Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beauty Favorites: Self Tanners

If I could think of a joke similar to "yo momma" jokes in comparison to white skin, I would totally crack a joke right now. But there's just not one that is coming to mind. However, you should know this: I am super pale by default. Eight pound, six ounce baby Jesus once said, "Let Allison be super duper white skinned."

Thus, I turn to self tanners when I want to look a lil bit darker. It makes me feel more confident, especially in the summertime! It's also a whole heck-of-a-lot safer than a tanning bed. I used to fake bake at the tanning salon every single day, but about two years ago I decided, "oh hey, that's probably not very good for me."
Every single beauty blogger that I follow uses this stuff. And I think it works pretty good, but I am still trying to figure out the best way to apply it. It's a spray rather than a lotion, so I find it more difficult to blend. Since I am still forming an opinion about this one, that's about all the details I can provide at this point!

I have been using this for about a year and really like this product a lot! I find that it doesn't smell even remotely as bad as other self tanners (which is such a turn off, right?). I get the "fair" lotion color and it's actually a perfect hint of color for me; not too dark, not too light!

I recently got this baby for free from Ulta (valued at $18). They sent me a promotional email that said I simply had to spend $25 on prestige products at the store to get the self tanner for free. I needed some products anyways, so off to Ulta I went. This has easily become my favorite self tanner of the three. When you first apply it, the smell is very nice (but it does eventually have that typical tanning smell). It's a mouse formula, and has been the easiest for me to blend of all three!

  • Exfoliate the heck outta your skin before applying self tanner.
  • Apply self tanner at night so that you can sleep while the color is adjusting. Rinse off the next morning to ensure you don't stink.
  • Use a mitten or gloves to apply the product. Nothing is worse than jacked up self tanned hands.
  • It's better to apply a thin layer of the product the first round and build it up the next day if you want a more tanned look. Ain't nobody got time to be looking orange and splotchy.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, what has worked the best on you? Today I am linking up with my girl Jordon!


  1. I'm going to have to try the Fake Bake! I also really want to try the St. Tropez -- I just haven't. I'm so white too and sometimes I just want to be tan!!

  2. I need to write these down!! I'm so pale in the winter it's gross! But I refuse to do the tanning bed, I hear ya!

  3. I am naturally tan but even I am pasty this winter. I like the idea of the mousse of the St. Tropez I'll have to check it out.

  4. I love St Tropez! It goes on perfectly with the glove and I never get streaks. I am learning all about Fake Bake today from the linkup so now I am intrigued...does it come off on clothes or sheets? That is one of the things I love about St Tropez!

  5. St. Tropez for the win! I love it!!!!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Yay for St. Tropez! The mitt makes all the difference. I've actually never heard of Million Dollar Tan but I feel like giving myself a spray tan might be a disaster!

  7. Luuuuurve me some self tanners! I think it's time for me to try the St. Tropez this year...everyone raves about it.

  8. Sooooooo I am totally the whitest pastiest person you could ever meet right now. I need to look in to these yesterday! thanks for sharing!

  9. I have tried St. Tropez but none of the others. I also like the Playboy kind in an aerosol can. Another (cheaper) one I like it Loreal Sublime gel - but it has a lot of sparkle which I don't care for :)

  10. These were great picks! Thank you for sharing, I always love reading what self tanners work best for everyone :-)

  11. Love that you liked St. Tropez! I worked in their marketing/business development department when we moved to NYC but just recently had to take some time off of work to focus on my health due to Crohn's Disease...St. Tropez is amazing...the key to the perfect tan is to use their applicator mitt :)!! Xx.