Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm No Fashion Blogger + My Exciting Weekend!

It's strange because as much of a girly girl as I am, I have never been that into clothes. That is until now. It's real unfortunate... our bank account hates me! However, I try to find versatile pieces that I can wear to work and on the weekends.

Insert first fashion post ever. 
Earrings (Kendra Scott) / Purse (Steve Madden via TJ Maxx) Similar / Skirt (Cynthia Rowly via TJ Maxx) Similar / Midi Rings (Forever 21) Similar / Top (Target) / Nail Polish (Essie Haute As Hello)

Bless my sweet husband's soul for taking these pictures of me. In any other situation, I'm sure a man would find this to be a strange request: "take my picture!" That sounds so vain. But he understands my blogging habits. And I'm all about a good blog post with pictures.

A few things:
1. I just hate it when my wedding band turns backwards. You'd think I would've checked that first, but I didn't. 
2. My nail polish makes me smile. It's real bright.
3. I'm obsessed with all things blue. It's my favorite color.
4. TJ Maxx and I are besties.
5. Don't mind our grass. It's still in the process of coming back from winter.

In any case, I am just rambling now. Can we talk about the fact that I died and went to Heaven this weekend? Exhibit A:
I will be honest... I was drunk when I met him. And I feel like a fool for it, however I think it was necessary - I was SO NERVOUS. Per my request (and because he secretly feels the same way), I asked him to write, "Allison, I love you!" on my poster. Ross was completely fine with it. In fact, my husband likes Bretty as much as I do, but he likes him in the non-physically-attracted way. 

By the way, I had zero idea that Bretty (my second husband) was so tall. Gah. That just makes him even more attractive. I'd like to jump his bones now. Please & thank you.
If you don't know who Brett is... get with the picture. 


  1. Loveee this! I vote for more fashion posts please ;-) I noticed your nail polish before you mentioned it, bright colors are so fun. Eeekkk Brett, he's so dreamy! I say the same thing about our grass too, lol. Happy Monday!

  2. I loveeeee that skirt!!! Ah I need to hit up the TJ Maxx near me!

    I'm glad you had a great weekend :)

  3. You are too cute!! Your fashion pictures are wonderful. So glad you had a good weekend!

  4. i say more fashion posts! you are gorgeous! i love that skirt and love tjmaxx too!

  5. Love your skirt- looks great on you! Glad we aren't the only ones having lawn issues- we live in Georgetown and our yard has never looked so sad before :(.

  6. such a cute outfit! and I totally feel you on that wedding band thing. so glad I found your blog!

  7. Helloooooooooooo Brett! And I love love love your first outfit post!! Your hubs did a fabulous job on the pictures. Mine is my amazing photog for all my pictures too ;)

  8. TJMaxx is such an amazing place!! love your fashion finds!

  9. Hahaha your commentary about Brett Eldridge is giving me the giggles here at my desk! :) Your hubby did a good job on your pics!

  10. Ahh haha I love this! And I love your skirt! I tried the same one on at my Marshall's but they didn't have my size :( I'm the exact same way with my wedding bands... drives me crazy!

  11. How fun!! Love that you got Brett to sign it saying that! That's awesome! I would have wimped out :-p And I love your outfit! Your nail polish stood out to it! I'm going to have to get that one :)

  12. Got to love a tall guy that fills out a t-shirt that well! Glad it was a good weekend!

  13. You look beautiful!!! I've had my eye on KS earrings for a while now...that may quickly become a reality now that the wedding is over.

  14. I have the same skirt! Bought mine at Marshall's for super cheap and was hoping to wear it this weekend! The turquoise earrings look nice with the outfit!

  15. LOVE this entire outfit, especially that maxi skirt!