Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Outtakes

On our wedding day, I may (or may not) have danced a little like Leo did in Wolf of Wall Street.  Pure excitement, I tell ya. Not only did I love our wedding day because I became a Mrs., but also because a lot of fun stuff happened. Like...

That moment at the rehearsal dinner that I felt like a total Bad A with my beer & shades.
Also, look at my baby cousin with a sad face. Poor thang.
When my hubby and I had a very candid shot of our personalities.
Dress Probz.
The time my Mr. so kindly held my heels.
I taught him well.
When we used our strong hands to stay connected.
That darn wedding party - trying to pull us apart. 
The moment when I almost fell flat on my booty.
Thankfully they didn't drop me.
When I thought to myself, "In front of my parents?!"
Husband found it necessary to go all-in.
When we had a quick make out sesh before parting ways on our wedding-eve.
We're clearly PDA-ers.
The time that I had a fan blow air up my dress.
Mildly inappropriate, but it was necessary!
When Obama showed up on our Wedding Day.
That's actually not the reason I took the pic, but hey, he still showed up.
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  1. It doesn't surprise me that you were such a stunning bride, but seriously how gorgeous were you?!

    ;-) xo

  2. You are SUCH a beautiful bride!!! So much happiness on your pretty face!

  3. love this post idea!!
    I love your long hair so much!

  4. Every bride needs a good beer chugging just adds to the photo album ;) Haha these are great.

  5. Oh my gosh, these are such fun photos!! I especially love the first one with your cousin crying - too funny. Stopping over from Wedding Wednesday!

    Meg @

  6. Those are awesome photos!!! I wish I had ones like that! You were a beautiful bride, Allison! :)

  7. Love these outtakes. Gets me so excited. Xx.

  8. Hahaha these outtakes are hilarious!!!
    The fan blowing air up your dress takes the cake though...HEY, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

  9. You were a gorgeous bride! Loooove your dress! The garter picture made me laugh out loud :)

  10. Such cute candids!! Love the wedding party one. These all show your personality and that is the best part!

  11. Great photos - wow! Would you be keen for another 'Blog every day in May'? Check out:

  12. Beautiful! We recently got married. Seeing your photos makes me even more anxious to get ours back! Weddings are so special.