Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Force My Husband To Wear Them

Did you know that...

* S'mores are my favorite dessert in all the land. It can be flavored to taste like a s'more, or it can be a legit s'more. I also like cake batter anything. #SweetToothProbz

* I'm a huge neat freak when it comes to our house. I believe in clean carpet, freshly lit candles, and zero dust.

* I actually really like my name - Allison. My closest friends call me Alli though. I'll take either.

* I have already picked out our future kiddos' names. Now all I'm waiting for is fertilization. Ha. Jokes.
* My favorite song of the moment is "I don't dance" by Lee Brice. I literally have it on repeat. Not lying.

* My now-hubby & I had our first kiss back in 2007 in an elevator. I will never forget it either.

* I cried when Damon Salvatore died on Vampire Diaries. Spoiler alert. Yes, part of me is still a teenager, watching TV shows about vampires and high schoolers.

* My favorite color in all the world is blue.
Dress - White House Black Market - old (similar)
Necklace - N/A - Handmade via my Aunt
Boots - Old West (here)

* I hate chipped nails. They annoy the absolute heck outta me. 

* Men in a pair of cowboy boots is supremely sexy to me. Hence, I force my husband to wear them. But in the same tone, I let him know that he can pick out my clothes. I want to look like a hot little number for my husband, so I also expect him to look hot for me. 

* I can name virtually any country song within about 2 seconds of hearing it. I am actually super proud too. It's the one and only thing in this world that I am competitive about. Try to out-name me... I dare you!

* I was born & raised in the great state of Texas. Represent, y'all.


  1. LOVE that you love smores... Cause I'm obsessed. Like, it's a struggle not to roast the ENTIRE bag of marshmallows at once. ;)

  2. I do love smores...oh so good!! Precious outfit!!

  3. I love Vampire Diaries and was so sad in the last episode! One thing I have learned about that show though is that no one is ever really dead and gone. They all tend to make appearances! I am the same with with HS dramas haha. I watch The Originals and Pretty Little Liars too.

    Love your outfit! And hair!

  4. So share your secrets for clean carpets with two puppies! I feel like I'm constantly vacuuming, yet constantly finding little black Pippa hairs everywhere.

  5. Yes! Neat freaks for the win! I can not relax unless I have freshly vacuumed floors, dusted, clean counters, and candles lit! Would it be weird if I said I noticed your fresh vacuum lines in your picture from the other day?

  6. Oooh s'mores! I'm counting down the days until we get out of the city and can have campfires again!!! So excited for that! And I totally watch the teen dramas, too - Pretty Little Liars is my weakness!

  7. I love that necklace and lip color? What lipstick are you wearing?

  8. s'mores are my fave and chipped nails make me cringe!

  9. Yesterday at HEB I bought some of those Oreos you let me try! Yumm!

    Aaaand I'm going to need you to post a tutorial for your hair. It's always amazing!

  10. LOVE that Lee Brice song. I'm obsessed with Yeah by Joe Nichols right, country music is just so dang good!

  11. Give it up for Texas and country music...and this adorable outfit!!! Love the lip color!! Smores for the win!!!!

  12. Seriously, every time I read your blog I question why we aren't best friends. I too love all things county music and don't even get me started on a man in cowboy boots!

  13. I can name songs in a heartbeat too! So funny that we share that "gift"! :)