Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Life In Numbers

It's true that I am easily inspired by other people's blog posts. That would explain why I am copying Erin today. Is it just me or do others look at certain numbers and think, "oOoO.... that reminds me of [fill in the blank.]" Here are a few numbers that represent a little piece of yours truly. Exhibit A: 7 is the time of day (PM) that I love to be in my stretchy pants, sitting on the couch watching garbage TV. I don't actually think it's garbage TV - my hubby does. But that's neither here nor there.
My husband's bond number for his fraternity (Phi Delta Theta) is 327, and I consider myself the .5 to his bond number. It's only right for two reasons: First, I'm his wife. Duh. Second, I'm a Phi Delt sweetheart, which makes me an honorary member.

My lucky number.

The number of wisdom teeth that I was born with, however I will never need this removed according to my dentist. It's in a very awkward place and dentists only found it about 2 years ago. Up until then, I had no clue wisdom teeth even existed inside my mouth.

The number of kids that I want. But let's be honest, I'll take as many as God blesses me with.

The number of years my hubby and I have been a Mr. and Mrs.

The year that I became a sister in the bond - Alpha Chi Omega. 

The number of months left until I graduate with my M.A. in Higher Education.
The time that I always make a wish (if I look at the clock!)

The minimum number of times per day that I sing random songs to my girls (Layla and Zoey). I make the songs up spur-of-the-moment.

How many times I changed my major in college.

The number of various lip products that I carry around with me day-to-day. The majority are chap sticks, but I also carry lip glosses or lip sticks. #ChappedLipProbz

My age. Le duh.

The number of alcoholic drinks I could go for right about now.


  1. I did not know you were an Alpha Chi! LITB!!

  2. Only 2 drinks?! Come on lady! hehe

  3. Too bad there wasn't an infinity sign...I could go for all you can drink right now lol.

  4. I am with you on the number of drinks as an appetizer! ;) Lipsticks/glosses for me would be 15 today. Oops.