Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happiness Equals

Fact: sometimes I really like other people's blog posts to the point that I feel that it's only necessary to copy them, obviously giving credit. That's exactly what is happening right about meow. Thank yew Kayla! Ready, set, let's roll. By the way, did anyone else just think of Chase Rice too? Or is it just me? *Singing*

Maxi's have become a serious problem of mine. I think it's mostly because they are the world's comfiest piece of clothing that ever existed. I may or may not have just recently gotten a few more goodies delivered to my mailbox. Oh and P.S. I am absolutely going to be buying this one very soon from Blue Avenue. I already asked the owner to save me a small :-) If you haven't shopped at Blue Avenue yet, you are crazy and a half shell.
1 / 2
Two weeks ago, hubby and I broke down and bought season passes to the local water park. It was pretty much the best decision ever. We decided that we're going to take off work one day and just soak up the sunshine. Nothin' better.

I'm not even embarrassed to admit it: I am truly addicted to Snapped, the TV show. It comes on the Oxygen channel and I just have a flippin Hay Day on Sundays, which is when there are marathons all day. Too bad grad school gets in the way. I am currently shaking my fist at the computer screen.

After much thought, I decided to drop one of my graduate classes this summer. That means I will be fairly busy in the fall semester. However yay for less stress this summer. Dropping the class was a necessary move to maintain my 4.00 GPA.

I kid you not, our guest bedroom is full of red, white, and blue things in preparation for our upcoming July 4th party. I am more excited than Mama June.
I am excited to announce that today is the first day of our IVF process. I am starting birth control today, and will be on that for 3 weeks. After that, we will really get the ball rolling. If you feel so inclined, you can read more about the IVF process here.

Like these pretty blue ones that I got yesterday from my MIL.


  1. Love everything about this post! Can't wait to hear how everything goes with IVF, praying for a baby at the end :) Beautiful flowers!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! Those blue hydrangeas are my favorite flower, EVER.

    I wish I could find maxis that looked good on me, but I always have to get them shortened (I'm 5'1") and I need something to highlight my waist. When I see someone else in them, though, I get super jealous because they're so adorable.

    Good luck with IVF!

    1. Thank you thank you!!! You make me smile. By the way, I tried to reply to a couple of your comments via email, but it shows that you don't have an email attached to your blogger account. You may consider Googling ways on fixing it. I would love to email you sometime!!!

  3. So sweet of your MIL! And I 150% agree that maxi dresses = happiness! It's almost embarrassing how many of them I've bought in the last couple months haha but I justify it that they're an entire outfit in one piece! Can't wait to follow along on the IVF adventure!

  4. Um yes happiness lies in maxi dresses 100%!!! How gorgeous are those flowers?! Very sweet of her!

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous, and YES to maxi dresses, love them!

  6. Beautiful flowers! I hope you're having a good day, friend!!

  7. I'm loving maxi dresses too though I only have two! I want more. Those flowers are beautiful and it was so sweet of your MIL to get them for you :) Good for you dropping your class....I think that'll be great to have that off of your plate!

  8. i love maxi dresses too, so many beautiful and fun prints! that flower bouquet is just gorgeous

  9. Gorgeous flowers! I might have to get that peach maxi. So pretty and so easy to wear in the summer.

  10. I love that peach dress... How cute!

  11. Lots of reasons to be happy today sweet friend. Excited for this new step in y'alls journey to become fabulous parents. Excited to watch/read it all unfold.