Monday, August 11, 2014

I Hate Weekend Recaps

I am pleased as punch to report that I am no longer sick. Thank goodness. That was no fun at all. Also, my weekend was pretty supreme by all accounts. And although I've recently decided that I HATE doing 'weekend recaps' on my blog, I am going to do one anyways. Who am I? I am such a contradiction.

After working all day (and feeling cruddy), all I wanted to do was be lazy. So that's what husband and I did. Nothing to report here.

I still wasn't feeling very well, so I ended up missing my co-workers wedding. I am sad about it, but my body seriously needed the rest. Later that afternoon, I checked the mail and received a happy package including this beauty:
I have a few things to say about this skirt:
1) It's probably the most beautiful skirt I've ever laid my eyes on.
2) When I purchase something from an online boutique, I generally don't know the brand but it turns out that this skirt is my favorite brand evz (Flying Tomato). Go figure.
3) I planned out our 3rd anniversary shoot wearing this skirt. Here's what I put together, and yes it's husband approved.
Sunday rocked my world in many ways. First off, the guest preacher at church was phenomenal. He made me laugh, and he totally spoke to me. Here's a little recap on what he covered. Trust me, you will love this advice:

Things to do while waiting on a miracle:
1) Don't be afraid
2) Only believe
3) Surround yourself with positive people
4) Kick out the negative people
5) Speak life
6) Feed your miracle

I just now wrote that by memory. That should tell you what a great speaker he was!

Secondly, I watched 8 out of 10 episodes in season one of Orphan Black yesterday. It is AWESOME. I am totally hooked. I had never even heard of the show until Bobby Bones had mentioned it. I was very curious, so I watched and now I'm hooked.

That is le end of this blog post. Hopefully I will get more creative in the near future.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!
    The guest preacher also sounds like he made some really great points--and "speak life"?! How relevant!!!

  2. Those outfits are going to be amazing, can't wait to see the pictures.

    That preacher sounds fabulous, too!

    My sister loves Orphan Black!!

  3. I listen to the Bobby Bones show every morning! They are hilarious! I think you sent me your illness via blog. haha I was sick all weekend and think I am on the back side of this now finally. LOVE that skirt! Cant wait to see how the photos turn out :-)

  4. So glad you are finally feeling better girlfriend! And I love the lessons from the guest speaker-- I wrote about being positive today too. Negativity is awful!

  5. LOVE that skirt! Can't wait to see the anniversary pictures! I've been hearing more and more people talk about Orphan Black recently.. I think I need to check it out. Glad you're feeling better!

  6. Oh I saw that photo on your Instagram and thought the skirt was beautiful! I can totally see you in it! Wow...what a great sermon! Mine spoke to me too in a different way but man, it was convicting!

    Btw, according to the tracking, our oils package should be at my house tomorrow!!!

  7. That skirt is beautiful, I love it! Love that list of things to do while waiting on a miracle. Definitely can apply all of those to the miracle we are waiting and believing for with my little brothers healing :)

  8. Well, I tried to comment, but blogger ate it again! Ugh! Either way - I love that skirt and am glad you're feeling better!

  9. I'm so glad you are feeling better! Beautiful skirt for a beautiful girl!! Can't wait to see the pictures :-)

  10. love that skirt and the whole outfit. I also love that brand!!! its at my favorite boutiques here.

  11. Love the skirt! So pretty! Totally agree with your guest speakers to do list, that definitely applies to us!