Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blogging Advice

Remember when I asked y'all to leave a comment with one piece of blogging advice? Well, that wasn't for nothin'! I was honestly interested in learning what others' experience has been with blogging and what works for them. Well, the responses were awesome and I loved reading every comment!

I thought I would share a few of my favorites because we can all benefit from them. And who knows... I may have even featured your comment. I guess you'll just have to keep reading to find out.

Don't be a no-reply blogger! – Ashley
If you don't know what she's talking about, just Google it and there will be tons of tutorials. 

Have consistent posts to keep the readers coming back and use Pinterest! – Sarah

Be consistent and write about what you want to write about, not what you think will make you "fit in." – Kaitlyn

Be yourself and do what you love on your blog. – Brianne

Don't be a passive blogger and expect the readers to come on their own. – Margaret

Interaction and building a community is what it is all about. – Kerry

Blog for yourself. – Savanah

If you are bored by your post, chances are other people won't enjoy it either. – Rachel

Make friends and be nice! – Jessica

Remember that your space is your release. – Danielle

Linkups are a good way to generate content, find other blogs and get new followers yourself. – Amanda

Don't ask people to come follow you all the time. – Kate
I completely agree. I hate when people do that!

Reciprocate commenting/conversations. Readers want to connect with the blogger! – Erin

It takes hard, hard work and lots of time to grow a blog. – Chelsea

Talk with your readers. Who wants to continue commenting on a blog where you get no feedback/responses? – Kayla


  1. Such great comments and all really great advice from everyone. Thanks for including me! :)

  2. I hate it when someone leaves a comment wherein they ask me a question....and then, oh! Guess what! No-reply blogger! Drives me crazy!!!! I would say consistency in posting is the hardest thing for me. I'm doing better right now, so we'll see how long I can keep it up! :)

  3. Allison, thanks for sharing this! I might have missed that post before, but this was really helpful for me to read as a blogger myself. Interesting how some of the different comments inspire me to try different approaches. But, all of them are true and helpful.

    Thanks so much!!

  4. What a good idea! You always have the most creative posts!! Great tips :-)

  5. How did I miss the original asking for blog comments? You know I do a blogging is bananas series once a month, so I am all about blogger conversation. This is terrific though. A great idea and a great post once executed. I really liked hearing your reader's perspective!

  6. All such great advice if you ask me. I always say do you and if people don't like it, then tough cookies and they can kick rocks. Also don't start to get the entitlement mentality. Your "fans/readers are people too.

  7. Great idea for a post! And the responses are super helpful, especially for me as a newbie blogger. Thank you for sharing!


  8. Yaaaay I made the cut! ;) this was a GREAT article, super helpful! I seriously cackled at the "I pretty much raise myself" e-card...SO funny!

  9. Great advice! Super helpful since I am trying to amp up my attempt at blogging! Have a great weekend!

  10. Yay my quote made the cut! Haha Love reading all of these in one post, they are all so true!!