Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Coupon Tips & Tricks

More times than not, I tend to learn simply by doing. Does that make me a kinesthetic learner? For example with school, it's all done online, thus I have to essentially teach myself the material. The same goes for HTML; I taught myself by jumping right in. I recently took up a minor form of couponing. I don't do it every time I go shopping, but I do save money whenever humanly possible. The reminds me: Maybe I write a lot about new or cool things that I buy, but you need to know that I (literally) never ever pay full price.

Here are just a few tips and tricks that I've learned all on my own. Y'all may already know these things, but I thought I'd help a sista (or a brotha) out. I'm pretty positive that your bank account will thank you.
Use one manufacture coupon per product and one CVS coupon.
  • Manufacture coupon - These come in the Sunday paper, for example. Say you find a $1 off coupon for any Tide detergent, that's considered manufactured. 
  • CVS coupon - These coupons can be printed out at the store (via your store card) or sometimes via e-mail. Perhaps the coupons can even come to your phone; I'm not sure. If you were to receive a coupon for $2 off a Tide product, you can pair this with one manufactured coupon (example above), thus saving $3. Also, if you wait for the product to go on sale, you are doing even better especially considering CVS' prices are typically higher than other places. 
Use online coupon, plus get cash back!
  • Online coupon - Coupons through Ebates can be used in conjunction with receiving cash back!
  • Cash back - In addition to getting a discount with the code, you will also receive cash back if you sign up with Ebates. It's easy to sign up and completely free. Read more here.
There are always coupons for Ulta. Don't ever pay full price for an item again - even the "prestige" items.
  • $3.50 off $10 - The majority of the year, they offer this coupon. This applies to drugstore items only. When I need anything drugstore-related, I always purchase these item at Ulta instead of Target or elsewhere. Not only that, but you'll never see me spending more than $10 per transaction. Let's pretend that I need a new razor, cotton balls, eyeliner, shampoo, and a new comb. I would combine the items that will reach the closest to $10 and buy those things. Then, a few days later, I would go back to Ulta and get something else on my list for $10, using the coupon both times. Yes, it requires more trips to Ulta, but I find that it's worth it. Or take someone with you and have them complete a transaction for you.
  • 20% off (excluding prestige) - When I plan on purchasing drugstore items that cost much more than $10, I will use their 20% coupon. This coupon isn't offered as frequently, but I will hold out on making bigger purchases until it's available. In the past, I've used it on my go-to hair extensions and blow dryers. 
  • 20% off (including prestige) - Offered very infrequently, but still available throughout the year, are 20% coupons with fine print noting that virtually nothing is excluded. Even though you may spend more money in one Ulta visit with this coupon, you will save in the long run. This coupon can be applied to products that normally never allow a coupon to be paired with. I hold out on some of my favorite products until the coupon is released. Unless noted otherwise, this can be used on brands such as: Urban Decay, Mario Badescu, Too Faced, etc.
Use one manufacture coupon per product and one Target coupon.
  • Manufacture coupon - Look for these in the Sunday paper. 
  • Target coupon - Can be a printed versions from in store (on a previous purchase), can come in the Sunday paper, and also available through the Cartwheel App (thanks Jordon for reminding me!). A recent example that I had: I found a $20 off $50 coupon in the Sunday paper for Target. It had to be on certain household brands, but all of which we needed. So I used that coupon, along with a couple of manufactured coupons (ex: 25cents off toilet paper purchase, $1.50 off Jergens BB cream, etc) together. I somehow managed to get my total exactly to $50 on the dollar. I don't know how I got so lucky. Then, she took $20 off, making my grand total $30 for well over $50 worth of products. 
This sure was lengthy, but it has a lot of good information. I only included the main stores that I shop at. I'm sure other stores have similar coupon policies. Before going on a coupon shopping spree, just make sure to check the store policy. Some stores even allow you to double a coupon. You just have to do your research. Leave any tips and tricks that you've learned for everyone else (and me!) to read.


  1. Have you used the Cartwheel App for Target?? It is awesome!

  2. yes, as Jordon said the Cartwheel app is the best!!! and target does online coupons that you can print from to combine with their app and manufacture coupons and in store sales and the coupons they give you from the register printer

  3. You got this coupon stuff down girly! I need to be better at the whole ebates thing since I pretty much do all my shopping online.

  4. Yes to what they said! Cartwheel is THE BEST. You can use 1 cartwheel, 1 Target and 1 manufacturer coupon per item!!

  5. I wish I were as mindful about saving money as you are! I usually won't order anything online without a coupon code but I almost never use them on in-store purchases. When I do have a coupon I usually forget I have it and then don't use bad!

  6. I think I need to start getting a Sunday paper to find all these coupons! And a big YES to Ulta! I rarely pay full price there and I love it!

  7. The cartwheel app is the best. I need to be better about coupons. I use the SnipSnap app too. You can search based on the store you are in and it gives you available coupons. You can also take pictures of your coupons to save for use when you are in the store so you don't have to remember to bring your coupons.

  8. Caleb and I were huge on couponing (especially at target and CVS) when we first got married!! It's so crazy how much money you can save by clipping a few coupons!!!

  9. Great tips! I'm a big Ebates user, and I also shop online through Shop at Home - have you ever tried them? Same concept as Ebates, so I always check them both to see which one is offering the bigger percentage of cash back!

  10. I really need to get better about using coupons. I just can't sit myself down to clip them all out of the Sunday newspaper! Thanks for the tips lady!

  11. I will straight up ask the Ulta cashiers if I can do mulitple transactions and they will either let me, or just let me use all my coupons in the same transaction. If there is a line behind you they may all give you death stares and you will feel like you an extreme cheakskate but it works! I have no shame when it comes to coupons!