Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fashionably Challenged

I remember the very first time I had ever heard of Kendra Scott. It was in 2012. When I complimented one of my coworkers' pretty earrings, she replied with, "Thanks! They're Kendra Scott!" That meant nothing to me since I had never heard of this designer before. Eventually, I met my Blogger BFF Ashley and she made me realize how amazefest KS earrings were. Now I am obsessed to say the least.

This past weekend, I told my husband that I "needed" to use my 15% off coupon; that I "needed" a new pair of earrings. Lo and behold he agreed to take me! When we got there, I narrowed it down between the cobalt blue and this fine red color (below). I gave him the final choice, therefore this -in my book- is a gift from husband. And clearly I'm on day 3 of this 30 day fashion challenge
Anyways, speaking of fashion, which I generally have no sense of, I am lurving these outfits that I created. Sometimes it's fun to pretend that the internet is my closet. I mix and match outfits that would be awesome to own, but then when I go to my own closer, I'm like "wahh..."
Let's be honest for half a second. All those earrings are Kendra Scott. I told you that I'm a fan! Anyways, all the sources of clothing can be found here on my Polyvore page. Have fun creating fun and beautiful outfits, my favorite doodlebugs. 


  1. You're silly. You have a great sense of style! I have yet to jump on the KS train, but... you're making it more and more tempting with every post.

  2. The first and second outfits are my favorite!!! I mean, I love all of them, but the first two are the only ones I think I could remotely pull off lol.

    Also, we totally have similar ways of "reasoning"... (Ross picks out the color = present from Ross) I love it hehe

  3. I would seriously buy everything on the Kendra Scott website if I were able to! Obsessed. I think the next thing I'm going to get is a tassel necklace!

  4. Haha, I love you! I'm right there with you... I'm all on Pinterest like, "Oh, I have something similar to that - I'mma style it that way and be trendy!" Then I go to my closet and I'm like, "Wait. What I have looks nothing like that. Fail."

    It's fun to be trendy in my own imagination for about five mins though! :)

    1. Pinterest is a serious addiction of mine!!! I just can't get off it sometimes!

  5. Gimme that white embroidered dress..and gimme now! I have an outfit pinning Pinterest problem...

  6. I screamed the other day because Kendra announced they're bringing a store to Tulsa next year, I'm so excited. She has such pretty pieces, I LOVE your red earrings girl.

  7. Love the earrings!! So cute! All of her pieces are amazing!

  8. I love Kendra Scott... although recently I feel I should branch out a bit for some diversification. You should check out the Kendra Scott jewelry on they always have great prices and sales going on her line.


  9. Are you kidding?! You have great style, Allison!!