Friday, June 27, 2014

FOR SALE + Five on Friday

Although the link-up is temporarily on a break (say day), I decided to still post "Five on Friday." Enjoy!

I'm sad to say that my large booty does not fit into the size small maxi dresses that I recently purchased. I am very much apple-shaped and wear a small in every dress that I own - except these two! They seem to run a little smaller. I am selling them for anyone interested. Whoever comments first will get dibs. I will accept payment via PayPal (I'll send you my email address once I get the comment).
Dress 1 original site: HERE
Dress 2 original site: HERE
I feel famous right about now. That's due primarily to the fact that I finally created my blog Facebook page. Do me a favor and please go "like" the page! I am going to be integrating this more and more. I may even be doing a giveaway very soon... most especially for my Facebook fans!
I have been feeling a little overwhelmed for no good reason lately, so I am taking the day off to get "caught up" and relax a little! Therefore, hello pretty weekend. I sorta love you. Oh and to top things off, hubbs and I are going out country dancing with my co-worker and her fiance! Yippie.
When I saw this recipe on Pinterest, I about died. As y'all know, I have a ridiculous obsession with anything s'more related. These looks unique, tasty, and very smore-like. Get in my belly!
5. UGLY?
I believe in one piece bathing suits... but my husband would beg to differ. He does't understand them at all. I just feel more comfortable in them. Anyways, I purchased this white one a while back (for like $20 on Groopdealz) and I plan to wear it to the waterpark this weekend. So my question is: is the suit ugly? Or too "old-person-looking" for me?


  1. Love that blue one! Email me I have a few questions about the fit otherwise I'll take it :)

  2. Old person looking?! Girl, that one-piece is smoking! Rock it.

    I'm glad you created a Facebook page--I did this week too, even though I know i don't have the readership, yet, to warrant one. ;)

    Also, random note: I was on Pinterest yesterday, researching anniversary photo ideas (a little premature, since we've only been married 5 weeks, but.... can you blame me?). I searched for "Anniversary Photos" and there you were! I was like O.o "I think I recognize her!....Yep! I most definitely know who that is." How funny. Small world...errr... Pinterest. ;)

    Relax this weekend--you deserve it!

  3. I love that bathing suit. I have been leaning more towards one pieces for the simple fact that I feel more comfortable and covered. I think we are at that age where it is becoming more appropriate. I went to a water park the other weekend that some of my students go to and it made me really wish I had already purchased a one piece. hehe Hope you have a great, extra long weekend and get some things done pretty lady.

  4. Oh my gosh that one piece is sexy! Not old person looking AT ALL! My chest is so small that I'd look like a 13 year old boy in it :) I'm sure you'll look awesome. Wear it!

    And I wish I was a small so I could buy those dresses :(

    I'm praying that you get rest this weekend! I've felt overwhelmed lately too. We need vacations!

  5. That is so cute. You need to be comfortable, not him so show off some cleavage and love your one piece. And those s'mores cookies? totally making them this weekend! xoxo

  6. I took a day of rest yesterday, I just needed it so bad!!!!

    Happy weekend!

  7. That is one SEXY one-piece, you will look rockin' in it! ;) If those dresses don't fit you, they definitely wont fit me...darnit! They are both so cute! Enjoy your day off girly :)

  8. Those dresses are so cute! Oh my gosh, those s'mores cups, yes please! Just liked your new page, congrats :) Happy weekend girl.

  9. That suit is cute and sexy! If you are comfortable you will be confident. Rock it!

  10. That suit is not ugly -- it's sexy!! But don't worry, Ross isn't the only man I've heard of who isn't a fan of one pieces. It must be a guy thing!! They want to see some skin. ;)

  11. I've been feeling the same way as you lately, so I decided to take the Monday after 4th of July off. I can't WAIT for my 4-day weekend.

  12. Im liking the second dress so I may be interested in purchasing it. My question though is is it lined? How much can you see through it. I am also leaning more towards a one piece but I sure wish someone would invent something to cover my thighs uugghh!

  13. That swimsuit is anything but ugly!! I love it and think you should rock it! I will definitely be making that s'mores dessert, oh my yum. Hope you're having a good weekend!

  14. Ummm, that swimsuit should not be classified as a one piece, it's the sexiest one piece I've ever seen, rock it girl! I wish I had the boobies to wear low cut anything :-/ I'm on my way to like your Facebook page now ;-)