Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Confess Sesh

I'm following suit like other bloggers and confessing a few things today. 
I did a mini makeover on my blog last night.

Buying workout clothes really does make working out way more fun. After work on Monday, I hit up Marshall's (one of my favie stores to save a pretty penny). I found a funky pair of yoga pants that I had to have, and a fitness skort too.

Speaking of working out, I haven't changed my diet one bit. I plan to each a tiny bit healthier once I start IVF injections though. Maybe that will prevent me from gaining weight from all the hormones.

Embarrassing... but I have developed an armpit rash. What the hail. I started using a new deodorant without aluminum in it, and needless to say, it broke me out bad! I even had to put baby powder on my poor pits. I would not recommend this stuff. But really, do y'all know of any remedies? I'm fine when doing zero activity, but once my body temperature starts getting heated, it starts getting worse.

I finally ordered myself business cards for my blog. I couldn't be more excited. Next on the list: koozies!

Also, I should win wife-of-the-year. I just ordered husbands third anniversary gift. The theme is leather, so there's a world of possibilities. 

I am still dreading the fall semester. I realy want to think positive thoughts, but it sure is hard to do that when I know I am gonna be SO busy. 

Yay yay yay... seven days from now I will start my first IVF injection.
I am linking up with Kat today!


  1. The makeover looks fabulous!

    And love that Alexis gif...too funny!

    GOOD LUCK this fall!

  2. Put some lavender oil in your pits to help with the rash! You can get it at Whole Foods if you need it :)

  3. LOVE the mini makeover! I wish I was good at all things HTML.
    I definitely agree about the workout clothes. You gotta look cute in your workout gear, right? That's motivation right there! ;)

  4. Hahaha I love Alexis (RHOC)!! :) Workout clothes always get me motivated TO LOOK CUTE AND LIKE I WORKOUT hahaha.

  5. I am also struggling with a having a positive attitude for the fall semester. We will have to give each long distance support!!

  6. Ow!! An armpit rash?! You poor thing! I can't wait to see what you got your man!!

  7. LOVING the mini makeover! So cute! And yes, workout clothes you feel great in makes actually working out that much better! :)

    Happy Wednesday! :)

  8. i agree with the workout clothes!!

  9. Yay you got your plan finally??!! How many units of FSH? And are you using Gonal or Follistim? Give me the deets!!

  10. I second the lavender oil! Works on cuts too. If that doesn't clear it up, or it broke you out in acne-type stuff, tea tree oil will clear that up in about a day. That stuff is a miracle for breakouts!

    Word on the workout clothes! I always feel so fancy when I get something new (and usually bright/flashy).

    KOOZIES! Yes! In fact, my blog is featuring some hot koozies today... :)

    1. I will definitely be trying out the lavender oil thing! Thanks for suggesting it too!

  11. Love the mini makeover, so cute!! And um, I'll take one of those koozies ;)

  12. I need to get some business cards for my blog. I've been meaning to.

  13. Koozies?! Sweet! My blog isn't cool enough to have koozies, but when it's at that point, you bet your boot-ay I'm cashing in on some of those haha. LOVE your blog makeover! So adorable! And seriously, new workout clothes really do help me get my butt into the gym more often!

  14. Omg I got the deodorant rash too!!!! I had noo idea what to do and thought something was wrong with me!! ha I tried baby power but other than that nothing works!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who had this problem!