Monday, July 21, 2014

Lovely, Ain't It?

This weekend was spent consuming adult beverages and watching a lot of TV/movies. Saturday alone, hubby and I spent hours on end watching 4 different movies: Nebraska, Son of God, The Purge, and Afflicted. It was great. Being lazy is my favorite.

Something not-so-lazy that I did this weekend was cook a mighty good breakfast for hubby and I on Saturday morning. I am not completely sure of the statistical data outlining the likelihood of getting two yolks in one egg, but it has never happened to me before. Until Saturday morning, that is. I'm just gonna pretend like twins are in my near future. 'Specially after dreaming about my spayed pup, Layla, having twins too.

This week has exciting things in store. For instance:
  • Tomorrow, I will be doing a trial embryo-transfer with my doctor. This is to ensure all the right equipment will fit inside me properly. Lovely, ain't it? I'm not excited about the actual procedure, but I'm excited about knowing I will (hopefully) become a mommy through the process.
  • Friday, we will be traveling to my hubby's hometown for this high school reunion over the weekend. I am hoping for a mini blate with Jessica while in the area!
In preparation for IVF medications and so forth, I plan to research success tips. If you have any that you've tried, please share! So far, here's what I've got:

1. Use only unscented body products
2. No perfume starting next week (wahh!)
3. Acupuncture within one day of the embryo transfer
4. Drink lots and lots o' water and cut my caffeine in half
5. Avoid heat in general
6. The pineapple trick
7. Eat monounsaturated fat foods such as avocados
Dear Lord, I pray for favor and blessings concerning this desire in my heart. Nothing is impossible with You and I am confident in your promise to me.


  1. How exciting! Good luck girl. I know you want this in an incredible way. It'll happen. Sending lots of baby dust your way.

    Freaking about the twin thing... I think it's a sign. ;)

  2. I'm praying that prayer with you, for you sweet girl. Relaxing weekends are the best!

  3. The twin thing is DEFINITELY a sign! Sending lots of prayers your way :)

  4. GOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for you....come on twins!!! :)

  5. Lazy weekends are the best aren't they? Fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

  6. We are all praying right along with you girl!!!!! :)

  7. Be sure to start drinking electrolytes, either SmartWater or something similar, and Gatorade type drinks. This will help prevent OHSS. I drank them the whole time I was stimming and I'm still drinking it now 7dp5dt. Also the day of your actual retrieval you want to make sure to eat foods high in protein and sodium to help dispurse the water throughout your entire body rather than just concentrated to your ovaries. This will also help prevent OHSS! Best of luck with your mock!

    Btw... How was The Purge?

    1. The day of retrieval and the days following, high protien high sodium!!

  8. Your list looks good! I ate a whole pineapple over 5 days during our 2 week wait! :) Can't wait to hear how the mock transfer goes! :)

  9. I had never heard of the pineapple thing but you better believe I would have tried it. I love pineapple! :P
    Many prayers!

  10. #1 and #2! Yes! I've heard that...mostly from Caroline at In Due Time. She's researched the heck out of that stuff. Plus baby or no baby, "fragrance" is just bad for you...they are toxins. Praying for you, Allison!

  11. Praying!! Wishing you the best with the whole process. You are already a great mama by preparing so well for a little one to come!!