Monday, January 6, 2014

What's Inside My Purse?

Ross bought me the prettiest purse ever for Christmas this year. Wait... scratch thatI used Ross' money to buy myself this pretty purse for Christmas this year, and I put "From Hubby" on the gift tag. But that's neither here nor there.  
Have you ever wondered what people carry inside their purse? On the average, I carry huge purses and could possibly fit a small child inside. I haven't tried that or anything, but I'm pretty sure I could.
I tend to think that the things I carry are very common. I don't carry random dinosaur toys or forks. Nothing too crazy like that. But rather necessary things that don't weight me down too much.

On a side note, you should know that Steve Madden purses are one of my favorite brands. Dare I even say more than Coach or Michael Kors? I just went there. I also really like Jessica Simpson purses. Hence, the giveaway I'm hosting. You still have a few days to enter. Go now!

Anyways, let's take a lookie!
2 hand lotions (eos & Nourish Organic)
Travel makeup bag
2 pair of glasses
NYX Blotting Paper 
Tease perfume mist
Lint roller
Hand sanitizer in Pink Chiffon
Advil tablets
iPad Mini
Dental Floss
Pill holder

Not pictured: Cell phone, Blistex, and car keys

A couple things I learned:
+ You'd think my favorite color is pink based upon the inside of my purse. In contrary, my favie color is blue.
+ I carry pretty much the same thing as I did a year ago when I did this post last.
+ Maybe the contents are slightly boring, but that's okay with me.


  1. Love everything inside your bag as well as your purse! Also, how do you watermark your photos with your website link? I love how it looks and I have used Pic Monkey but it is so tedious doing :)

    Happy Monday!

  2. Just looked at your last years post and we carry the same glasses case and lotion.

  3. I found a coupon holder for all of my stuff and it has been a lifesaver! Mine were starting to get lost in the bottom and I could never find them :(

  4. Your iPad mini cover is so cute! And i love your wallet.
    These posts are so fun...I catch myself watching these on youtube all the time!

  5. haha our purses are so similar. i always have an ulta coupon!!! and love your bag!

  6. I love that purse "from your hubby" He's got good taste!! ;) I totally carry around HUGE bags all the time and could definitely fit a small child into it haha!

  7. That bag is too cute! I tend to have a Mary Poppins bag i.e Everything and Anything you could need is in that puppy!! Bandaids, tweezers, gum, mints, you name it and its probably in there. Haha!

  8. That bag is cute, cute!! And speaking of bags, I so hope I win your giveaway!! I love that you carry coupons -- so do I!

  9. LOVE your new purse! I bought a coupon holder from the Container Store last week! It's alphabetized so you organize it by store name. It's not something I'll keep in my purse every day (even though it's very small).

  10. Talk about making it all fit! If I am ever with you and need something..all I need to do is look in your pretty purse! ;)

  11. I bought myself an awesome Michael Kors purse "from my husband" for Christmas too! :)

  12. After reading your "purse post" I am pretty sure that we could be best friends :)