Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Shout Out

True story: this morning at work, I had to get one of my coworkers to kill a bug in my office. Afterwards, I was so thankful that I decided to send an office-wide e-mail shout out honoring this dear colleague of mine. We do these kind of things to show support. I am terribly afraid of bugs, but I don't kill them - that's what sweet coworkers are for.

The same concept applies to my fellow college-goers. Whether you're working on your associates, bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree, this post is solely dedicated to you. 

By the way, these photos have zero to do with the post. Just thought I'd add some interest.
Top - Ann Taylor Outlet (similarish)
Heels - Steve Madden - old
Purse - N/A - old (similar) offers many perks such as:
-Savings of 40-90% off of bookstore prices.
-Free shipping both ways (always!) ... This is a no-brainer.
-Freedom to highlight in the textbooks.
-Flexible renting periods (whenever you need 'em).
-Automatic donations to Operation Smile with each textbook rental.

The company also has a new program called RentBack. RentBack allows students to rent out the textbooks that they own - to other students... which is supreme because it makes those students 2-4x more money compared to what they'd make through buyback options.

Are you sold? Cause I am.


  1. Haha! You're too funny, Allison! :) Love that outfit! AND it looks like you live with some country around you. I'm jealous! Love the open space!

  2. Um...I have to kill scorpions on an almost nightly basis in AZ. ICK, ICK, ICK!!!!

  3. pink is your color! that was nice of your coworker- i hate bugs!

  4. It really is your color, you are rocking that outfit! Love that top!!

  5. I have come into work with a bug in the middle of my office floor and I specifically told my boss I am in NO WAY walking in there to work until he kills it hahaha...little did I know it was already dead cause the bug guy sprayed hahahahaha! And gimme that purse! Too cute!

  6. An outfit photo... fits into any post! haha We all could use a little style inspiration from time to time. I love that outfit!

  7. True story. At my old job I walked in my office once only to nearly fall over of the smell. There was a dead mouse in the corner. Thank goodness for co-workers who were able to get rid of it for me!

  8. You need to do a post on how you do your make-up! So pretty!!

  9. Black & pink are by far my most favorite color combo EVERRR :-)

  10. Such a gorgeous outfit on a gorgeous lady! Love that top!