into the fairytale of it. The whole time I would be thinking.."Oh honey. He's in love with another woman!" lol

  9. Don't get me started on the fact that everyone seems to be "running late" nowadays. Punctuality is a must!