Tuesday, February 18, 2014

He Thinks He's a Penguin

My life has been crazy busy lately. I have completely been slacking on e-mails (I'm sorry!) and I haven't even caught up on my TV shows. Thank goodness for DVR's. How did I live without them before??? Anyways, here are a few updates about life in general.
  • Hubby got a new job. He no longer works at Google, but he had an awesome experience there. He only left Google because he was on a 12 month contract. (Gotta pay the billz.) Later in his career he would love to work with the company again! I have to be honest, I miss his coworkers probably as much as he does. They were just so friendly and fun to be around.
  • I'm over halfway through my 30-day devotional, Wife After God. I'm sure it's annoying as heck to see all my posts about it on Instagram, but such is life. I am doing it because when I reflect back on each chapter, I want to remember the lesson I've gotten out of it. I haven't missed a single day of the devotional, regardless of how tired I am that specific day. You can buy the same devotional here. Oh and you don't necessarily have to be a wife to do the devotional. Any woman could do it. It's good material even if you're single, waiting to meet your future husband.
  • Eating Gluten Free requires me to have a little more self control. I am totally capable of it, but I have just been totally out of it. My plan of attack? Eat less gluten until I can go completely Gluten Free in the future.
  • One of my best friends just found out that she's 8 weeks preggo, and another girlfriend got engaged. Glory to God!
  • "For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him." -1 Samuel 1:27
    He who finds a wife finds a good thing." -Proverbs 18:22
  • We have yet to file our taxes. Sheesh. By this time last year, we had already spent our federal return. 
  • Later this month, I am attending a women's conference at our church. I am so excited!
  • Hubby and I will be talking to a fertility center in a couple of weeks about financing in relation to trying to get preggo. Golly, trying to get pregnant shouldn't be this hard. I just keep reminding myself to trust God.
Don't mind the random pictures throughout this post. They simply made me laugh, so I had to share.


  1. Bahahahaha..this picture...is simply the best. Thinking good thoughts for you my friend...for the hubs new job and the 'ole bun oven ;) XOXO!

  2. my book finally arrived today, I'm excited to start it but may wait until March and the tax thing, being married has thrown me off too, I've always filed by the first of Feb......

  3. You are just the sweetest. I cannot wait to read Wife after God once Spy and I tie the knot...I want to start it once I am officially a Mrs. :)! Annnnd I refer to myself as gluten conscious...it's so hard to be 100% gluten free especially when I don't "have to, have to" be but since I know it does help, I try to in my day to day...but special occasions and traveling it's tough! Feel ya girlfriend. Xx.

  4. That picture is too cute! Glad you are hanging in there. You have a lot on your plate. i just did my taxes today and it is so late for me too. Usually it is done at the beginning of February.

  5. Best of luck to you with everything :) For everything up to starting IVF, payment was due in full at the time of service.

  6. Oh my gosh, I just laughed so hard at that silly kitty.

    So you like your devotional? I've been trying to find one to do! I really need to spend more time in the Word.

    Praying for you and your pregnancy struggles, friend! In God's time!!

  7. umm, the cats are hilarious! and i love how i'm not the only one still needing to file taxes, ugh they're just a dang pain!!

  8. Thanks for the tax reminder.. ugh, dreading that!! Wife After God is on my list of books I need to order! Glad you liked it - everyone has been posting such good reviews. Hope you can get your fertility stuff worked out, praying for you guys!

  9. Best of luck to you guys with your husband's new job and your journey to becoming parents!