Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Challenge Accepted

Pinterest seriously makes me happy. I find so many amazefest things on there. In fact, I found one so fascinating that I decided to tell y'all about it, and even start the challenge right about now. I also think y'all should take the challenge too. Take a lookie:
You know where I'll be for the next 30 days, ain't that right? Might as well get to gettin. Welcome to my closet. Oh, and you should know that I did NOT tidy up before snapping these photos. Shame on me! 
The initial view when looking into my closet
The left side of my closet + shoe rack
The right side of my closet + jewelry box (more on that day 20)
There's an organization behind everything but I'll spare you.
He golfs... I shop. Truth.
So there you have it. 

Considering my husband and I are currently childless (but not for much longer te-he-he), we do not share closets. I get the master closet all to my self. He gets the office closet, and our guest bedroom closet is full of 4th of July decor. Typical. Now, I vote that you jump on this bandwagon and do this challenge with me. It'll be fun ... she said!


  1. Love the quote, so smart!!

    And love your closet, I need a master closet!

  2. Super cute challenge! I wish le guy would give me the whole closet, but alas I have half of it and the guest closet.

  3. I have reversed rolls with EVERY single wife I know... My husband takes up 2/3 of our master walk-in closet... And his office closet... and the guest closet. I have 1/3 of the master closet. That's it. I'm a constant purger of clothes, and really only wear yoga stuff now anyway. He's got no fewer than 30 custom suits. Enough plaid/flannel to wear a different shirt for three months and not repeat. And more golf shirts than I can look at without wanting to vomit. Lord help me and my clothes-hoarder-hubby!

  4. How fun, your closet looks full of some pretty amazing stuff. Look at those earrings!

  5. Is that a shadow box of wedding stuff? If so, I love it!!

  6. Oh my gosh, shutup!
    I'm totally doing this!!

  7. Love this idea!!!!! And how I wish my closet was as organized as yours... le sigh.

  8. I'm doing this!! But not for a month or two until we get all settled in haha. Can't wait to follow along with you!

  9. Cute closet! Love all those pretty earring and how you have them hung up! Great idea!