Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Blue Avenue
Per usual with my simple self, I decided that I needed this white top in my life. Have you been shopping at Blue Avenue yet? Free Shipping always. That makes me smile.

2. Designs By Erin
My pal, Erin, has officially launched her design blog! She does more than just blog designs... she does pretty much anything your little heart desires. Check it out!

3. Bartender
I heard this Lady A song on the radio this morning and immediately fell in love. Some songs are just so catchy. I already have a few words memorized. Can you say auditory learner?

4. School
WAHHH! Summer school has officially begun. My heart sinks a tiny bit, but I have to keep the motivation... I am SO CLOSE to my master's degree. Just call me Master Allison.

5. Next Week
Exciting things happening next week with our fertility treatment. I am so ready! I will keep all y'all posted!

Today I'm linking up for Five on Friday!


  1. You are the best! ;) Thanks girl!!!

  2. yayyyyyyyyy for number 5!

  3. I also love that Lady A song!! Did you hear Bobby Bones saying this morning that he was offended by it? Lol

  4. School starts for me on Monday :-(. I'm so sad, but also ready to be one step closer to being finished. I love Bartender too!!

  5. Boo Summer school, but yay for rewarding yourself with a perfect new top :):):)

  6. Okay free shipping all the time?! Thats my kinda store!!! YAY for your treatments next week, I'll be praying for ya. & isn't Erin's work the best?!

  7. Love that top! I have way too many white tops in my closet, but I love them all. White looks great all year round. Love that :)

  8. I feel you with the Summer school blues. I'll have my masters in December and I'm SO, SO, SO ready to be done!