Monday, August 25, 2014

August Ipsy Bag

I would have survived just fine back in the day before all sorts of technology came about. I guess I think that way because I REALLY LIKE SNAIL MAIL. It makes me extremely happy. Except snail mail bills. Those could stop existing and I'd be okay with that. Speaking of... my August Ipsy bag did not disappoint this month, and there's one specific product that I am officially in lust with.

Real quick though, if you don't know what Ipsy is, it's a monthly subscription (just like a magazine) but it's ONLY beauty products. Hip hip hoorah. I love this for two reasons:

1) I get to try new brands and products that I may not have otherwise
2) The Value, which you'll see in just a moment below
and a third point for good measure...
3) I really like receiving packages in the mail
Spoiler alert - this is my new favorite beauty product that ever existed. Have you tried Benefit's Porefessional? Or heck... any other 'pore refiner' for that matter? All others don't even compare to this one. I am forever a believer in this brand, and will absolutely be repurchasing. I have rather large pores on my nose area and when I used this stuff for the first time (and ever since), it has decreased the size of my pores tremendously! #ImAFan
Ipsy size/value: .25 oz. & $11.25
Retail size/value: 1 oz. & $45
This black eyeliner pencil was seriously miniature and just okay. I don't have any pros or cons to write about. However, if you've used this brand/this pencil before, how did you feel about it? Did you like it?
Ipsy size/value: .02 oz. & $2.14
Retail size/value: 1.4 oz. & $15
Literally the week before my Ipsy bag arrived, I got a full size of this mascara for free from Ulta (score!), but I didn't want to open it just yet since I currently have a ton of opened mascaras. I was super happy when this travel size mascara arrived. I will say this: I really like it a lot! Lately I've been really into thick and clumpy mascara, which is super weird, but I like it. And this sorta reminds me of those two things. But in a good way!
Ipsy size/value: .1 oz. & $5.50
Retail size/value: .4 oz. & $22
I am always up for trying a new lip balm so I was really excited to try it out. There's nothing remarkable about it, but I still plan to use every drop of it. Is there even such thing as too much lip balm??? I got the green apple kind, and it's currently stored in my bathroom drawer for after the shower.
Ipsy size/value: 12 g (full size) & $2.99
Retail size/value: 12 g (full size) & $2.99
Can you say 'pigmentation'? That is exactly what this blush is! I've used both colors quite a few times, and I especially like the peachy color (on the left) since I don't have anything like it. 
Ipsy size/value: .09 oz. & $2.04
Retail size/value: .35 oz & $7.95
Here's the deal: my bank account automatically takes out $10 a month from my account and then sends me awesome products once per month. My favorite part? More times than not, there are name brand products that I want to test out anyways! If you're interested, you can sign up here. Best.decision.ever. Another cool thing? As you can tell from above, I received $23.92 worth of beauty products, all for $10 flat. I am so excited just thinking about it and had to share the good news!


  1. Even though I stayed on the waiting list for months (and then cancelled my account), this has made me want to try again. I'm signing up!

  2. I had considered Burch Box but I think it might have been more expensive. This totally makes me want to join because I really love a cute make-up bag!! Is there any type of discount for you if we say you sent us?? If so, I want to make sure and include your info :)

  3. We got the same stuff, but my balm is grape. I am in love with the pore refiner too, and that brand!

  4. I was so disappointed with my Ipsy bag, I ended throwing it all away! I didn't get any of these items.

    Hopefully September is a better month for me!

  5. I LOVED my ipsy bag this month!! I got the same mascara and pore refiner that you did. I also got a chap stick, some dry shampoo that I really like - it sprays like a torch though Lol, then some eyeshadow that I use daily. I recently got off the waiting list but I have loved my last two bags!! :)

    1. Yea I seriously love Ipsy!!!! I always enjoy my bags :)

  6. I got the pore refiner too! I wasn't sure what it did at first but yeah, it does work. I don't really understand why but awesome! I didn't love the UD mascara but I don't like it clumpy. I wish I had gotten the lip balm. I do love the one I got though! Thanks for sharing your bag!