Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beauty Favorites: Facial Masks

Hopefully through all my full-coverage make up that I wear on the daily, it would be difficult for you to tell that I have outrageously terrible skin.  I sure hope you can't tell anyway!  One thing that tends to help my skin personally is using facial masks.  I go through phases of using them about 3 times per week, to barely even touching them.  Regardless, I have three favorites that I wanted to share with you today!
More than anything, I feel like this facial mask evens out my skin tone.  I don't see any fading of acne scars or other skin discolorations like the product claims, but I do see an overall evening of the skin tone which I am a fan of.

I really like the chunks within this mask because it really makes my face feel like it's getting a good, deep cleaning.  Sometimes I will even use this product as a spot treatment and sleep with it on overnight.  I wish I could use it more often, but it costs an arm & a leg, so I use it very sparingly. 

This mask tightens my skin like none other that I've tried before.  I love that it's a peel off mask, which is different as compared to the other two mentioned.  When applying, I suggest putting on a very opaque layer so that it hurts a little less when peeling off.

I love trying out new facial masks, or even DIY at-home concoctions.  What do y'all use? Is there one that you live and breathe by? Can't wait to hear all about them!


  1. Ohhh I love masks (and I have terrible skin, too). I want to try the glamglow but I just can't pull the trigger just yet.

    Once a week I do the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel (I do it on Sunday night) and it has made the biggest difference in my skin! Before I do the mask, my skin looks kind of dull, and afterwards it's like I have a bright new face. I love it! It's worth a try if you like that kind of thing... although it's expensive, too(about $70), but using it once a week it lasts me at least 6 months.

  2. I'm on the hunt for a good mask myself! I've been wanting to try the glam glow too, but it's so pricey!

  3. I love the Boscia mask. I have been wanting to try the glam glow masks, but they are so expensive! Maybe I will splurge one day!

  4. Obsessed with GlamGlow but the price tag definitely hurts! I'll have to try the Mario Badescu one - I love his products but have never tried the masks. And I really haven't been able to tell that you don't have the best skin so what you are doing is totally working!