Thursday, June 5, 2014

ABC's of Me: Husband Edition

Yes, it's true that behind every man is a great woman. But I also think it works the other way around too. Therefore, this blog space of mine isn't entirely about me. It's also about le husband, Ross. Remember this post? Well, I decided it would be fun to ask Ross to do it too! Below are his answers. I didn't include anything additional, so in my opinion, the answers are kind of funny.
A - Age: 28 
B - Birthday month: November
C - Color: Green
D - Drink: Topo Chico
E - Eyes: Green
F - Flashback: Model rockets
G - Game: Golf
H - Hobby: Reading
I - Indulgence: Milk
J - Job: Technical Recruiter
K - Kiddos: 2(This is how many he wants!)
L - Love: Love is lovely(Haha, this made me laugh extra hard!)
M - Music: Anything acoustic
N - Nation: 'Merica
O - Overstock: Gadgets
P - Pets: Layla and Zoey
Q - Quote: "If I had asked what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." - Henry Ford
R - Residence: Austin, TX
S - Siblings: 1 brother
T - Temperature: 75
U - University: Sam Houston State University (bachelors + masters)
V - Vehicle: Honda CRV
- Want: A lot
X - X: X Marks the spot
Y - Yuck: Mushrooms
Z - Zodiac: 
Scorpio or Sagittarius

Now that you know him a little more, can you see why we're two peas in a pod? We're so alike, but also very different from each other. That's what keeps things interesting! But really... I'm only married to him because of his good looks. Okay, I'm kidding.


  1. X marks the spot LOL this is so fun!

  2. This is such a good idea! I'm glad he thinks love is lovely ;) Haha!

  3. What a sweet hubs for doing this with ya...they always deserve kudos when they help the blog out haha

  4. What a good idea to include your husband in on the game! So fun!

  5. What a fun idea! And acoustic music is def the best!