Monday, July 14, 2014

Here Lately

Here lately, I've been...

Watching: Naked and Afraid
I've got my hubby to thank for my addiction to that show.
All I do is sit around and watch it. Constantly.

Over-doing: My caffeine intake. 
I feel supremely guilty about it, but I have been relaying on coffee too much lately.
Some of y'all may remember that I gave up caffeine about 1.5 years ago.
Well, I'm back on it. Shucks.
Once I start growing a baby (or multiple babies) inside me, I will lay off again!

Enjoying the sun: With my new shades!
Firmoo is where it's at, y'all! How adorbz are these sunnies?
My shopping experience with them has been easy and fast!
Not to mention, the quality of the sunglasses themselves is very sturdy.
I kid you not when I say that I've been wearing these
to the waterpark on repeat. Husband said I look 'dapper' in them.
By the way, you have to check out their program called First Pair Free.
More details here.
Listening to: Bartender by Lady A
I just can't get enough. *shaking fist*

Finding it hard to believe: That we're about to celebrate 3 years of marriage.
We just booked our photographer for our annual anni shoot.

Smells like Fall, but I don't care.

Obsessing over: These pretties from Pretty Pants Bouqitue.
I just love them so much and the owner, Kim, is the sweetest on planet Earth.
I pretty much want every.single.item from her online store.
Use the code "TXMRS15" for 15% off!
Drinking: Deep Eddy Vodka
IVF starts soon, therefore I am drinking up while I can.
So sue me.

Wishing: That summa school was over.
But all in due time. I am trying to be patient.

Planning: My bestie's baby shower.
August 2nd will be here before we know it, and there's still so much to do!
I am just so essited to meet baby Karissa! 


  1. Hey lady, i love those shades, you look super fabulous for sure :)!

  2. Cut back on the caffeine by making your coffee half-cut (half decaf half regular). I promise you won't notice much of a difference and it will help you not get "hooked" back on caffeine. I have basically stopped drinking coffee since getting pregnant, but when I do have it, that's how I take it! The pretty pants boutique has some bracelets I like..they are Bourbon and Boweties lookalikes! :)
    Also! I saw you comment on someone else's blog that your comments lately have been eaten by Blogger, basically. Mine too! I've had to copy and paste before I try to "publish" the comment.

  3. POLKA DOTS!! Where did you get that adorable shirt?!

    Naked and Afraid! Ah! That show is insane. I can't believe those people are for real.

    Those shades are quite, "dapper". ;)

  4. Pretty sunnies and necklace!!

  5. Super cute outfit!! I am loving your hair cut!! I have a few thoughts of chopping mine off but I'm not too sure just yet. I have regrets every time I do that haha.

  6. Those shades looks perfect on you! I got them in black :) And YES Bartender is my jam right now!

  7. I love the deep eddys vodka. Have you tried the grapefruit? it's fantastic!

  8. I have the same wish - that summer school be over. I hate the fast pace!! I am also loving the Lady A Bartender song, it's so fun!! This is the time of year I start thinking about Fall wants, so that candle sounds nice.

  9. So much fun in your life :) Cute clothes, baby showers, yummy candles--- I LOVE leaves, it's one of my all time faves! Those sunglasses are adorable too!

  10. dont worry i still drank one cup of coffee a day while pregnant and he turned out pretty ok :-) i just couldn't cut out coffee completely it was hard enough not having sushi

  11. Love those sunglasses -- and your entire outfit! B&BW Leaves is one of my favorite scents... I don't want to wish summer away but I still can't wait for fall :)

  12. Ok. Ok. I'll see your "Naked and Afraid" and raise you a "Dating Naked". O.o For real.

  13. I've been watching naked and afraid too! I ended up giving up caffeine a month before my IVF cycle started, it was hard, but I just drink decaf, at least the taste is the same! When does your cycle start?

  14. ok your the last person to tell me naked and afraid is addicting bc now I am going to have to check it out!!!

  15. Love the Deep Eddy and we live like 2 minutes from their new distillery!! lol

  16. Deep Eddy Cranberry is my favorite. Sweet tea is pretty good, too!