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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Details

Two and a half years ago, our wedding visions came to life! You never really know exactly how things are going to turn out until the big day finally arrives. Best believe I prepped the best I possibly could.
Sign that I made for outside the venue
Inside the pretty reception hall
Front of cake
Back of cake
Grooms cake (momma decorated this whole table)
Entry way with pictures and guestbook
The wedding party table - my favorite
Such pretty arrangements
Gotta love a big ole mason jar flower arrangement
"His" and "hers" chairs
Our vision for the wedding was classic, with a twist of rustic. I think we accomplished that! Our wedding venue was perfect in every single way. We got married at Tenroc Ranch in Salado, TX. It's the next town over from my hometown, and we were immediately drawn to the location.

So what details did you have at your wedding? Or, if you're not married yet (which is totally fine!), what are some details that are a must? I can't wait to hear! Today I am linking up with Jordon and Meredith!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Hate Jason Aldean

... Except I also love him.
When I first heard about his little scandal a couple years ago, cheating on his wife, I was furious. It disgusts me still. In fact, that's the sole reason why I hate him. However, I also love him. It's a really weird in-between-kinda-thing. Honestly though, I am pretty sure his music just keeps getting better and better, and it annoys me.

I mean, really? Y U gotta be so good, Jason?

In other news (this has absolutely nothing to do with Jason Aldean), my hubby and I did our taxes finally. And holy cannoli, I am sure proud! We are getting a refund, which means that we'll be able to pay off a credit card, which also means that in the next couple of months, we will have money to pay for fertility treatments. Hip hip hoorah. Side note: it feels SO nice to be able to talk openly on my blog about our journey to become parents. It has been super therapeutic. So yea. Sorry not sorry.

Another totally unrelated note: I have been slacking on my 30 day devotional. I feel really guilty about it, but I promise to pick it right back up soon. With my recent trip to St. Louis, it threw my whole routine off. Anyways, Jesus still loves me!

Speaking of Jesus (did you like that transition?), I am super pumped about the women's conference this weekend at church! I know it'll be such an awesome experience, and I'm getting excited!

Monday, February 24, 2014

What St. Louis Taught Me

To all my Missouri/Mid-Western friends, you gotta know that I really enjoyed my time in the "north." I kid... I kid. To ME, it's north, but I completely understand that y'all don't consider it north. Let's just agree to disagree, mkay? Anyways, in all seriousness, my time in St. Louis was awesome. I was there for a work conference and enjoyed every single second. I want to take my hubby back sometime! Although my time there was short (only 2 days, boo hoo!), I learned a lot. Not only professionally, but also personally. Lemme share!

It's really windy. At one point, I thought to myself, "Chicago ain't go nothin' on this windy city of St. Louis." Okay okay... I've never actually been to Chicago, so I have no idea what I'm talking about, but it was super windy in St. Louis none the less. I even saw a man walking down the street backwards so that his face wouldn't be slammed up against the wind. Made me giggle. Bless his soul.

My equilibrium is completely off. Speaking of the windy-ness of St. Louis, I stayed on the 17th floor of the Four Seasons. I swear the hotel was rocking constantly. Not only that, but the elevators shoot you up so fast that you have no way to grab your stomach in time. I was constantly going up and down the elevator for various reason, and now I'm dizzy and nauseous. Anyone have a good remedy for me? Even now, three days later, I feel extremely dizzy! I feel like I could pass out at any second (seriously!).

I don't have a Texas accent, unlike the popular belief that everyone in TX has a southern drawl. I blame my professionalism. Ha. Honestly though, I've always been the youngest person at every job that I've held. I feel like I need to put my best foot forward, which also means speaking politely and with grace. That's just my personal philosophy. Anyways, when I would introduce myself to others, the only thing that gave away that I was from TX was my cowgirl boots and my "born and raised" tee.

St. Louis University is referred to as "Slu". I understand that's also the abbreviation, but it has a nice ring to it, huh?

The Gateway Arch is really stinking tall! For about 3 seconds, I considered actually going to the top of it, but then I realized, "Hey Allison, you're extremely scared of heights. Maybe you shouldn't." My hubby even tried to tempt me. See below.
Domino's Pizza needs to get their delivery drivers a GPS. The first day that I got there, I was starving and just ready to scarf down anything in sight. While I was unpacking my things, I ordered a pizza from Domino's to be delivered to the Four Seasons hotel. Seems easy enough, right? Well, after 1.5 hours of waiting on the pizza to be delivered, followed by 2 different managers speaking with the driver, I decided to cancel the order. He didn't know where the hotel was! He was utterly confused, and I'm not completely positive that he spoke English either. Room service it was!

Toasted ravioli is a big St. Louis staple. And holy cow, was it ever so tasty!!! Another coworker and I went to Stadium, a restaurant connected to our hotel to eat. When I put the first bite of toasted ravioli in my mouth, I was on cloud 9. Thank y'all for having the best ravioli on God's green earth!

Anyways, have y'all been to the "second Windy City" as I like to call it? You have to go if you ever get the opportunity! The weather was perfect when I went; no snow with a sunny sky. Yippie!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beauty Favorites: Hair products

Not gonna lie, I am not huge into hair products. That could be due in part to my naturally thin hair. I just keep things pretty basic. That being said, there are a few that I do swear by. And per usual with my budget savy self, I get most of them at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. (I'm obsessed with those stores to tell the truth).
I use this when I need a little more lift in my hair. It's a powder product, so I just sprinkle a little where I want lift, use my teasing comb, and set it with hairspray.

Before straightening my hair, I spritz this all over to ensure I don't fry my already thin hair. I interchange between this in the Tresemme one. I like them both!

The firmest holding hairspray that I've ever come across! It's definitely a favorite of mine.

I love almost every It's a 10 product that I've tried. This has got to be my favorite though. It's a leave in conditioner that detangles, defrizzes and adds shine to hair.

Chi Flat Iron (not pictured)
I have literally owned my Chi straightener since I was a freshmen in college. That was 9 years ago. So first off, you know it's a good quality if it'll last through all that. And, it gets the work done.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil (not pictured)
On occasion I will use a few drops to put on the ends of my hair. It just adds a little more moisture.

When my hair is feeling just a little too oily, I spray this and automatically feel much better! Plus, I love the smell and hint of color. Yes please!

I'm always looking to experiment with new beauty products. What are some of y'alls favorite hair products? By the way, today I'm linking up with Jordon for the Glam Series! Go check her out!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Sky is Falling!

I'm the kind of girl who...

* Likes routines. If something changes in my daily routine, it totally freaks me out.

* Can easily cut negative people out. Don't mess with Texas Allison.

* Eats entirely too much chocolate. Truly, I'm obsessed.

* Is annoyed by competition. Just ew.

* Finds humor in odd things. For example...
* Looks for positivity in nearly every situation.

* Loves lazy days. I could watch TV for dayyyyys.

* Is easily persuaded. Yep, I totally am!

* Hates asking for help. I want to be independent, gosh darnit!

* Potentially has "middle child syndrome." Ha. Look it up.

* Believes everyone deserves to find true love. Even my worst enemy.

* Is totally freaked out by paranormal stuff. I cannot even begin to explain it. My theory: if angels exist surely demons do too, no?

* Was a rotten teenager to my parents. Hopefully Karma isn't mad at me or anything like that. 

* Enjoys privacy, despite having a public blog on the internet.

* Hates cold weather with a passion. Seriously. It's so dang annoying.

* Thinks The Lion King, Mary Poppins, and Babes in Toyland are the best. Please tell me that y'all have seen those movies.

* Is a total dog lover. But I don't really get the idea of loving a cat. However, all animals need lovin', so I'm glad there are cat peeps out there too.

* Acts like Chicken Little sometimes. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

He Thinks He's a Penguin

My life has been crazy busy lately. I have completely been slacking on e-mails (I'm sorry!) and I haven't even caught up on my TV shows. Thank goodness for DVR's. How did I live without them before??? Anyways, here are a few updates about life in general.
  • Hubby got a new job. He no longer works at Google, but he had an awesome experience there. He only left Google because he was on a 12 month contract. (Gotta pay the billz.) Later in his career he would love to work with the company again! I have to be honest, I miss his coworkers probably as much as he does. They were just so friendly and fun to be around.
  • I'm over halfway through my 30-day devotional, Wife After God. I'm sure it's annoying as heck to see all my posts about it on Instagram, but such is life. I am doing it because when I reflect back on each chapter, I want to remember the lesson I've gotten out of it. I haven't missed a single day of the devotional, regardless of how tired I am that specific day. You can buy the same devotional here. Oh and you don't necessarily have to be a wife to do the devotional. Any woman could do it. It's good material even if you're single, waiting to meet your future husband.
  • Eating Gluten Free requires me to have a little more self control. I am totally capable of it, but I have just been totally out of it. My plan of attack? Eat less gluten until I can go completely Gluten Free in the future.
  • One of my best friends just found out that she's 8 weeks preggo, and another girlfriend got engaged. Glory to God!
  • "For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him." -1 Samuel 1:27
    He who finds a wife finds a good thing." -Proverbs 18:22
  • We have yet to file our taxes. Sheesh. By this time last year, we had already spent our federal return. 
  • Later this month, I am attending a women's conference at our church. I am so excited!
  • Hubby and I will be talking to a fertility center in a couple of weeks about financing in relation to trying to get preggo. Golly, trying to get pregnant shouldn't be this hard. I just keep reminding myself to trust God.
Don't mind the random pictures throughout this post. They simply made me laugh, so I had to share.

Monday, February 17, 2014

February Ipsy Bag

Just like there are such things as magazine subscriptions, there are also beauty subscriptions; my personal favorite is Ipsy. Okay okay... it's the only one that I've tried, but comparing it to other subscriptions that I've seen throughout the WWW, I picked the right one.

Ipsy sends me 5ish products + a makeup bag once per month at a flat fee of $10. Free shipping is included obvi. Most products are full sizes, but other times they'll send deluxe sample sizes to try out. I actually fell in love with Buxom lip glosses because of my subscription. I had never even heard of them before, but once I got the deluxe sample size, I was sold. I now own 3 full size and 2 sample sizes. Well played, Ipsy.

Anyways, the bag is customized to ME based upon a quiz that I took when I first signed up. Therefore, everyone's bag is different. I just think that's so neat because they send me things that I'll actually use.
J. Cat eyelashes in 213. Value: $3.99. Create some drama with these voluminous faux eyelashes. Each includes an individual eyelash adhesive. Real human hair.

Pop Beauty Plump Pout in Fuchsia Freesia. Value: $16. This plumping pout perfector combines the high-shine of a lacquered gloss with the long wear of a stain and is packed full of lip-plumping peptides and avocado & jojoba oils. Lightweight, creamy texture immediately merges with lips & delivers intense glossy colour for an extremely long-lasting finish.

Jesse's Girl in Brown Eyed Girl. Value: $3.99. Nine coordinating eye shadows in a sleek plastic case.

Zoya nail polish in Odette. Value: $9. Full-coverage, sultry orchid maroon cream.

Dr. Lin Skincare Acne Spot Corrector. Value: $7.99. Formulated with 5% benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria by treating at the first sign of breakouts. Helps to reduce redness and inflammation, while fading the discoloration of dark and red marks often seen in acne damaged skin. Works on old and new marks. Evens out skin tone and is hydroquinone-free.

As you can see, this bag came with over $40 worth of products. That makes me smile real big! I sorta feel like I won the lotto or something cool like that. By the way, I also wanted to mention that no, this is not a sponsored post. These are my opinions solely. I love my Ipsy subscription so much that I wanted to share it with y'all! You can sign up too by going HERE.

For those of you who have the subscription already, what was your favorite product that you received? I liked everything in my bag this month for the most part. My favorite has to be the acne spot corrector. Lord knows that I need that.

Friday, February 14, 2014

How To Get Free Stuff

Last Friday I posted an Instagram showing a few items that I had recently gotten fo' free. The two things I was most over-the-moon excited about was the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment and the Murad Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum. I had my eyeballs on those bad boys for THE longest time ever but I was not about to pay $129 + tax on them. Sad face.
But like they always say, "good things come to those who wait." And so I did. After waiting patiently, it was finally time to cash in my Ebates rewards. If you don't know what Ebates is, you're totally missing out. It's a way to earn money when you shop online. Depending on which store you shop at online, you'll get a certain percentage back in money. Like real, tangible money. For instance, when I bought my Clarisonic online, the store I got it from was offering 10% cashback. Well my Clarisonic was $100... therefore I got $10 back in cash. Pretty legit, if you ask me.

Anyways, back to my story. 

It was finally time to get my money from Ebates, and I was just so happy. I instantly ordered both products and when they arrived pure happiness ensued. 
Needless to say, I looked a little bit like Mama June (above) once I started using the products. If y'all are interested in either of them, just let me know and I'll write a post about my thoughts. That may help you decide whether or not you want to purchase it.

And no, this is not a sponsorship post. These are my own thoughts and opinions! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Holy Crap, I Look Fabulous

Alas, my 27th birthday is quickly approaching - specifically a month from today. Good ole March 13. Thoughts are racing through my brain:

Ahh my eggs are dying!
Am I too old to party like it's 1999?
Does this mean I'm officially an adult?
Where have the past 27 years gone?
I thought I'd have my life more together by this age!
These thoughts are quickly replaced by, "Just breathe, Allison. You're still young (according to other people)." So, I'll take everyone's advice and just realize that 27 can't be all that bad. In fact, I have high hopes.

Of course, I plan to check a few more things off my 30 Before 30 list - le duh. In addition, I am hoping to acquire more stuff. (Have I mentioned before that my hubby thinks I'm a hoarder? I beg to differ.) Some things that will aid in the transition from 26 years old to 27 years old are all listed on my silly ole wishlist. Yea, I have a wishlist page on my blog. Tacky or not, I am keeping it. Check it out and buy me something, but that's neither here nor there. (Y'all... I'm joking.)

But on a serious note, I can't ever hear "you're young!" too much. Has anyone else ever felt this way? Or do you proudly own getting older? Give me your feedback!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Easy Canvas Prints

It's no secret that I'm kind of obsessed with pictures. They're all over the house. I just think it's the most perfect way to document life - specifically to document my marriage. Hubby Ross and I have taken annual photos every year since 2010. It makes me smile. So when my latest photo order arrived, I was smiling from ear-to-ear. (So serious right now.)

First thing I thought when I saw the box: Thank goodness my canvas is protected! As you can tell from the picture below, the box was much bigger than the canvas itself, thus making it extra safe for traveling. 
 Not only that, but the canvas was wrapped in plastic to ensure the vibrant colors did not get damaged! 
 Another thing that stood out: the quality of the canvas was very nice! It's a thick material, and I love that! It will surely hold up over several years.
 Of course I had the perfect place in mind for it too. Right next to the TV, where everyone and their momma would see it if they came over to our house. 
I would highly recommend Easy Canvas Prints if you're in the market for a photo canvas. They have an array of different sizes available, or you can customize the size you're looking for. 
To top things off, you can enter the promo code 50FREESHIP on their website for 50% off AND free shipping!!! If that doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day: Gifts For Him

Let's be honest, women are so much easier to shop for than men are! So to help all y'all out, here's a list of some great Valentine's Day gift ideas. In case you missed it, I wrote a post yesterday about gifts for her. Go check it out!

There you have it. Totally guyish, but still hints of red (for the love month!) What did I leave out? What do you plan on getting your main squeeze for V-Day?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day: Gifts For Her

Hint hint.

Valentine's Day is approaching crazy fast this year. And to be honest, I normally could care less... but it's still fun to do something with your loved one. And it usually involves a little gift-giving. Heartfelt gifts are definitely the best, but I thought I'd still share some other options too.

Lucky for you (if you plan on buying yourself something) or lucky for your man (if he's buying you something), all of these gifts are less than $50! That means mo' money in tha bank.

Friday, February 7, 2014

I Confess Sesh

I confess that...

+ I cheated on my Gluten Free diet. I feel terrible about it. And I am fully aware that I suck at life! Since cheating, I honestly feel like I have a sensitively to gluten. My digestive system acts totally different with wheat and I find myself getting more headaches.
+ With the new year, I turned over a new leaf. And it's pretty awesome, really. It's no secret that I've kind of re-devoted myself to God wholeheartedly. I pray even more. I jam out to Christian music on the daily. And husband & I go to church every Sunday without exception. At church last week, our preacher ended his sermon by repeating, "Trust God." So now when I feel a sense of doubt, I literally say those same words out loud.
+ I've never seen The Help. But I am going to watch it this weekend with the neighbors! I've actually heard a lot of great things about the movie but just never got around to watching it. Plus, I get to see my favorite mini friend; our neighbor's baby.
Isn't she the cutest of all time?

+ I'm a baby when it comes to cold weather. 
It's been so cold that I've been cranking the heat up to 75 degrees. I can only hope that our electric bill won't be too scary. I actually don't even own a winter jacket. That's pretty sad, right? Lately I have just been layering on fleece jackets to create some warmth. Anyways, work was delayed yesterday and today. Fun stuff. I heart sleeping in.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beauty Favorites: Eye Primers

Sticking with a recent theme of primers (see here), I felt it only necessary to complicate things by telling you that I use a different primer for my eyes than I do for my face. Oh joy. However eye primers tend to be a little more affordable in my opinion. Much like face primers, eye primers will make your eye shadow and eyeliner last much longer. Here's a look at my most used eye primers.
Milani Eyeshadow Primer: I have a love/hate relationship with this primer. It's my opinion that it doesn't do diddly squat. But maybe it's just my super oily eyelids? I love the consistency of it (I'm big into texture), but I'm not sure if the lasting power is there.

e.l.f. Essential Eyelid Primer: I mean... for a single dollar bill, I feel like this eye shadow primer is actually legit. It's very sheer but has just enough color to even out your eyelids. If you're new to priming your eyes, I would recommend starting with this one first.

Wet n Wild Fergie Eyeshadow Primer: It's just okay. Nothing too special about the formula or anything. I blame my oily eyelids for not loving this, so if you don't have the same issue, it would probably work great on you!

Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer: When I bought the Lorac Pro Palette, I received this as a sample. I've been using it quite a bit and really like it. I can't find anything wrong with it. Once I run out, I will most likely repurchase.

Have y'all used any of these? Do they work well for you? I've heard awesome things about this eyelid primer, but I haven't taken the plunge yet. So fill me in. Which is the best, in your opinion? Today I'm linking up with Jordon and you should too!