Friday, March 7, 2014

ABC's of Me: Words That Describe Me

Is it just me, or does anyone else ever look at old baby pictures and think, "Wow... that's me!" I mean, obvi everyone was once a baby/kiddo, but it's still so weird to think about.

Insert bebe Allison.
Those bangs have got to go, baby A.
Back in the day, I was a lot littler, but I've always had certain qualities about myself which still remain. That being said, remember when I wrote this neato post - the ABC's of Me? Well, my brilliant mind decided to expand upon this a little more. Here are 26(ish) words that describe me all the way from A to W (lolz).

A: Autonomous
B: Blessed
C: Conservative
D: Domesticated
E: Expressive
F: Feminine
G: Gullible
H: Homebody
I: Impatient
J: Joyful
K: Klutz
L: Loyal
M: Misunderstood
N: Nurturing
O: Organized
P: Persuadable
Q: Quirky
R: Realistic
S: Spiritual
T: Timely
U: Unique
V: Vivacious
W: Wife
X: (I hate this letter)
Y: (I also hate this letter)
Z: (Again, I also hate this letter)

If you ever wondered what all of those words look like in one package, that would be me. Hello, nice to meet you. Those descriptions of me are very scattered, but very spot-on! Since it's Friday and all, I think I'll focus on my inner vivacious self. What description of yourself are you feeling today?


  1. We are doing a slide show for the cocktail hour at the wedding, so I have been going thru old photos. I had straight blondish hair at one point!! Its crazy.

  2. I totally rocked those same clips in my baby fuzz hair! Good ol 80s fashion! Have a great weekend!

  3. Bahahaha, the last three letters cracked me up! Also, I'm incredibly gullible too. I'll believe anything you tell me!

  4. Such a cute baby pic, though you like about 3 seconds away from some sass. ;) I would probably chosen a lot of the same words.

  5. Love your choice of favorite one is VIVACIOUS! That word is just so fun to say..

  6. Hahaha "I hate this letter" ;) you're funny. I'm the same way, I'd give anything to remember the memories from before I turned like 4!