Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Can't Tell You

I can't tell you... exactly how much I love America. But it's a lot. Hurry up, July 4th!
I can't tell you... how much I love a good country song. Also, country dancing is the ultimate pleasure of mine. 

I can't tell you... how anxious and excited I am to find out if I'm preggo or not. This is one test that I want to pass so badly that it hurts. I keep praying!

I can't tell you... how many glasses of wine I will drink if I get a negative on that important test. I haven't had a sip of alcohol since I started Clomid almost a month ago. I am honestly not a huge drinker, but that is something that I absolutely plan to do if it's a BFN.

I can't tell you... how busy and difficult my two grad courses are this summer. Sad. But, a big fat hello to the end being in sight. #iseeya

I can't tell you... how excited that I am to babysit this princess on Saturday. Have I mentioned before that her and I are best friends forever. No lie.
I can't tell you... how odd it feels to know that hubster & I have been married almost three years. It's already time to look into photographers for our upcoming annual anniversary shoot. (See year one here, and year two here). Pure excitement ensues. 

I can't tell you... just how clean my house is right now. Since I am helping to host a baby shower at my casa on Friday, it's pretty much spick & span.

I can't tell you... how much I enjoy self-tanning. I don't like the idea of fake baking in an actual tanning bed, but applying a tanning bronzer to the skin just gives me that much more sass. 

I can't tell you... exactly why I have an hour & half attention span when it comes to movies. I always zonk out after my time has expired. We attempted to watch "Her" last Friday, but momma bear (what I call myself), decided to hit the hay before finishing it. 
I can't tell you... how much I enjoy the smell of leather. I even buy leather-scented candles. Is that weird?

I can't tell you... enough: I eat Mexican food every day. It never fails. 


  1. I'm so with you. If we start a movie any later than 8pm, I'm not finishing it. #oldladyproblem!

    Sending you good vibes, prayers and hugs!!!!!!!!

  2. I thought for sure you took a test early but the "I can't tell you...." part was that you couldn't tell us yet! haha

  3. Sending prayers your way for the test! And I agree with you, I have regular Netflix nights with my cousin who lives a few buildings over from me and I always tell her that we have to have a movie selected by 7pm or I'm not going to make it. Haha! Oh, and there's nothing wrong with eating Mexican food everyday. You are in Texas.

  4. Yay for Mexican food everyday!!!! ;) and that cat gif just made my life hahaha...Still praying you are going to PASS that test.... :) so exciting.

  5. My husband loves leather scented candles because it smells like baseball gloves! Praying for you and that test.

  6. Haha I didn't even know they make leather scented candles! And I'm the same way with movies.. I can binge watch a show for hours on end but it's very rare that I stay awake through an entire movie. Sending prayers your way!!

  7. I can't believe how fast time is flying! 3 years...wowsers. And nothing makes me happier than a deep cleaned house...that's why I always invite people over...motivation hahahaha

  8. Praying, praying, praying for you and your hubby and next week's test! I can't even imagine how much you're wishing it were next week already! And I agree, the title of this post was VERY misleading with your current situation! Ha! Good one :). And keep up the great work on those classes! The end is near, my dear!


  9. Good luck with the test!

    A few things we have in common:
    Love of Mexican food
    Smell of leather
    Short movie attention-span -- how do people stay focused on these crazy long movies? I need an intermission.

    Glad to find another Texas blogger!

    1. Thank you! Also, where in TX do you live? I'm in the Austin area =)

    2. I'm in Bryan! When my husband finishes grad school, we will likely be in the Austin area, too!

  10. I loooove leather scented candles! They are the best!

  11. That cat clip is hilarious :-p I keep laughing about it. You're too funny!

    And I'm praying about that pregnancy test :)

    Yes, I could eat Mexican food every day too. I just had a "taco" salad and I'm having tacos tonight :-p

  12. Ahh praying its a positive test!!!

    Would be the sweetest news ever!

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  13. prayers, my friend! and that baby. her cheeks. I love.

  14. That cat is cracking me up.
    I love Mexican food too - LOVE!
    I love the saying "spic and span" house is rarely spic and span with 2 dogs!