Friday, August 29, 2014

A New Form of Red, White, and Blue

When you hear the name Allison, you should immediately think "red, white, and blue." But really, I bought this shirt on sale (per usual with my savvy self), but haven't had a spare moment to wear it. In a way, it looks kinda manly, but I'm pretty sure if I rocked it with some white skinnies and heels, it would looks very womanly. 
I'm on day 4 of the 30 day fashion challenge

Speaking of red, white, and blue things... the colors are playing a current role in my life. Here's a prime example, displaying all three colors:
Red = Day 2 injection [Lupron]
White = My white @$$ skin
Blue = My lovely bruise from day 1 injection [Lupron]

My girlfriend from work made a good point today that I definitely need to share with y'all. She said that you know when you've transitioned from a youngster to an adult by singing "shots" by LMFAO. Back in college, everyone would yell, "shot!" whenever they wanted to take a shot of alcohol. Now, I yell at my husband when my phone alarm goes off and say, "shot!" 'Cept this time, I'm meaning a shot o' medication. 
Don't mind me; I'm just over here jamming out. Haller to my TTC sisters.

I've quickly come to realize that this here blog of mine is really just a place for me to ramble. So for that, I apologize. But we should all be able to agree on one thing around these parts of the world wide web: IT'S FRIDAY and a THREE DAY WEEKEND.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fashionably Challenged

I remember the very first time I had ever heard of Kendra Scott. It was in 2012. When I complimented one of my coworkers' pretty earrings, she replied with, "Thanks! They're Kendra Scott!" That meant nothing to me since I had never heard of this designer before. Eventually, I met my Blogger BFF Ashley and she made me realize how amazefest KS earrings were. Now I am obsessed to say the least.

This past weekend, I told my husband that I "needed" to use my 15% off coupon; that I "needed" a new pair of earrings. Lo and behold he agreed to take me! When we got there, I narrowed it down between the cobalt blue and this fine red color (below). I gave him the final choice, therefore this -in my book- is a gift from husband. And clearly I'm on day 3 of this 30 day fashion challenge
Anyways, speaking of fashion, which I generally have no sense of, I am lurving these outfits that I created. Sometimes it's fun to pretend that the internet is my closet. I mix and match outfits that would be awesome to own, but then when I go to my own closer, I'm like "wahh..."
Let's be honest for half a second. All those earrings are Kendra Scott. I told you that I'm a fan! Anyways, all the sources of clothing can be found here on my Polyvore page. Have fun creating fun and beautiful outfits, my favorite doodlebugs. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Excited + Proud = How I Am Feeling

Give me liberty Texas or give me death. No but really... if it has "Texas" written anywhere on or about it, I want it. Therefore, when I saw this tank on Groopdealz (sold by Caralase) for a steal of a deal - $8 - I knew I needed it in my life. It has quickly become my favie o' mine. I can't find the exact one online, but here's a similar one! P.S. if you're wondering why I am writing about a random shirt of mine, just read here. It'll explain everything. 
I paired it with a black pair of skinnies and my husband told me that I looked like a rocker chick. 
On a serious note, can we talk about a few things. 

1) OMGIAMSOEXCITED. Today is day one of my injections for IVF. Praise the Lord! I am praying for mature and healthy eggs, that will soon turn into embryos, which will eventually lead to my little baby!!!!!

2) I had a proud moment yesterday when my business cards arrived in the mail. Want one? I'll mail you one. Just gimme your address! I have 100, so there's plenty to go around. Plus, don't you love how the card design matches 100% perfectly with my web design? Yep - I feel pretty proud of myself!
3) I am obsessed with "American Kids" by Kenny Chesney. Just listen & enjoy.
Today I'm linking up with Shanna!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Challenge Accepted

Pinterest seriously makes me happy. I find so many amazefest things on there. In fact, I found one so fascinating that I decided to tell y'all about it, and even start the challenge right about now. I also think y'all should take the challenge too. Take a lookie:
You know where I'll be for the next 30 days, ain't that right? Might as well get to gettin. Welcome to my closet. Oh, and you should know that I did NOT tidy up before snapping these photos. Shame on me! 
The initial view when looking into my closet
The left side of my closet + shoe rack
The right side of my closet + jewelry box (more on that day 20)
There's an organization behind everything but I'll spare you.
He golfs... I shop. Truth.
So there you have it. 

Considering my husband and I are currently childless (but not for much longer te-he-he), we do not share closets. I get the master closet all to my self. He gets the office closet, and our guest bedroom closet is full of 4th of July decor. Typical. Now, I vote that you jump on this bandwagon and do this challenge with me. It'll be fun ... she said!

Monday, August 25, 2014

August Ipsy Bag

I would have survived just fine back in the day before all sorts of technology came about. I guess I think that way because I REALLY LIKE SNAIL MAIL. It makes me extremely happy. Except snail mail bills. Those could stop existing and I'd be okay with that. Speaking of... my August Ipsy bag did not disappoint this month, and there's one specific product that I am officially in lust with.

Real quick though, if you don't know what Ipsy is, it's a monthly subscription (just like a magazine) but it's ONLY beauty products. Hip hip hoorah. I love this for two reasons:

1) I get to try new brands and products that I may not have otherwise
2) The Value, which you'll see in just a moment below
and a third point for good measure...
3) I really like receiving packages in the mail
Spoiler alert - this is my new favorite beauty product that ever existed. Have you tried Benefit's Porefessional? Or heck... any other 'pore refiner' for that matter? All others don't even compare to this one. I am forever a believer in this brand, and will absolutely be repurchasing. I have rather large pores on my nose area and when I used this stuff for the first time (and ever since), it has decreased the size of my pores tremendously! #ImAFan
Ipsy size/value: .25 oz. & $11.25
Retail size/value: 1 oz. & $45
This black eyeliner pencil was seriously miniature and just okay. I don't have any pros or cons to write about. However, if you've used this brand/this pencil before, how did you feel about it? Did you like it?
Ipsy size/value: .02 oz. & $2.14
Retail size/value: 1.4 oz. & $15
Literally the week before my Ipsy bag arrived, I got a full size of this mascara for free from Ulta (score!), but I didn't want to open it just yet since I currently have a ton of opened mascaras. I was super happy when this travel size mascara arrived. I will say this: I really like it a lot! Lately I've been really into thick and clumpy mascara, which is super weird, but I like it. And this sorta reminds me of those two things. But in a good way!
Ipsy size/value: .1 oz. & $5.50
Retail size/value: .4 oz. & $22
I am always up for trying a new lip balm so I was really excited to try it out. There's nothing remarkable about it, but I still plan to use every drop of it. Is there even such thing as too much lip balm??? I got the green apple kind, and it's currently stored in my bathroom drawer for after the shower.
Ipsy size/value: 12 g (full size) & $2.99
Retail size/value: 12 g (full size) & $2.99
Can you say 'pigmentation'? That is exactly what this blush is! I've used both colors quite a few times, and I especially like the peachy color (on the left) since I don't have anything like it. 
Ipsy size/value: .09 oz. & $2.04
Retail size/value: .35 oz & $7.95
Here's the deal: my bank account automatically takes out $10 a month from my account and then sends me awesome products once per month. My favorite part? More times than not, there are name brand products that I want to test out anyways! If you're interested, you can sign up here. Best.decision.ever. Another cool thing? As you can tell from above, I received $23.92 worth of beauty products, all for $10 flat. I am so excited just thinking about it and had to share the good news!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What I Look For In A Blog

Hate to admit it, but I have been known to judge a blog by it's cover. By cover, I actually mean: 1) the blog design, 2) the name of the blog, and 3) the organization of everything. I know that there are good quality blogs worth reading, with a not-so-pretty design, but I just don't stick around long enough to find out. I am starting to sound so snobby, but hey - I'm being honest. Alas, I decided to share my personal opinions about the happies and crappies of blogging. You can take it or leave it. 

P.S. there is one exception to this rule. If I already know you in real life, I could care less what your blog looks like. That's mostly because I want to know what's going on in your world! 
Happies (what I like):
I like... a moderate amount of pictures. Something about the photos makes it much more interesting to read. I especially like reading someone's blog when there are GIFs. I guess I'm a kindergartner in that sense. 

I like... organization when it comes to the layout of a blog. Be easy on the placement of advertisements, especially near the top of the page.

I like... when it's easy to comment. More times than not, I will close someone's blog if they have a complicated comment section. I tend to struggle with Wordpress blogs a lot, so if you ever get a comment from me & you use that platform, you should feel good about yourself. Ha!

I like... when bloggers write something that I can comment on. If someone writes about their day and the errands that they ran, I may not have much to comment on. However, if the writer were to conclude the post by asking a question at the end, or somehow connecting with the reader about their day, I could easily comment!

Crappies (what I dislike):
I dislike... when there are entirely too many pictures. This means that I have to scroll... and scroll... and scroll. I don't like scrolling too much. I was recently browsing random blogs and I saw one girl post about 15 "print screens" of her phone text message conversation on her blog. I was immediately turned off and went to another blog.

I dislike... when a blog has tons of sponsored or guest posts. I can't ever get myself to actually read a guest post. I just hate them and find them super boring. #sorrynotsorry

I dislike... a long and hard-to-remember blog link. Short and sweet is where it's at. 

Am I totally crazy? What do you like and what do you dislike about blogs?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Confess Sesh

I'm following suit like other bloggers and confessing a few things today. 
I did a mini makeover on my blog last night.

Buying workout clothes really does make working out way more fun. After work on Monday, I hit up Marshall's (one of my favie stores to save a pretty penny). I found a funky pair of yoga pants that I had to have, and a fitness skort too.

Speaking of working out, I haven't changed my diet one bit. I plan to each a tiny bit healthier once I start IVF injections though. Maybe that will prevent me from gaining weight from all the hormones.

Embarrassing... but I have developed an armpit rash. What the hail. I started using a new deodorant without aluminum in it, and needless to say, it broke me out bad! I even had to put baby powder on my poor pits. I would not recommend this stuff. But really, do y'all know of any remedies? I'm fine when doing zero activity, but once my body temperature starts getting heated, it starts getting worse.

I finally ordered myself business cards for my blog. I couldn't be more excited. Next on the list: koozies!

Also, I should win wife-of-the-year. I just ordered husbands third anniversary gift. The theme is leather, so there's a world of possibilities. 

I am still dreading the fall semester. I realy want to think positive thoughts, but it sure is hard to do that when I know I am gonna be SO busy. 

Yay yay yay... seven days from now I will start my first IVF injection.
I am linking up with Kat today!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How Will We Announce Our Pregnancy?

In 8 days, I will happily take my first IVF shot. On our third anniversary, instead of boozing it up with my better half, I will be sippin' on some SmartWater (hello electrolytes) and letting him stick me with yet another needle. In exactly 7 weeks, I will know whether or not I'm a mommy.

My heart is full.

I should probably rephrase that. In my heart of hearts, I am already a mommy. I love my [future] baby more than you could even imagine. I pray for my [future] baby all the time. My [future] baby owns a large chunk of my heart already. My sweet, sweet baby.

If there's anything that I've learned during this struggle, it's that: 1) God is in control, 2) There's a purpose for this trial, and 3) God wants to bless me. 
Yep, I got my IVF calendar. I couldn't be more excited to get shot up with hormones. (Who says that???) Here's a little breakdown of what's going to be happening over the next several weeks:

August 27: Starts injections (Lupron)
August 30: Last day of birth control - PRAISE GOD
September 5: Ultrasound
September 7: Add in new injections in addition to Lupron (FSH twice daily)
September 10: Ultrasound
September 12: Ultrasound
September 15: Ultrasound
September 16: Add in new medications (antibiotic) + HCG inejection
September 18: EGG RETRIEVAL
September 19: Start progesterone 
September 26: Progesterone test
October 7: hCG test (aka pregnancy test)

If all goes according to plan (which I should NOT count on, because when do things go according to plan?), then I'll become a mommy on September 23, 2014... just 8 days before my husband and I celebrate three years of marriage. 

I've thought about it time and time again... how will we announce our pregnancy? There's only one way that seems fitting: Give God ALL the glory and ALL the credit. If I find out on October 7, 2014 that I am indeed pregnant, it won't be a surprise to you, or your neighbor. Everyone will know. And God will get all the credit... not the doctors, not the bank who gave us a $10,000 loan, not anyone else except GOD. Only that name.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Testimony

I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I think that I'm finally ready for fall/winter again. (I know... I know!) I'm such a summer girl, but oh gracious it was hot this weekend. Even my sweat was sweating. Unexplainable, really. Regardless of the sweat situation, I am happy that these fine ladies were still super duper nice to me when I met them on Saturday.
Jenn | Me | Tisa | Lani | Brianna | Holly
We had an Austin blogger meetup, and we had a grand ole time! In fact, I need another one in my life again very soon. Perhaps I'm partial, but I gotta say that Betty was the cutest one there. She's the itty bitty baby next to me. Would you agree?

Speaking of sweat, I've decided on a workout schedule. Until further notice from my doctor (in case he recommends changes due to our IVF cycle), I will be working out Sunday thru Thursday. That will give me Fridays and Saturdays off. Right now, husband and I are doing the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, which I have had since college. I'm also doing some cardio on the treadmill, and I've taken y'alls advice by doing intervals. I've been switching up the incline, running (6mph), and then taking a breather (3.8mph). I pretty much repeat that until I burn at least 300 calories. I also recently decided that if I'm going to become a person who works out, I need to invest in cuter workout gear. Right? Please say yes so that my husband will understand my need for shopping. 
Oh oh, p.s. I am totally going to sign up for a Pure Barre class very soon. Too bad I don't live in the Dallas area, because my girl Jessica owns her own studio. If anyone in Austin wants to try Pure Barre with me, let me know! Enough talk about sweating. I actually can't believe that I rambled that long. Let's switch gears, because there is something on my heart that I just have to share!

Each Sunday I always receive wonderful messages from our pastor, but this week's message surprised me how applicable it was especially as we embark on our IVF cycle. It's all starting to click as to why we've gone through this trial. Basically it comes down to this: Jesus wants us to be on the road that he designed for us (even if it's an 'iron road') for five reasons...

1) To win a deeper relationship. A deeper relationship with God, and a deeper relationship in understanding yourself. You may not even know how capable you are until you're put through trials and tribulations. Some situations can scare you to death prayer, and that's a good thing!

2) To win and complete what we've started. Don't ever give up. There's purpose in finishing the journey, regardless of how difficult it is.

3) To win new friends. God desires for us to struggle with people, and have them struggle with us. It's what creates such a special fellowship. I can tell you from personal experience that we joined a Small Group on a whim and it's been a huge blessing. We were in need of prayer, and the friendships that we created allowed us the prayers and also allowed us to pray for others too.

4) To win the new view/perspective. Once we've finished what we've started, our new perspective will all be worth it.

5) To win the story. This made it real for me. THIS IS MY TESTIMONY. My trial has given me a purpose to share God's glory and awesomeness. It all makes sense. Though I am still in the midst of my so-called trial, HE IS GREAT. He has shown compassion and love to me. He has made it known that he wants to bless me. He is all powerful. That is my testimony, and I am thankful to be going through a trial so that I can share it with you and everyone else. I will live by Mark 5:19 and tell everyone my story.

Friday, August 15, 2014

If We're Going To Be Friends...

Here's the thing. If you and I are going to be friends (which I would very much likey), then there are some things that you should know about me. Mkay??? The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Miniature 80's Allison
  • I collect koozies and throw blankets.
  • When I go to a restaurant and there happens to be a napkins dispenser on the table, I take a handful extra to keep in my car. I guess that means I'm a napkin hoarder. But you never know if you'll need to blow your nose???
  • My skin turns red really easily. If I workout hard, it's beet red. If I scratch my chest, it turns red. I guess I just have sensitive skin. 
  • (Even though it's bad!) I like the smell of gasoline when pumping at the gas station.
  • I am pretty sure that I could be a hand model because the nail salon ladies always tell me how beautiful my nails and hands are. I should look into that career.
  • I think belly buttons are disgusting beyond all belief. 
  • I have three brothers and one sister. 
  • I am literally obsessed with 90's country music. Husband and I's first dance song was, "There's No Way" by Alabama. You should appreciate the cheesiness of the youtube video.
  • I sorta wanna name my (future) kids presidential names. For example: a girl would be Kennedy and a boy would be Lincoln. No stealing, now that I spilled the beans. Wait, who am I kidding? Before I can worry about one of my readers stealing future kid names, I should probably get my husband on board. He likes boring, one-syllable names. 
  • Spicy food is my all-time favorite. Sometimes when I eat spicy things (ex: boneless wings w/ sauce), I will be in so much pain, but I can't stop eating it anyways.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with scary movies.
  • As of lately, I haven't put any harsh chemicals on my body. Ex: I stopped self tanning (I miss you, St. Tropez), no more nail polish, and all other products are unscented. 
  • Unfortunately the very first memory that I have inside my brain isn't a good one. 
  • Fireworks make me oddly happy.
  • Dancing is my favorite. Even if I'm not good in the very least. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five Things

I really hate writing random posts, but there are a few things that I wanted to put out there. I promise to get back to more fun and worth-reading blog posts soon.

1. I've been doing good at working out recently. Over the past couple of years, I literally didn't work out one time. But like I mentioned before, an occurrence recently spurred me to lose weight. Therefore, here's what my last couple of days have looked like:

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday: 1 hour on the treadmill (each day) which burned 300+ calories (each day), and added up to a total of 3+ miles completed (each day)

Wednesday: 20 minutes of walking outside, which added up to a total of 1+ mile completed. Also, I did 20 minutes of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred

Additionally, husband and I ordered p90x3 from our friend Magen. She is a coach through Beach Body and told us the great results that she had from doing the program. (P.S. if you want to order the program too, let me know and I'll give you Megan's link.) It's like the original p90x, but it's a 30 minute version. I am making Ross do it with me. We will see how that goes once the DVD arrives. Hopefully it goes well! The only days that I won't be able to work out in the upcoming weeks is when the doctor tells me to lay low for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer. Speaking of...

2. I still haven't gotten my IVF calendar. I am mildly disappointed because my doctor seemed to think I would receive it within a couple of days, but here we are 8 days later, and still nothing. I've called the nurse to inquire twice, and they just keep telling me to wait because the calendar is still being processed. I know that patience is a virtue and all... but I sure feel like I've been patient enough. However, I guess there's still more patience to be learned.

3. I started reading a devotional through She Reads Truth. I know several of y'all have mentioned this program to me before, but I finally took the plunge. I am going to commit time to God everyday. Because after all, he absolutely deserves it.

4. I can't help but dread the fall semester. I know that it's my last semester in the graduate program, but I can't tell you how UNmotivated that I am to finish it. I could REALLY use the prayers in this area of my life as well. I want to finish the degree - really I do - but I also just want a 'break.' I am going to be so busy in the fall semester. I am DREADING it.

5. I made the best potato skins last night. I used this recipe and would highly recommend it. We paired it with chicken and ended our dinner with happy tummies. 

I apologize for not writing more fun posts lately. I am feeling slightly in a rut with blogging for some reason. I have no idea why. I also feel an odd sense of pressure to write. I know that I don't HAVE to write, but for some reason, I feel like I am SUPPOSED to. I didn't even feel like posting a picture in this blog post either - which is like blogging suicide! (ha). But really. AHH. If you could just say a prayer for my sanity that would be great. I am feeling very "off" today.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Really Really

Perhaps I slightly overuse the word 'love' a bit too often. I feel bad about it. Mostly because I want the word 'love' to be associated with things such as God, husband, and my pups. Therefore, today's post is simply dedicated to things that I've been really really liking lately.

Orphan Black
Yep, I said it. I am officially done with season one, and totally addicted. It's really really good. If you haven't jumped on this bandwagon, you need to hurry on up. It's slightly sci-fi, but totally good!
Post-Workout Feelings
Unbelievable. Just yesterday I was blogging about how to get motivation. Thank all y'all for your replies and personal emails. For the past three days (only by the strength that God gives me), I have treadmill-ed for an hour each day. Per the treadmill's calculations, I have walked (at a high speed) over 3 miles per day, burning over 300 calories per day. I really really like the feeling that I have after a workout. Just not the feelings beforehand. 
Maxi Skirts
It should be zero surprise to you how much I really really like maxi skirts. Thank goodness that they are in style. Also, my most recent favorite maxi skirts are on sale today through (one of my favie websites). Just go here
Le duh... I really really like blogging. Plus, meeting random bloggity friends is always great too. Don't forget about the Austin-area blogger meeting up happening this weekend! Doooo ittttt.