Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: What NOT To Wear

I actually really love going to weddings. The main reason that I like them is because the whole day revolves around L-O-V-E... Love! Best believe that my sappy self loves love. Okay I think I've used the word "love" too much. But it's a pretty great thing, and I pray that all my blogger friends & readers will find their most perfect companion! 

All that being said, trying to find a good outfit for a wedding is important! You want to feel all dolled-up and pretty, but you don't want to go overboard either. I have compiled a list of what NOT to wear to weddings. Take note, ladies! Also, if you can think of additional 'what not to wear' items, leave me a comment below!

Little White Dress
This is a big no-no! Seriously.

Frumpy Dress
Just no.

Super Revealing Dress
Opposite of a frumpy dress, don't go overboard and show too much skin!

Overalls/Overall Dress
I understand this is a style that's coming back, but it still makes you look like a little kid unless worn correctly.

Graphic Dress
No one wants to read your dress. They want to look at the bride!
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  1. Ugh. My mother-in-law wore a white dress to my wedding. I was speechless.

  2. I went to a wedding where the groom's buddy was going through some sort of post-divorce crisis and was dating an 18 year old (he was mid 30s) and she wore the most revealing dress ever. It was so trashy!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! To ALL of these! I can't believe people actually think any of these would be appropriate to wear to a wedding. No thank you! :)


  4. Yes to all of these! Especially the white- that is so beyond rude. I had my step brothers girlfriend (who was in our family pictures) show up wearing white and it pissed me off.. of course they're already broken up!

  5. yes, no bueno to all of these!

  6. I've seen WAYYYY too many people wearing white to weddings lately and it kills me. I just don't understand. Cream and off white is a little too close for comfort, too. Just wear a color, people!

  7. I'm going to say sequins or glitter or anything that sparkles, unless you are say mother of the bride, or the flower girl, or some other attendant.

  8. NO WHITE!!! Seriously, I cannot handle when I see that at weddings. I get mad FOR the bride!!

  9. I really don't understand the overall trend right now...really? It's not cute!!

  10. Girlfriend I am giggling at this post! Why do people wear cream or white to weddings?! I just do not get it. Isn't that a total "NO!" So happy to be back blogging post wedding/honeymoon and had to stop by and say HEY GIRL!!! Xxxx.

  11. Dresses the same color as the wedding party -- not a fan! I usually stick to basic black or maybe navy at weddings.

  12. Oh boy, I need to share this on twitter to all of my guests hahaha