Monday, January 27, 2014

ABC's of Me: About Me

Of course I've seen these ABC's of Me floating around the WWW for quite some time, but I couldn't handle some of the ridiculousness of the original versions that I've seen. (For example "B" stands for "bed size." Umm what? Who cares?) Thus, I created my own. Don't get it twisted - it took me two freaking hours to fill this bad boy out. That's dedication. Anyways if you want to bum this off me, by all means go for it.

A - Age: 26.
B - Birthday: March 13.
C - Color: Blue is my favorite quickly followed by pink!
D - Drink: Topo Chico.
E - Eyes: Big and brown.
F - Flashback: Pogs and slap bracelets.
G - Gent: Hubby Ross.
H - Hobby: Blogging and shopping. Most perfect combo ever.
I - Indulgence: Donuts for dayssss.
J - Job: Advisor by day, blogger/graduate student by night.
K - Kiddos: Anxiously awaiting the day we can become parents.
L - Love: Comes from the good Lord above.
M - Music: All country music, but primarily 90's country.
N - Nation: The great U-S of A. I heart the red, white, and blue.
O - Overstock: Too many nail polishes.
P - Pets: Layla and Zoey - our pride & joy.
Q - Quote: "Happy girls are the prettiest girls." -Audrey Hepburn
R - Residence: Austin, TX.
S - Siblings: 3 brothers & 1 sister + my sisters in the bond (shoutout A Chi O!)
T - Temperature: 80 degrees year 'round would make me smile.
U - University: Sam Houston State, my perfect Alma Mater.
V - Vehicle: Honda CRV, which we bought just last year. I love it!
- Want: A whole heck of a lot of stuff (here).
X - X: The worst letter of the alphabet.
Y - Yuck: Spiders and roaches.
Z - Zodiac: Pisces.

And because there is no such thing as a good blog post without a picture, enjoy this one of baby A.
I'm tellin y'all... I was meant to be a momma. Look at how I'm holding my doll's head.


  1. love this, glad you gave the ok to steal!! I know why do we need 50 shades of every nail polish?

  2. Love this (and the picture of you as a little mommy)! I also think I may take you up on the offer to steal it! :)

  3. The picture is just too cute!! X really made me chuckle, so true!

  4. "Advisor by day, blogger/graduate student by night. All country music, but primarily 90's country." <--This is WHY I love reading your blog! Wish you didn't live so far away so we could have a blate.

  5. I love donuts too. Why hasn't someone created a healthy donut by now?? This is 2014. Come on, science!

  6. Blogging and shopping...sounds like me!

  7. Awww sweet Baby A picture! And my W is about the same as yours..lots of wants!

  8. Blogging and Shopping, YES! You were so cute! You are going to be a PERFECT mom!

  9. What a fun idea. I, too, have WAY too much nail polish - and hardly EVER use it!

  10. Oh you were such a little cutie! I love throwback pictures :-) fun idea, this is why your blog is so fun to read!!

  11. Stealing! Blogging and shopping are perfect combos!

  12. Love this post and that sweet picture!

  13. This is so cute! I may be borrowing it! :) I love old pictures and I think I owned your baby's twin!

  14. I love this! And your answers, you're gonna make a fantastic momma! Plus, just look at little Allison, you're bound to have gorgeous looking children!