Monday, April 28, 2014

I Can Speak Spanish

Let's be honest... I've been a horrible blogger lately. But that's all about to change because of point number one:

I have been so busy that I didn't even have a chance to proof-read this blog post. But a huge thank you to baby Jesus for allowing the spring semester to (almost) be finished - this week to be exact. I cannot tell y'all how exhausted I've been this semester... but it'll all pay off in the end. Summer school starts soon, and then I'll be doing my internship in the fall, and then I'll be dunzo! Holler.
So, we're not going to be getting on Clomid after all. We decided to wait. I was having doubts about whether or not it was the right time. Some other stuff happened in life that basically told me to wait. For example: the wrong fertility doctor submitted the wrong prescription to my pharmacy. How does that even happen? The pharmacy said I'd have to follow up with my doctor, and since I have to take the pills on very specific days of my cycle, I decided that it's just not the right time. After all, God calls the shots - not me.

I have been watching so much Snapped and House of Cards lately and I've been loving every second of it.
I miss you, Zoe Barnes.

I got really excited at church yesterday when our pastor was telling a story about Heaven. We're currently in a series called "Back from the Dead." It's basically all about Jesus' rising (that was the message last week for Easter!) and this week it has been all about Heaven.

Speaking of cinco, can you even believe for a split second that May is almost here???!!! (Hello, Cinco De Mayo.) I think I need to start Christmas shopping already. WHAT THE HAIL is going on??? Time needs to slow it's roll! Surriously.

I'm more than just a tiny bit excited for Thursday to be here so that I can meet Bretty!

Last, but certainly not least, let's all enjoy a little Breaking Bad humor on this Monday, shall we? Thanks, Pinterest, for making my life much better today. I'm totally gonna do this next time I go to Starbucks. R.I.P. Walt White.


  1. Good for you for listening to Him and trusting in his plan for you. I know its hard when you want something so much. I too cannot believe that May is like almost here, where did April go? hang in there and know that His plan is greater than any other.

  2. I miss Zoe Barnes too, wah. :( I kind of hate the Underwoods!! What's your internship going to be? Will you have to take time off work?

  3. God's always got a plan and I love when he reveals himself in ways you didn't expect! Still praying for you guys on this journey! :)

  4. Haha!!! I love the BB Starbucks cup! We've been watching House of Cards nonstop lately, too - we blew through 3 episodes just last night!

  5. OMG How amazing is House of Cards? The Petty household is addicted!

  6. Nobody can clean a house better than me when I have people coming over 15 minutes prior hahahaha! But yay for Spring semester almost being over!! I took my last exam yesterday! Whooo Hooo!

  7. What a weird situation with the doc and the meds and pharmacy. Thoughts and prayers that it will all work out for you. Speaking of Breaking Bad, when I opened my garage door yesterday my husband was standing there in safety glasses and a mask, like Walter White (for the record he'd been pulling up carpet, haha). Ha :)