Friday, August 15, 2014

If We're Going To Be Friends...

Here's the thing. If you and I are going to be friends (which I would very much likey), then there are some things that you should know about me. Mkay??? The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Miniature 80's Allison
  • I collect koozies and throw blankets.
  • When I go to a restaurant and there happens to be a napkins dispenser on the table, I take a handful extra to keep in my car. I guess that means I'm a napkin hoarder. But you never know if you'll need to blow your nose???
  • My skin turns red really easily. If I workout hard, it's beet red. If I scratch my chest, it turns red. I guess I just have sensitive skin. 
  • (Even though it's bad!) I like the smell of gasoline when pumping at the gas station.
  • I am pretty sure that I could be a hand model because the nail salon ladies always tell me how beautiful my nails and hands are. I should look into that career.
  • I think belly buttons are disgusting beyond all belief. 
  • I have three brothers and one sister. 
  • I am literally obsessed with 90's country music. Husband and I's first dance song was, "There's No Way" by Alabama. You should appreciate the cheesiness of the youtube video.
  • I sorta wanna name my (future) kids presidential names. For example: a girl would be Kennedy and a boy would be Lincoln. No stealing, now that I spilled the beans. Wait, who am I kidding? Before I can worry about one of my readers stealing future kid names, I should probably get my husband on board. He likes boring, one-syllable names. 
  • Spicy food is my all-time favorite. Sometimes when I eat spicy things (ex: boneless wings w/ sauce), I will be in so much pain, but I can't stop eating it anyways.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with scary movies.
  • As of lately, I haven't put any harsh chemicals on my body. Ex: I stopped self tanning (I miss you, St. Tropez), no more nail polish, and all other products are unscented. 
  • Unfortunately the very first memory that I have inside my brain isn't a good one. 
  • Fireworks make me oddly happy.
  • Dancing is my favorite. Even if I'm not good in the very least. 


  1. Lol, I'll join you on the gasoline smell too! Always have liked that! 😁

  2. Absolutely love this! 90s country is my all time favorite and I am obsessed with it. And dancing is my favorite too! You're too cute!

  3. I can relate to so many of these! I also like the smell of gasoline. Oops.
    My skin turns bright red easily too.
    Spicy fooooood!!

  4. haha Yes! I was counting all of the throw blankets I have in our living room just the other day.... it was close to 10! I don't even think 10 people could fit in our living room! Oh and koozies, we have probably 50 of those too!

  5. Also a napkin hoarder. I almost ALWAYS have a napkin in my car. You never know when you might need it!

  6. I have a cousin who claimed to be a shoe model. talk about being jelly. (she lives in NY so I cannot confirm or deny this) I am all about some regal, under used, but still cool old names.

  7. I love the name Lincoln for a boy, that's a name on my list.

    I hoard napkins too, hey, I'm being productive ;)!

    And fireworks are my happy time.

  8. Ha! I do that with napkins too. I hate when I'm out of them in my car! I can't believe you like the smell of gasoline....that's too funny. So glad you've been keeping chemicals off of you! I'm trying in some areas but makeup and a few others...I fail :( Those are great children's names! I won't steal :) Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

  9. Love the baby names! Hope you can put them into action soon :) I also have a love/hate relationship with scary movies... I want to watch them and then while I'm laying in bed awake all night, I'm so mad that I did!

  10. Me too on the koozies, except the hubby hates this and secretly gets rid of a few at a time..ggrrr. I also enjoy listening to 90's music in general, I guess because it sort of takes you back to where you were at that time. :)

  11. I pretty much a was right there with you on a lot of these. Although, I hate my hands haha they are just not cute and kind of stubby! I, the love the smell of gasoline, even though it's not good!!

  12. I totally do the napkin thing to!!! LOL Great list my friend :)

  13. Kennedy has always been one of my favorite names for a little girl. Kennedy Rae. Love it!
    Oh, and my husband and I have completely different opinions on children's names as well. It's so hard to find one we both like!

  14. I LOVE presidential names... not intentionally, lol but seriously. Kennedy, Reagan, Lincoln, Carter.. so many cute options! :)

  15. I love the smell of gasoline, I actually did look into hand modeling for the same reason (my mom did it!) and 90's country is definitely the best. Old school Reba is my fave!

  16. This was so much fun to read! I collect koozies too & Baby Allison throwback pics are so stink in' cute :-) xo