Monday, July 7, 2014

The Fourth + I Got A Hair Cut

It's been a long-time goal of mine to host a Fourth of July party. And that's exactly what I did this weekend. It was supreme. Here is a little sneak peak. Just know that it was awesome and made me smile really big.
Our entry way.
Photo booth area.
Table with drinks and snacks.
Living room view + photo booth (red backdrop)
A little decor.
We had way more sweets, but I snapped this picture early.
More decorations.
Lone Star: The beer of Texas.
My honeybees.
American Beauty.
I seriously love that yard game.
Two peas in a pod.
You guessed it - my BFF.
Soccer mom status.
Cutie family!
Love them!
The Ross'.
My sweet sweet family, whom I am obsessed with!
This man <3
I had a great time hanging out with friends and family. The only downfall? I got a speeding ticket. Darn those po-po's. Fact: I was speeding, so I definitely deserved it. However, I was not purposefully speeding. I honest-to-goodness didn't even realize that I was. I had dropped some Fourth of July themed cookies off at my hubby's work on Wednesday. As I was on my way back home, I was apparently in a construction zone going 20 mph over the limit. My bad. I don't wanna talk about it.

In other news, I was rocking my girlfriend's clothes all weekend because she recently bought the cutest things ever. The 4th of July top that I wore is hers and I also wore this pretty pink number this weekend too:
Mother & father-in-law, Husband, Yours Truly
It says "Y'all" on it and I'm pretty sure I need to buy it stat. You can get one here

OH YEA, BY THE WAY... for those who don't already follow me on Instagram, yes, I cut my hair. Really short. I am loving it entirely too much. It's so me. Or rather, it's the sassy me. Because truth be told, I envy girls with long, luxurious hair. But sometimes I just feel like mixing things up a little. Hubby likey. That's all that matters, right?


  1. I love your new hair cut!! I wish I could do something like that but, my hair is entirely too thick... I would look like a bil 'ol poof ball! Looks like y'all had a ton of fun at your party!

  2. Your party looks like it turned out so well! We love ladder golf!!!

    Also, you look so sassy with your new hair! I've been trying to decide what to do with mine. I've been trying to grow it out so long, I feel like now that it IS long that I need to keep it long, but I secretly want a short sassy do.... Time will tell. :)

  3. Love love love the haircut. Makes me want to chop mine off again! And where did you get the dresses for your pups? Sophie and Chloe need them!

  4. Super cute hair cut!! Your decorations are just adorable :)

  5. LOVE your hair cut!!!! Those decorations are adorable! Glad y'all had such a great time :)

  6. Your party was adorable!! Great job, miss!

  7. Hubby likey, LOL! :) I love everything about this post. Texas has to be the perfect place/state/spot for any 4th party! Next year can I come to your house? :) The photobooth looks like it went really well!!

  8. Your hair looks great, and your party looks perfect, so way to go! I'm glad you had a good weekend! :)

  9. Girl, you did the 4th big! Wish I was all up in that photo booth with you! ;) So glad you had just a great weekend for your favy holiday...and you already know how obsessed I am with your hair....I can't tell you enough how fabulous this cut looks on you!!!! <3

  10. I love the haircut. I was actually thinking of a similar cut myself and now I'm sure about it!

  11. Love your haircut!! Sometimes a good sassy cut is the best!! Looks like a great weekend too! Where did you get your teal/aqua necklace (in the pic w/ your in-laws)?!

  12. WOW! You went all out for the party! You did an amazing job, Allison! Very very cute! And I said this on Instagram...but holy cow! Your hair looks amazing. Seriously you wear that short cut SO well. You look beautiful! And love the Y'ALL shirt. I need one too :)

  13. Looked like a blast! I am so bad at parties! HAHA And your hair is perfect!

  14. Love your hair!!! Super cute! I enjoyed some Lone Star myself over the weekend!! Woo Hoo TX!

  15. Your hair looks FABULOUS!! I'm about to chop mine and your cut just made me even more excited ;) Your party was so so cute, please put me on the invite list for next year ;)

  16. What a fun and adorable party girl! And your hair, I LOVE it!

  17. I had no doubt you would have a fabulous 4th of July party. You did not disappoint. hehe I love, love, love your haircut. Short hair definitely makes me feel extra sassy.

  18. I'm totally jealous that I didn't get to come to your party!! Love all of your decorations and stuff!

  19. Everything about the party looks amazing! Love the photo booth idea -- those are always so much fun. And your hair!! Still obsessed, it just "fits" you if that makes sense!

  20. This 4th of July party is amazing!!! All the details are exceptional and that photo booth is too much fun!! Awesome job

  21. You had the PERFECT party and I LOVE your hair!! It's so cute!

  22. That party looks PERFECT!! And your hair is awesome. Love it!!