Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little "I Confess" Sesh

I confess... that I am feeling like I "need" a new pair of Kendra Scott earrings. (hint hint to le hubby)
I confess... that I am slightly obsessed with the ladies in my church small group. Is that weird? Or cool. I vote cool.

I confess... that I've been a little hormonal lately. But you should expect more where that came from because this lady (points to self) is about to get shot up with lots and lots of medications for IVF.

I confess... that I have a major case of senoritis and I don't even really want to finish my master's degree even though I am graduating in the fall. I am so over school.
I confess... that I've got an itching to host a one-day link up! Anyone wanna collaborate ideas?

I confess... that I find myself enjoying the song "Rude" by Magic, which totally is throwing me off. I am not typically drawn to music like that, but it's a goodie.

I confess... that I kinda-sorta live for the weekends. Husband and I always manage to have a grand ole time together. 

I confess... that we ran out of toilet paper last night at home, so we had to use paper towels. Ha. I guess it's pretty clear that we desperately need to go to the grocery store.

I confess... that I'm proud of myself for finally updating all of my blog links (above!).

I confess... that I hate voicemails. With a passion. Work phone voicemails... cell phone voicemails... home phone voicemails... I hate em all. 

There, I said it! Now don't you feel so inclined to fess up to something? I wanna hear from you! 


  1. I'm liking that song too, weird for me as well! And yes, I believe there is just no need for voicemails. I will see you called and I will call you back, I hate wasting time listening to a voicemail that says "hey, call me back when you can" haha.

  2. I totally love that song, and it's so weird that I like it because it's just a weird song.

    I literally laughed out loud at the toilet paper debacle.

    We live for the weekends, too. It's so much fun to focus on people you truly love, and the weekend is the perfect time for that!

    1. Oh! And I'm totally up for a link up collab, or even just participating in it. ;)

  3. Hold everything here! You still have a home phone?? Just kidding, but I don't really know that many people that still have them :)
    We live for the weekends too because we love our time together.

  4. I straight up dread work voice mails! But, it's part of the job I guess. Also, praying you're able to focus through until graduation - it's SO CLOSE! Such an accomplishment :). God's just waiting for you to be done with that stress and anxiety before adding a mini me to the mix for you to care after ;).

    And, I'd love to co-host a one-day linkup! Did you have anything specific in mind yet?


  5. Those earrings are fabulous!!!! I vote super duper cool for your small group ladies.

    I'm totally in for hosting a linkup...

  6. Caleb and I totally need to go to the grocery store -- especially after being away on vacation last night, we have like NOTHING in the apartment. Girlfriend, you need those earrings in your life ;)

  7. I wish people would just text and not call. I will answer a text immediately. I am not 100% sure, but I *think* I may be getting KS earrings for my bday!! I saw a package arrive in the mail from Austin that seemed to be the right size!!

  8. I feel you on the voicemails sister. I have just returned 5 calls in a row that I've been putting off. I hate it. Hate that stupid voicemail light on my work phone (and seriously, I almost just typed FONE. What the what?!). As for the t.p....I need to go to the store soon too because we have one roll left. We might be wiping our hineys with some Viva if I don't get on the ball! (I've totally had to use a napkin or paper towel in my life. It happens)

  9. I'm usually pretty controlled about my shopping but right now I'm seriously having the urge to just BUY BUY BUY! Where's Sallie when I need her?! ;)

  10. The new GlamRocks line came out today! Perfect excuse for some new Kendra in your life. :)

  11. Love the earrings and I'm in for a link up with you and P!nky... sending prayers, and maybe wine? xoxo

  12. Always more Kendra Scott earrings! And I'll join the linkup -- whatever it is! :)

  13. A) I hate voice mail!!!!!! B) I think being obsessed with your church gals is cool and not at all psycho