Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blogging Tips

Remember that time I asked y'all to share some important Blogging Advice with me? There were tons of great comments about the purpose of blogging (ex: "blog for yourself) and also good advice about how to blog (ex: "don't be a no-reply blogger"). I thought I'd expand a little more on the latter - blogging tips, if you will. There's only three, but they are important!

ONE. The "No Reply Blogger." We've all heard of it but sometimes newbie bloggers (like we all once were!) need a little more explanation. In Layman's terms, being a no-reply blogger means that when you comment on my blog, there is no e-mail attached to the comment, therefore I cannot reply. The email address to reply back actually says: Anyways, it's an easy fix and you can google different tutorials. Jenny @ Story Of My Life wrote a great post about it here. Check it out! Here's an example:
TWO. Word Verification. I get it - this feature is supposed to protect against spam. But it's also really annoying for us people who leave comments on your blog. According to blogger, word verification "will require people leaving comments on your blog to complete a word verification step, which will help reduce comment spam. Blog authors will not see word verification for comments." I recommend taking it off. I Googled "word verification blogger" and saw a ton of blogs laying out various tutorials.

THREE. Google Friend Connect. If you're like me and stuck in your old ways, GFC is your friend. But sometimes it doesn't work exactly like it should. If there's ever a time that you're wanting to add someone via GFC and it doesn't work, try doing THIS.

If everyone did these things, the blog'o'sphere would be that much better. Can I get an amen??? Happy dance.


  1. Love your tips! But I think I love that little girl more! How cute!!

  2. No-reply comment blogger is THE WORST. So annoying.

  3. aaaaaamen! Mainly cause I had to learn through all those newbie mistakes hahaha...and that happy dance..totally made my day!

  4. I was so glad when GFC started working again - not so much because I could start following people again, but because I could UNfollow some people who were clogging up my reading list haha!

  5. Amen sister! Hope you have a great weekend!