Monday, April 7, 2014

I Almost Ate A Gorilla

When I drink coffee, ... I get a little jittery. But sometimes it's a much needed way to start the day. Dang you, caffeine. I am primarily caffeine free, but on occasion I give in!

The smell of freshly mowed grass reminds me of my childhood. I guess it's because I played outside all the time when I little.

One sign that I am getting older is ... how early I go to bed! Is it just me, or does cooking, cleaning, working, and school really wear a lady out?

My dream job is being ... a full-time stay at home mommy and blogger!
This little girl... I die!
In high school, I was ... a full blown band nerd. I was even runner up for Band Sweetheart which was quite a big deal back in the day.

Believe it or not, one time I ... saw Jesus! I'm not even lying or exaggerating. Maybe that's why it's so easy for me to know the power of God is real! I was very little, maybe 2 years old. I remember looking into the sky while one of my parents was driving in the car. I saw Jesus in the clouds, laying down and looking down at me. What a feeling!

I don't mean to gloat, but I am really good at ... naming any country song within 2 split seconds! I am good... real good.

It was no laughing matter when ... I once thought my Aunt Jerri was going make me eat a Gorilla. She said she was gonna "grill-a-burger" but all I heard was, "Gorilla burgers." I just knew it wouldn't taste good.
If I had a six word memoir, it would be... Happy Wife. Loves Dogs. Trusts God. I would say that sums me up!

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me about my sensitive skin, I would be rich! I am naturally very pale and often get red blotchy spots for no good reason. Sometimes if I touch my skin in just the right place, it'll turn red in an instant. So many people ask me, "are you okay!? your skin is red!" Yes... I'm fine, I just have very sensitive skin.

My very first memory ... is not one that I wish to re-live. Sad, but true... my very first memory as a wee-one was not pretty. Moving on.

It's so embarrassing, but when I was younger ... my screen name on AOL was BrUnEtTeDiTz. First off, why would I call myself a ditz, and second off, who can even read that when ItS wRiTteN LiKe ThIs?

I'm the kind of girl who ... was born in the 80's but totally identifies with the 90's!

I had a bad customer service experience with ... Target, of all places! I love Target, but they really need to whip their employees into shape. I was calling Target recently to cancel my Red Debit Card (long story!) and the lady was pissed about it. She kept saying, "Give me a reason why." I didn't have a specific 1 sentence reason, so I told her to pick one. She.was.pissed. She said "Fine, your card is closed. Bye."

I really need to get better about ... Alphabet Dating! Hubby and I haven't done that in forevz.


  1. You are so funny! For some reason I find it hilarious and totally unbelievable that you were a band nerd. Also dying at your AOL screen name. Mine were equally embarrassing though, I promise!

  2. Bahaha my AOL screen name was x0xMiSsJeSsx0x -- what the heck??? I'm going cross eyed trying to read that lol

  3. Love reliving the AOL IM funnnyyy!!! Xx.

  4. Loooooooved this post! You are so stinking cute!
    I have always and will always LOVE the smell of freshly cut grass. YUM!
    And I'm with you, born in the 80's but totally identify with the 90's.
    And I've never done the alphabet dating but this sounds like the best time to start. We totally need something new and fun for our dating life!

  5. I seriously laughed about a gorilla burger!!
    Girl, just school and work make me tired. I do almost ZERO cooking or housework during the week. Just the bare minimal and then try to cram it in on the weekends. Such is the life of an adult student I guess...

  6. I am ready to sleep every night by 9pm. But I can usually make it till 10 (4:30am comes early) but if you put Chopped on I will fall asleep within 10 minutes, guaranteed!! I just can't stay up late anymore!

  7. The grill-a-burger is too funny! That would have freaked me out. I need to figure out a way to work from home. Stay at home Mom sounds awesome.

  8. Oh gosh your AOL name is funny! The things we do when we're young. And, Target? How rude!