Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random Things + 2 Rants

Let's be honest... this post is going to be random. I'm warning you now.

First, I believe in spoiler alerts. They make me happy. Earlier this year when I saw Reality Steve posted that Andi would pick Josh M., I was so happy. That man is so foine. Can they please make babies already? #Seriously. At the same time though, I feel really bad for Nick. I personally like Nick, contrary to other women. Oh and who is gonna be the next Bachelor? Chris? I mean... a farmer would be kinda nice to watch.

Next on the agenda: husband and I's third anniversary is quickly approaching and we firmly believe in 'traditional' gifts (here). This year, the gift theme is leather. I pretty much already know what I am gonna get him, but he isn't sure what to get me. Maybe y'all can be sweet enough to leave suggestions so that he can read them! Hows about it?

Also notable, is the fact that summer school will be over on Thursday. Hip hip... hoorah. Momma needs a break. 

Lastly, I have had these two 'rants' saved as a draft on le blog for a while. It gave me some extra time to consider whether or not I should publish them. I hate all things negative, so I try to veer away from it when possible. However, I am not perfect... and sometimes I let silly ole things get under my skin. I am writing these rants so that hopefully (just hopefully) some people in this world can get the hint that they're not perfect either.
1. I'm not okay with passive-aggressive people. If I write about something personal (such as our trying to conceive journey), then please don't critique me on the words themselves; if anything, critique me for sharing "too much" online. Maybe things don't always come out exactly how I intended for them to, but who are you to judge? God knows my heart. Here's a quick example: I know someone who read this blog post (specifically the last paragraph), and then decided that instead of supporting me saying something like, "I'll pray for you", they blasted me on social media, claiming that my thought process was "wrong." Again, who are you to know my heart? 

2. In the same tone, I'm not okay with people who pretend that they are perfect Christians. Just because your relationship with God is one way, why on earth would you expect mine to be the same? I have a very special relationship with my savior. It's something that only He and I share. If I act differently than you would, or if I say things differently than you would, does that make me any less of a Christian? The correct answer is, "no." My prayer is that all "perfect Christians" out there will be humbled and realize that they are no better than me, or anyone else. And the good news is that God loves me (and you) equally.

Not gonna lie... I feel pretty great about getting that out. I don't think it was too harsh; just honest.

Lastly, and on a positive note, husband and I bought the most cool coffee maker ever. This is huge, considering him and I were previously addicted to going to Starbucks regularly. Yay for saving money!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Opposite Day

SIDE NOTE: Yesterday afternoon, I wrote a short update about our IVF process. Be sure to check it out if you're interested in staying up with the latest. (here)
It's opposite day, didn't you know? What I mean is that yesterday's blog post was essentially 5 things that I suck at, while today is 5 things that I rock at (hence, opposite day). I encourage each and every one of you to blog about a similar topic sometime. It is good to recap all of the positives about yourself! #ThinkHappyThoughts
I rock at... being accepting.
I don't care what you look like, where you come from, or how many cows you own (random)... if you've got a rockstar personality and a loving heart, you will be my friend. I have IRL friends from all walks of life, and that's what keeps things interesting in my book!

I rock at... being a wife.
Absolutely, above all else, becoming a wife is my greatest accomplishment to date. I like to use 'wife-ing' as an verb because I feel like it's something that I do; not just what I am. Deep thoughts y'all... deep thoughts.

I rock at... web design.
I am in no way, shape, or form an expert on web design, but I pride myself on always creating my own blog designs. It's something that I genuinely enjoy. Plus, it's neat knowing that Texas Mrs.' design is one of a kind.

I rock at... staying positive.
Keeping with the opposite theme, by now you know that Negative Nancy's are not okay with me. That is because I'm a Positive Polly. Or whatever you wanna call me. I tend to see the glass as half full, rather than half empty. And you should too.

I rock at... finding a good bargain.
It sickens when/if I ever have to pay full price for something. Luckily, that is rare. I tend to be a bargain shopper and only buy items that I "need" (aka want) that are on sale. TJ Maxx & Marshalls are my besties. And so is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. OMG y'all. Surriously. I snagged two KS earrings (gray & orange) for a steal of a deal recently.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bump In The Road

The only reason that I'm writing this post is to document my progress with IVF and also to inform y'all about the minor bump in the road that I learned today. At no point in time do I want y'all to get annoyed with my blogging about this topic. However, it's a very REAL and LARGE part of my life. I sincerely appreciate the support and lovin' that I get for each & every one of you. It does not go unnoticed. 

As you may recall from my post yesterday (here), I explained my excitement of seeing my fertility doctor for a trial-run embryo transfer. All went well ... until they found 2 cysts that my body felt like creating. Just lovely. I've been on birth control for over a month since learning we were not pregnant with IUI and I must remain on it for another 2-3 weeks. I pray that these upcoming weeks fly by. 

My next doctor appointment is on August 6th and that's when we follow up about the cysts. One of two things will happen:
1) The cysts will be suppressed on their own (due to birth control) and we can start IVF ...OR...
2) The cysts will still be noticeable, but most likely the doctor will 'drain' them so that we can start IVF.

Now that we have the fertility medications at our house (which cost us a boat load of money), the doctors want to make sure that the meds don't expire or anything like that.

What does this mean?

First, it means that I won't be starting my injectables tomorrow as originally planned. Second, it means that I don't have my updated IVF calendar outlining when the shots starts/when my egg retrieval is/when the embryo transfer is.

My patience has been tested over the past 2 years of our trying to create a Mini Skinner. I know I will be able to get by the next couple of weeks, but I can't do it on my own... so I am leaning on God.

No Thank You Very Much

Contrary to your belief in me (ha, yea right), I am absolutely not perfect at everything that I do. In fact, I am terrible at quite a few things. For your convenience, I have narrowed down to 5 things that I suck at.

1. Texting.
I dunno why, but lately I've really been a slacker when it comes to texting. I usually just glance at the preview of the message on my lock screen and then think to myself, "I'll write back in a minute." Then 5 hours goes by and I am suddenly nominated as the World's Worst Texter Ever.

2. Taking a compliment.
I often times think nice things in my head about someone's outfit, or their hair, or their makeup, or just their overall awesomeness... however, I rarely give compliments. Not only do I feel awkward when I give compliments, but I feel awkward when receiving them. I always feel like I have to justify myself. If someone says, "I love your dress," I tend to comeback with, "I got it at XYZ store and it was $20." Very matter of fact, thank you very much. I am sooo weird.

3. Dealing with Negative Nancy's.
Just stop it right now and take a chill pill, pa-lease. What could possibly be so wrong that you have to suck the life outta everyone else around you? Ain't nobody got time for that.

4. Consistently doing the dishes.
I have never claimed, "I rock at household chores!" Because that would be a lie. I happen to be really good at keeping up with the laundry and maintaining our carpet (vacuuming & deep cleaning), but other than that, no thank you very much. The dishes in the Skinner household consistently pile up beyond all logical reason. If only I had a child that could do the dishes for me. #kidding #imakemyselflaugh

5. Exercising. 
We've owned a treadmill ever since we built our house. I swore that I'd never become one of those people who use the treadmill as a prop... yet here I am to admit that I'm one of them. I mean... how lazy can someone (me) be??? I have a treadmill in the comfort of my own home, yet I barely even touch the thang. That changes soon. Unless I'm pregnant in the near future. In which case, I'll pass.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lovely, Ain't It?

This weekend was spent consuming adult beverages and watching a lot of TV/movies. Saturday alone, hubby and I spent hours on end watching 4 different movies: Nebraska, Son of God, The Purge, and Afflicted. It was great. Being lazy is my favorite.

Something not-so-lazy that I did this weekend was cook a mighty good breakfast for hubby and I on Saturday morning. I am not completely sure of the statistical data outlining the likelihood of getting two yolks in one egg, but it has never happened to me before. Until Saturday morning, that is. I'm just gonna pretend like twins are in my near future. 'Specially after dreaming about my spayed pup, Layla, having twins too.

This week has exciting things in store. For instance:
  • Tomorrow, I will be doing a trial embryo-transfer with my doctor. This is to ensure all the right equipment will fit inside me properly. Lovely, ain't it? I'm not excited about the actual procedure, but I'm excited about knowing I will (hopefully) become a mommy through the process.
  • Friday, we will be traveling to my hubby's hometown for this high school reunion over the weekend. I am hoping for a mini blate with Jessica while in the area!
In preparation for IVF medications and so forth, I plan to research success tips. If you have any that you've tried, please share! So far, here's what I've got:

1. Use only unscented body products
2. No perfume starting next week (wahh!)
3. Acupuncture within one day of the embryo transfer
4. Drink lots and lots o' water and cut my caffeine in half
5. Avoid heat in general
6. The pineapple trick
7. Eat monounsaturated fat foods such as avocados
Dear Lord, I pray for favor and blessings concerning this desire in my heart. Nothing is impossible with You and I am confident in your promise to me.

Friday, July 18, 2014

One And Done

Can we talk about the fact that I had these beauties (below) in my online Nordstrom cart this morning, went to get my debit card, and out of nowhere were magically sold out. What the hail. Doesn't everyone buying them know that blue is my favorite color? How dare they steal those away from me. Okay, rant over. I'm being a BRAT. :-)
I decided to spend $6 more on these gray beauties. Plus, they're the larger version of the blue kind... so I am happy camper. Thanks to Katie for blogging about the sale, or else I would've never even known! Katie, my wallet hates you. But I love you!

In other news, our fertility medication arrives today. Hip hip, hoorah! Then, starting on Wednesday, I will be shooting myself up with hormones (rather - my husband will inject me!) multiple times per day in the hopes that my body will create a ton of eggs. Pray for me to be extra fertile, would ya? 

Lastly, two things: 1) I am dressed like a mom today. Something about my haircut and retro-style dress. 2) I had a dream that my littlest baby (Layla Macy) had two little babies herself. It was odd. But maybe I was vicariously living through her. Am I gonna have two babies??? Yes please. One and done. Two for the price of one. Hoorah.

Happy Friday!

SCRIPTURE: 1 Corinthians 1:25 - "For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength."

OBSERVATION: In verse 25, we clearly see how strong God is! Also, earlier in the chapter, verse 19, we see even more proof of God's abilities: "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate."

APPLICATION: Even when life is going good, there's no such thing as perfection except as it relates to God. Our strongest times is equivalent to God's weakest times; he is very capable of more than we can even imagine. We cannot compare to his power!

PRAYER: Lord, I pray that others will be able to see you in me. I pray that I can shine your glory and others will see how powerful and perfect you truly are. I pray that those who are intelligent fall to their knees and surrender their knowledge just to know you. Amen.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


You may not know it (since I recently hacked all my hair off), but I am obsessed with long hair. My hair is really thick and coarse at the top, but it gets thin and fine toward the bottom. Really odd, to tell ya the truth. To overcome this obstacle, I do what any long-hair-obsessed lady would do: I wear extensions. Le duh. Here are just a few pictures of me in extensions:
I recently learned about Wigsbuy and thought to myself, "YUP... I am gonna need some new extensions soon." The company offers so many different styles, but my favorites include:

18" Wavy

22" Wavy

20" Straight
Another thing that I really like about their site is that they offer a "how-to" on taking care of the hair. This is so important because if you take care of your extensions, they will last you FOREVER. In my opinion, it's completely worth the investment!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little "I Confess" Sesh

I confess... that I am feeling like I "need" a new pair of Kendra Scott earrings. (hint hint to le hubby)
I confess... that I am slightly obsessed with the ladies in my church small group. Is that weird? Or cool. I vote cool.

I confess... that I've been a little hormonal lately. But you should expect more where that came from because this lady (points to self) is about to get shot up with lots and lots of medications for IVF.

I confess... that I have a major case of senoritis and I don't even really want to finish my master's degree even though I am graduating in the fall. I am so over school.
I confess... that I've got an itching to host a one-day link up! Anyone wanna collaborate ideas?

I confess... that I find myself enjoying the song "Rude" by Magic, which totally is throwing me off. I am not typically drawn to music like that, but it's a goodie.

I confess... that I kinda-sorta live for the weekends. Husband and I always manage to have a grand ole time together. 

I confess... that we ran out of toilet paper last night at home, so we had to use paper towels. Ha. I guess it's pretty clear that we desperately need to go to the grocery store.

I confess... that I'm proud of myself for finally updating all of my blog links (above!).

I confess... that I hate voicemails. With a passion. Work phone voicemails... cell phone voicemails... home phone voicemails... I hate em all. 

There, I said it! Now don't you feel so inclined to fess up to something? I wanna hear from you! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our TTC Timeline

Disclaimer: From the get go, I tracked my ovulation with an OPK. Those who know me in real life understand how much of a control freak I am. This definitely played into the speed at which we took next steps. Everyone is on a different journey, so please don’t compare my process to yours.

October 2011: Got married! Decided to wait one year until we'd officially start trying. We had huge desires to consume ourselves with one another and focus on our marriage covenant

October 2012: Pre-screened by OBGYN to ensure I was immune to Rubella (German Measles). I am immune, so no worries there. Officially ready to start TTC. Bring on the baby dancing. 
November 2012: Got off birth control. Hallelujah!

February 2013: Started seeing a fertility doctor & got my first HSG Dye Test to determine whether or not my Fallopian Tubes were open. Both were perfectly open.
May 2013: First round of Clomid (50mg) produced two eggs; one on each side. My progesterone was a level 35.
June 2013: Second round of Clomid (50mg) produced three eggs; all on my right side.
July 2013: Third round of Clomid (50mg) started, but wasn’t completed since I formed 3 cysts the month prior.
August 2013: Started birth control to help reduce the cysts.
September 2013: Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, and HSG Dye Test performed. Read about the results here. During this time at the doctor, we were officially diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility. 
October 2013: Celebrated two years of marriage and decided we would try to get pregnant on our own since the minor case of Endometriosis was removed and the HSG Dye test is said to increase fertility. 

April 2014: Started seeing my fertility doctor again in hopes that we could talk about other options.
June 2014: First round of IUI with Clomid (100mg), Bravelle (two vials), and Ovidrel (1 injection) and produced three eggs with a progesterone level of 41.8. Unfortunately we did not get pregnant.
July 22, 2014: Ultrasound showed that I developed 2 cysts from my recent IUI medications. IVF has been pushed back two weeks. Instead of starting medications on July 23rd, I have to wait a little longer. 
August 6, 2014: Ultrasound showed that all cysts are gone. Now I just wait until my IVF calendar is drafted so I can start medications. 
August 27: Start IVF injections (Lupron)
September 3: First day of stimulation medications (Bravelle)
September 16: Final day of Lupron & Bravelle. Also do a 'trigger shot' (Novarel) and start antibiotics. 
September 18: Egg Retrival day. Doctors got 25 eggies!
September 23: 5-day Embryo Transfer! We transferred two babies: one 4AA and one 3BA.
October 3: 10 days past our 5 day transfer, and I got three positive at-home pregnancy tests! I'M PREGNANT!
October 6: Decided to take two more pregnancy tests just to make sure I was still pregnant! Turns out, I am very much pregnant.
October 7: Doctors confirmed through a blood test that I'm pregnant. My hCG level was 718, and they want to see it above 100, so we are looking good. Praise God! I will be getting a call very soon to schedule my 8-week ultrasound to see how many babies there are and to hear their heartbeats.
October 12: Just because I enjoy seeing a positive pregnancy test, I took another one. This time, the line that reads the hCG level in my body was way darker than the 'test' line! Thank goodness! Still preggo!
October 16: I decided to take another hCG blood test at my doctor's office and the results were at 13,208! Yay... my baby/babies are growing!!!!
October 29: Doctors confirm one very healthy baby!!!

Here's a little tid bit for those who don't know terminology of trying to get pregnant:
AF - Aunt Flow
BC - Birth Control
BD - Baby Dance
BFN - Big Fat Negative
BFP - Big Fat Positive
CD - Cycle Day
CM - Cervical Mucous
DH - Dear Husband
DPO - Days Post-Ovulation
DPR - Days Post-Retrieval
DPT - Days Post-Transfer
DP3DT - Days Post 3 Day Transfer
DP5DT- Days Post 5 Day Transfer
ER - Egg Retrieval
ET - Egg Transfer
FET - Frozen Egg Transfer
FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormone
HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
HSG - Hysteroscopy
IUI - Intra Unterine Insemination
IVF - In Vitro Fertilization
OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kit
SA - Semen Analysis
TTC - Trying to Conceive
US - Ultrasound

I Don't Need Any Proof

Have I ever told you that blue is my favorite color? Well, it is. Speaking of, I love this newbie dress.
Dress: Blue Avenue
Earrings: Necklace/earring set from Giddy Up Glamour

I also love these goodies that I found via Polyvore. Can I have them all???
SCRIPTURE: John 6:30 So they asked him, 'What miraculous sign then will you give that we may see it and believe you? What will you do?'

OBSERVATION: The people wanted to see more; they wanted to see "proof."

APPLICATION: Sometimes I selfishly want to see God do miracles in my life. It's not a matter of believing or not believing in Him, because I 100% know that he's my savior. However, even though I know all that He is capable of, I sometimes find myself asking those very questions about the not-so-fun seasons in my life: "What will you do?"

PRAYER: Dear Lord, I pray that you will help me find an ease in your plan for me. I pray that I will not be anxious about this season of my life, but rather accept it and know that you are more than capable of any and all miracles that I need. You are enough and I don't need any "proof."

Monday, July 14, 2014

Here Lately

Here lately, I've been...

Watching: Naked and Afraid
I've got my hubby to thank for my addiction to that show.
All I do is sit around and watch it. Constantly.

Over-doing: My caffeine intake. 
I feel supremely guilty about it, but I have been relaying on coffee too much lately.
Some of y'all may remember that I gave up caffeine about 1.5 years ago.
Well, I'm back on it. Shucks.
Once I start growing a baby (or multiple babies) inside me, I will lay off again!

Enjoying the sun: With my new shades!
Firmoo is where it's at, y'all! How adorbz are these sunnies?
My shopping experience with them has been easy and fast!
Not to mention, the quality of the sunglasses themselves is very sturdy.
I kid you not when I say that I've been wearing these
to the waterpark on repeat. Husband said I look 'dapper' in them.
By the way, you have to check out their program called First Pair Free.
More details here.
Listening to: Bartender by Lady A
I just can't get enough. *shaking fist*

Finding it hard to believe: That we're about to celebrate 3 years of marriage.
We just booked our photographer for our annual anni shoot.

Smells like Fall, but I don't care.

Obsessing over: These pretties from Pretty Pants Bouqitue.
I just love them so much and the owner, Kim, is the sweetest on planet Earth.
I pretty much want every.single.item from her online store.
Use the code "TXMRS15" for 15% off!
Drinking: Deep Eddy Vodka
IVF starts soon, therefore I am drinking up while I can.
So sue me.

Wishing: That summa school was over.
But all in due time. I am trying to be patient.

Planning: My bestie's baby shower.
August 2nd will be here before we know it, and there's still so much to do!
I am just so essited to meet baby Karissa! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fertility Update AND Beauty Favorites: Mascara

Before we get into the probably-boring-to-you topic of makin' babies (pronounced beh-behs), we should probably talk about makeup. Per usual with my "beauty favorites", I like to the highlight products that make me smile and that I think are worth your hard earned money. Prime example: these mascaras are where it's at...
L'Oreal Miss Manga ($7.99) - I love the flexibility of the wand and the way that it "perfectly clumps" my lashes together. It does it in a good way - not a scary way! Also, it's a dupe for the Too Faced mascara (below).

Too Faced Better Than Sex ($23) - I am head-over-heels for the brush tip of this wand! If I had to pick an absolute favorite mascara in all the land, this would be my winner. It gives my lashes so much volume!

Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes ($23) - The brush head of this mascara will separate each and every.single.lash on your eyes! I just love that. On the daily, I use this mascara first, and then I top it with one of the other two mascaras. Voila! Perfection.

As if this blog post isn't already amazing enough, I bring you good news. I'm not pregnant yet, but we are getting closer (hopefully). I finally got my IVF calendar, which basically means that we are at the point of starting the process. Here's a little breakdown:
  • Starting on July 23rd, I will begin taking fertility medication. Not sure when I will stop taking meds, but it will be daily for several days or weeks.  
  • However, I will stop taking birth control on July 26th... Thank goodness.
  • Our egg retrieval day is expected to be on August 14th if all goes according to plan.
  • August 19th is the estimated date for our embryo transfer (eek!).
We have already gotten the money situation squared away. It's scary to even think about how much money this will cost us, but we are pursuing a dream of ours, and sometimes dreams cost money! Plus, as one of my girlfriends put it, once you have kids, you'll always be poor since they cost so much money - why not start now??? Haha!
Peace and blessings y'all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Life Through Memes

When I receive a package in the mail:
When I feel fine after a night of drinking:
When I realize that the DVR can't hold all of my recorded episodes of Snapped:
When my husband wonders who ate the last cookie:
When something that I'm lusting over goes on sale:
When I get a compliment:
When I want to stay up late and watch TV, but I just can't:
When I taste something that is unexpectedly good.
When I realize that there's no more Topo Chico in the fridge: