Thursday, April 17, 2014

What The... ?

I can't believe that...

There is such a thing as a marijuana vending machine.
Just when I thought I had heard it all, this oddball story comes out.  I find it odd mainly because federal law still trumps state law, thus putting people traveling to Colorado [and then leaving] in a tricky situation if they buy weed from a machine.  Granted it's for "medical purposes" only, but I'm pretty confident there will be ways around it.
This guy was on Wheel of Fourtune.
I will say this: I was thoroughly entertained by this Wheel of Fortune episode. Bless his sweet soul. 
Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel had a baby.
I dunno about you, but I have recently become obsessed with the show Southern Charm. Also, I [awkwardly] really like Kathryn & Thomas together... so I think the baby is great. The news of her wouldn't have been such a big deal if: 1) they didn't already have a pregnancy scare on TV, and 2) if their age difference was not as dramatic. But hey, you love who you love. 
Texas weather is all over the place.
It's just so dang annoying. All I wanna do is wear cute summer dresses, yet another cold spell came through this week. Don't tell the fashion police, but I wore a green summer dress to work yesterday, and I totes plan on wearing something summery today too. Screw you, cold front!
True Blood will be over for good this summer.
It's a sad day when I can no longer see Eric Northman half nakey on the telly with those vampy teeth. However, I am pretty sure this upcoming season is gonna be incredible. It better be at least. 


  1. North Carolina is also experiencing some serious bi-polar weather. 65 degrees Monday morning 30 degrees Wednesday morning!?!?!?!

  2. Ohio is the same way! It was 85 last Sunday, then we had snow and it was in like the 30's on Tuesday. So frustrating...and seriously?!? A marijuana vending machine??! That's crazy!

  3. I am so sad about true blood. We LOVE that show!

  4. LOVE me some Eric Northman!! Yum! I'm so sad it's the last season!!!!

  5. I can't believe it is in the last season. I need to catch up so I can watch the new season!

  6. I'm really going to miss Eric Northman as well. This season better be amazing!!

  7. Even though it is sort of an embarrassment to my state, I watch and enjoy Southern Charm too. The girl who does my waxing went to high school w/ Kathryn and says she is a really sweet person. We cancelled HBO when I went back to school b/c no one ever watched it, but I will miss seeing the last season of True Blood. I LOVED the books.

  8. I just couldn't get into Southern Charm...they were all so annoying! But I'm loving my crazy RHOC ladies! haha

  9. OMG I can't believe that about Southern Charm!!! Their age difference is crazy.