Monday, September 8, 2014

My Experience: Pure Barre

Last weekend, I had my very first Pure Barre experience. The first time I had ever heard of Pure Barre was from my pal, Jessica, who now owns a studio herself in Texas. I honest-to-goodness have never really been the type of person to work out. I used to just watch my weight, and then cut back on the calories if I started gaining lbs. Anyways, now-a-days, I work out. And I actually enjoy it. To my surprise.

Typically I do treadmill intervals or the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, but my curiosity of this PB craze led me to try out my first class. I am going to give my raw feedback - the pros and cons - in case any of you are interested in it as well!
Spoiler alert: although my experience may not have been 100% superb (due to customer service reasons), I am totally a fan of the workout itself. In fact, I plan to put this, this, and this on my Christmas list. (I'm not lying either... someone better buy it for me! In fact, hold on a minute while I send husband the blog post link for today.)

Okay, I'm back. Anyways, here's the down low on my experience:

* It's a seriously amazing workout. It was fun and there's just something about the movements that makes me feel like a woman. That sounds so silly... but it's true. 
* There was great, up-beat music. I liked how the instructor would change the song based on what type of exercise we were doing at that specific moment.
* The workout burns a lot of calories. I used muscles that I didn't even know existed. Upon leaving my first class, I could tell that I had burned a lot of calories.
* The sticky socks that they sell there really did help. Since there are a lot of stretching type of moves, the sticky socks help you to stay in place. I continue to wear the socks when exercising at home too. I think they're a genius sell!

* The price is scary. It costs $22 per class, or close to $2,000 a year for unlimited classes. Of course they run specials too. I saw one in Austin for $100 which included unlimited classes for 30 days. 
* I felt judged. One girl in the class (whom was not an instructor) not-so-kindly told me that I was doing a move wrong, and the way she said it really irked me. I was quite open about telling people I was a newbie, so I figured people would just let me learn as I went. Nope - this chick knew what she was doing, and she expected perfection from me.
* I wasn't wearing Lululemon. Everyone there (no lies) was wearing designer workout clothes. Me? I get my workout clothes for dirt cheap at Marshall's or TJ Maxx and I'm not even embarrassed about that. Sure, I'd love some workout gear from high-end stores, but let's be real: ain't nobody got time for that when you're spending $10,000 on IVF.
* Customer service. The girl at the front desk gave a great first impression, but everyone after that sort of dropped the ball when it came to the customer service at that specific location. 
Overall Impression:
Despite my 'cons' list being more text-heavy than my 'pros' list, I am IN FAVOR of Pure Barre. I seriously loved everything about exercise movements. I'd like to try the class once per month. However, more ideally, I would like all the equipment to do from home. Hence why everything is on my Christmas list. But really - I would just feel more comfortable doing the moves from home so that way I'm not giving all my monies away, and so that I can wear whatever knock-off brand of workout gear that I want, without feeling judged.


  1. I don't get people who are so critical. I had a similar experience in Philly last weekend. I was taking (non flash) photos in a room and some chick who didn't even work there was like, "Yeah... you're not supposed to take photographs." Give me a break.

    Overall I'm glad you liked the workout!

  2. I love PB, but like you I just cannot fork over the money for it. Its a wonderful workout and I always feel good when I go. I have never been judged at my studio, so I hate that for you. They are always helpful and encouraging and help you fix your posture so you get the best workout. Hope the at home videos work for you.

  3. Ugh, that stinks about the customer service and the rude girl. I'll try to help girls, in body pump if they look like they are struggling, but it's always with a smile!

    I 100% agree that paying so much for workout clothes is just silly!

  4. Oh, the Lululemon snobs. I still have yet to try those PB youtube videos, but I plan to soon!

  5. That was really super mean of that girl to try to correct you and not appropriate at all. That has never happened to me. There are some scarily perfect lulu types at the pb I go too, but almost everyone is really nice. I agree w/ you that is IS crazy expensive. I've been going for over a year, but I do not know that I will keep it up long term b/c of the steep price. I do love the results and I love going b/c I am too lazy to workout at home.

  6. I can't believe that girl in your class! WTH. I take barre classes, although at Lifetime Fitness as opposed to just a barre studio. I like this wayyyyyyy better because 1) there's not "that girl" in class 2) it's not all lululemon girls who put on makeup to workout 3) you still get the great workout and great music. Maybe look into that? Plus, there's other classes to take, so while the cost is about the same, you can really mix up what you do! Somehow, that justifies it for me ;)

  7. I've always been interested in Barre, but there isn't a studio near me and that price is outrageous! I am curious about doing it at home though!

  8. I have yet to try Pure Barre (not sure why, I'm going to one day!) but I'm glad you liked it! And don't worry, I buy all of my workout gear from TJ Maxx/Marshall's, too. It's still cute but why pay a crap load of money for stuff I'm just going to sweat in?!

  9. There is a new studio opening up near my office. I really got excited until I saw the prices. There is no way I can justify paying that much for a work out, so I will probably try to find a way to do this style work out from home. I really like how honest you were about your experience. I hate people who are judgy. It's showed up to work out leave me alone! Rude! Also, heck no I won't spend a zillion dollars on my work out gear. That is just dumb!

  10. Ugh that is a big pet peeve of mine, girls like the one in your class. RUDE. I would love to try one day and plan on it. The closest one is in Tulsa, so it's about a 30 min drive and we are training with a trainer right now, but eventually I plan on trying it out :) Glad you liked it, but sorry you had to deal with rude people...

  11. So glad you've found something that is fun and a great workout for you! I agree, paying that regularly is outrageous, especially since you're dropping a pretty penny on IVF. Fingers crossed for a maybe early Christmas present full of Pure Barre fun! ;) *cough* Ross! *cough*. And I seriously cannot believe (okay, I can...) that she would call you out like that. How lame. She just wanted to boost her ego and make it known that she's not a beginner. Ugh. People can really be so rude!


  12. Are there any other locations around you that offer it? Sounds like you would've LOVED it if it weren't for some rude people. That's why I have no desire to go to a gym or a class. I just feel like all the women would be so judgmental. Why do we always have to judge other women?!

  13. Pure Barre BURNS! I agree - way too expensive. The comment about the clothes cracked me up! haha, I'm the same way - tj maxx it is!

  14. Ahhh! Those Pure Barre pictures intimidate me! I would feel so judged. And yeah I won't pay much for workouts and workout clothes because I'm just sweating in them and I don't care what I look like. Props to you for doing it though! I may try someday!