Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things That I Love

True story: I actually love more things than I hate them. I would consider myself an optimist. Ya know... like the glass is half full. And to prove that point, I am going to one-up my "Things I Hate" list. But let's be honest, I could go on & on... but I'll spare you.

1. Spooning with my little family in bed. Legitimately, Ross, Zoey, Layla and I all sleep under the sheet together. I'm not even joking. Zoey isn't a huge spooner, but Layla has it down to a science. She cuddles you just right and will instantly drift off to sleep. All three of my lovies snore too. It's like an orchestra.

2. My engagement/wedding band. Sometimes, I just stare at it. It's so purty in my opinion. Even though I've worn them for a couple of years, I still get compliments and it makes me blush!

3. Forensic Evidence type of TV Shows. I watch a lot of Mystery Detectives and Snapped. I just cannot get enough.
4. When I'm at church and I get an overwhelming sense of God. Sometimes, it's like he's wrapping his arms around me with a big bear hug.

5. Leopard print. I'm sure it's annoying to others how many times per week that I wear my leopard scarf to work.

6. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings with zero plans for the day. What a relaxing feeling.

7. Ninety's country music. Sorry to reiterate it again, but I just want to make sure it's fully understood by everyone. I just have such a passion for it. When those types of songs come on the radio, my heart smiles. And while we're on the 90's train, my heart also belongs to Nsync, Brit Spears, TLC, Spice Girls, etc.
8. Watching Vine videos. HAHAH. I can't even tell you how hard this makes me laugh. My eyes start watering from laughter. Watch it now, or else we can't be friends.
9. Cleaning the house. I didn't even realize it until recently, but I am actually a clean freak. The only exception: neither husband nor I mind the dishes piling up in the sink. That doesn't bother me at all. But by golly, the floor better not have toys/clothes/junk all over it, and my bed better be made.

10. Eighty degree weather. I mean... is there anything more perfect in this world???

11. This tutorial, thanks to Kayla! Technology can suck, but solutions are awesome.


  1. There is NO better feeling than a clean house! I have turned into such a clean freak over the past few years and it's honestly the best feeling ever.

  2. I love cuddling with Pippa!! She's not a big cuddler at all, but she always has to be close to me. Sometimes she'll get right up against me for a nap on the couch and my heart just swells!

  3. As far as I am concerned forensic type shows and sleeping in on Saturdays are what dreams are made of! My favorite though is that overwhelming sense of God whether at church, a coffee shop, or just driving in the car.

  4. Given your obsession with 90's country music, I know exactly why you're in love with leopard print. I'm about 95% sure there was a music video of Shania Twain in a full body leopard leotard/get-up.
    On a separate note...Having 2 dogs, I admire your clean freak tendencies.

  5. I love puppy cuddles! Staying in my PJ's all weekend is so rare for me but so perfect when it does happen!

  6. Not having to set an alarm on Saturday morning are one of the best things in the world AND not having any plans is the icing on the cake, I go to sleep smiling I'm sure. Love that tutorial!!

  7. I 100% agree with you on zero plans on Saturdays and the Spice Girls!

  8. Ahhh this made me so excited to sleep in on Saturday because I have absolutely nothing to do this weekend! And I'm a clean freak too but don't mind the dishes in the sink... as long as I can't see them in there. Out of sight, out of mind right?

  9. It's weird, I put off cleaning sometimes (okay, a lot) but I LOVE doing it. I think it's just hard when I come home from work and after dinner and cleaning up from that, I have no energy to clean anything else! I do love a good lazy saturday where I can get it all done though with no other commitments!

  10. I LOVE cleaning, I don't know why. It's like therapeutic to me! Especially when I throw things away, and give stuff to Goodwill :) I also am obsessed with some 90's country music...its the best. Good ole Shania!

    Isn't catching yourself staring at your wedding bands the best?? :) Now I want to see yours!!

  11. I feel like we are one in the same person lol! Except that whole clean freak thing! I hate cleaning, so God blessed me with a husband who loves to!! But Snapped is one of my favorite shows, I'm obsessed with any kind of country but especially 90's, and I would wear leopard print all day everyday!