Friday, October 31, 2014


We are BEYOND THRILLED to announce that we're having ONE very healthy baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be more excited. God always provides in ways beyond our greatest expectations. The heartbeat was perfect, and baby is growing at a healthy pace. PRAISE THE LORD!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pregnancy: 8 Weeks

A couple of things to start out with:

First, I am typing this blog post on a Mac computer, which I am pretty illiterate at. So hopefully things don't turn out really funky. Long story short: our internet, cable, and all other technology is currently out at our house. Ugh... I'm giving you the evil eye, AT&T. But, since my hubby has our neighbors WiFi password on his laptop, I am able to access the w-w-w. Our neighbors don't mind - we share everything!

Second thing: I actually really dislike 'bumpdates' but I decided I am going to randomly post them on my blog whenever I feel like it. The main reason I dislike them is because they often times seem repetitive. As in: "Gender... still a boy" or something like that. Not hatin - just saying. Plus, I never know what to say when commenting on someone else's bumpdates. Anyways, my heart won't be broken if you totally skip over this post today, but it's my first bumpdate on le blog.
Baby Size: Raspberry. However, I feel like it's much bigger because, HELLO BUMP. My goodness. I will say this though: I am also bloating really bad because as you may recall, I am still taking progesterone injections daily - and a large amount, at that. Progesterone is said to slow the digestive process in order to make sure all the nutrients go to my babe/babies (I am still keeping it a secret until tomorrow!) which means that Momma gets bloated because of the slow process. 

Maternity Clothes: Actually, yes. I bought my first pair of maternity pants for work and they are genius. I feel so liberated. 

Movement? At this point, nothing, which is normal. Boo hoo! I wanna feel something. 

Food cravings/aversions? Nothing out of the norm. However, I will say that my husband's hair spray makes me wanna puke. The smell of it gags me.

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness? Nothing at all. I am assuming this pregnancy is going to be awesome, which makes me smile really big. I read that things like morning sickness, etc is hereditary, and after speaking with momma, she also said that she felt great during her pregnancy with me and both of my brothers. Therefore, no morning sickness for me (hopefully!)

What I miss: I miss absolutely nothing. Umm, hello... we planned this. The only thing that I can remotely think of is that I wish I could take real medication instead of just Tylenol. I have a major cough left over from my cold last week and I can't shake it!

Symptoms? Bloating. Gassiness. Light-headed ness (at times). Stretching pains in my uterus. That's about it. Nothing major.

Best moment this week? Having our very first ultrasound yesterday. Hearing the heartbeat(s) was AMAZING!!!!!

Workouts: I have not been cleared to exercised yet. The first trimester is tricky, and considering we spent $12k on the babe/babes, I am not taking any risks here. However, I do try to go on walks when possible. 

Gender: Not sure, but I have my speculations. 

Sleep? Well... I am typing this post at 3:17am... so that may be an indicator. My sleep has been all over the place. Sometimes I sleep well, other times I am tossing and turning all night long. What the hail?

Daddy-isms: Hubby kisses my belly occasionally to make sure the babe/babes know that he loves him/her/them. (p.s. yes I am still being vague about how many babies there are!)

What I'm looking forward to? Friday we will have another appointment, but it's more a consultation for pregnant women. Anytime someone is admitted into the pregnancy club at our hospital, it's standard practice. At that appointment, I will hopefully learn when my next ultrasound is!

Wisdom or other thoughts? I continually pray and think about the women who still are going through infertility. My only "wisdom" would be this: 1) Don't lose hope. 2) Trust in God. Honestly, I am still amazed that I'm pregnant. I had so many negative pregnancy tests, I just never thought it would work. But hope and faith that God had a greater plan kept me going. I am praying for so many women right now, and I know that God will provide!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why I Love October 29th

I've been legit counting down the days/hours/minutes for today to finally arrive. And whadda know? It's here. Thank goodness. What's weird is that October 29th has always been just another day (at least to me). But come to think of it, pretty amazing things have happened on the 29th day of this month. For instance...

Eight years ago, I first laid eyes my now-husband. Back in 2006, him and I were at the same Halloween party. Although he was "talking" with someone else at the time, my mind instantly went to, "I am going to marry him. He's mine!" I am unsure if I necessarily believe in love at first sight, but  in that moment, I surely knew that he was meant for me.
Halloween 2007 - a year after we met. I couldn't find a picture from 2006.
Four years ago, my now-husband asked me if I would take his last name and marry him. It was a Friday night in 2010 and we went out for dinner and dessert in The Woodlands. Right after our tummies were full, he took me outside, asked someone to snap a photo of us, and got down on one knee. The rest is history - I obviously said yes!
And today, October 29, 2014, my husband and I get to have our first ultrasound and learn how many baby/babies that God has blessed us with. If you are new around these parts of my blog, then you may not know that we're newly pregnant through In Vitro Fertilization. Today is a special day for us because him and I get to meet our minis (through the ultrasound) for the first time. Words cannot describe how happy that makes me. 
When I realized that all these special things occurred on October 29th, I told my husband and his response was, "that's blogable." Anyways, like I previously mentioned, I will fill everyone in on the exciting details about our first ultrasound on Friday.

In other news, my life is crazy hectic. Seriously. I don't even know where to begin. 1) Work has been very busy (which is expected during this time of year!), 2) I can't seem to keep up with all my school work, 3) The Comprehensive Exam for my master's program is next week - AHH! 4) My internship keeps me uber busy, 5) Hubby and I are working on some other personal matters that will be changing here in the near future - which is just another thing on my mind, and 6) I am still taking injections. I have been on them since August 27th and I am about tired of those things. But it's all for the sake of bebe.

P.S. I pretty much am the worst e-mailer ever, so if you haven't gotten a response from me, you're not alone. Please don't be offended. My life right now is just hectic!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Advice For Married & Unmarried Women

Sometimes I have a burning passion just to rant on my blog. I suppose it's because when I feel strongly about something, I like to make my point known. Today's topic is no exception. It's all about females in this world whom have home-wrecker tendencies, and may not even realize how big of a fool they are. Controversial, I know. But hear me out.

To these women, I do give them some credit. For example, marriage: it shows commitment for a lifetime, and let's be honest, that's kinda of really freaking sexy. At least in my opinion. Who is with me??? Marriage is sexy.
All of that being said, I think some women just don't know any better with how they act. They think it's okay to do certain things when it's just not. Marriage isn't dating. Marriage isn't a fling. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It's on a whole other level. Even if you have a guy friend who you've known for a lifetime, you still have a line that you cannot cross if he's married. Sorry boutcha. 

Quick disclaimer: Nothing has personally happened to me with a home-wrecker, nor would my husband or I stand for it, but I have seen some women act in desperation for attention towards married men and it makes me sick.

Advice for the married woman:
1) Be on the same page with your husband. If you feel uncomfortable or particularly strong about something, tell your spouse! They may not even realize how you feel, and I guarantee they will agree with you, since they want to make you happy. 
2) Keep your marriage safe. While you can absolutely trust each other, the devil is very real and he allows for tempting situations. The best advice that I've seen is to simply keep yourself out of temptations way.

Advice for the unmarried woman who likes married men:
1) Don't flirt with married men. They don't want you, because if they did want you, they would've married you.
2) Don't act all buddy-buddy with married men. Their wife is their best friend, whom they share every detail with; you can't possibly pretend to be besties with that married man.
3) Don't call or text married men. However, you probably shouldn't have their phone number anyways. I could see a few exceptions for having a married man's number if you have a professional relationship where you must communicate about work-related topics. In general though, texting a married man is a no-no!
4) Don't post pictures on social media about a married man. I don't understand the point of this, except I'm assuming that you want to show people that you have a cute married man on your social media feed somewhere. However, it doesn't look politically correct and you end up making yourself look desperate. 

I feel a sense of relief getting that out. Anyone that knows me at a deep level, such as my husband and closest friends, knows that I hold my marriage very highly; it's sacred. Maybe that's why I feel so strongly about it.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Your IVF Questions, Answered

First, I want to say that I personally believe that our first IVF cycle would not have been successful without prayer and the power of God. For me, I rely solely on the belief that God put this child (or children) inside my belly in order to follow through on his promise to me; his promise to fulfill the desires of my heart.

That being said, I have gotten a lot of questions about our IVF experience and thought I would share. If you're considering IVF, I would highly recommend it. For my husband and I, having kids was nonnegotiable. We decided to go forward with IVF, regardless of how it would affect us financially.

How much does IVF cost?
It can definitely vary! And for those women who are lucky enough to have insurance that covers it, you are a lucky dog. My insurance didn't cover a single penny. Boo hoo. In total, we spent around $12,000. There were two separate payments: the medication, and everything else. The medication cost us around $3,000 and was sent to us through a fertility pharmacy. Everything else was included in a "package" through my hospital, which was $9,000. The package included things such as the egg retrieval, the Embryo transfer, all ultrasounds, all bloodwork, etc.

How did you pay for IVF?
It's certainly taboo to talk about money in American culture, but I could care less. I am totally an open book. The first thing I want to make very clear: Ross and I paid for IVF ourselves. We didn't have any assistance from either of our parents. Second thing: "we paid for it ourselves", really means is that we're now $10,000 in debt to the bank because we had to take a loan out. We will be paying roughly $300 a month for the next several years for the loan. We used a part of our savings to pay for the remainder of the expenses. 

How many doctor appointments are there?
There are a lot of doctor appointments during an IVF cycle. So if you're working full-time like I am, be prepared to be out of the office quite a bit. I am thankful because my supervisor is so supportive and allowed me to use my comp time & sick time for these appointments. I would encourage you to be open and honest with your boss/manager/supervisor with everything so that y'all can create a game plan for 'catching up'. If I had to guess, I would say that I had roughly 10-15 doctor appointments during the IVF cycle. Your body needs to consistently be monitored to ensure the medication is working appropriately. Your doctor will decide if you should lower your dosage, or increase it.

How many injections are there?
My first injection started on August 27th, and I still take them today. I will be taking them for another month. Get used to stabbing yourself, or make your husband do so. The needles gradually get bigger, so it's a fairly smooth transition. In total, I know I've definitely been stabbed far more than 100 times since August 27th since some days we took 3-4 shots.

Do the injections hurt?
Honestly, you get used to it, especially the first few shots (Lupron). However, since I am still taking them, my body has started to get annoyed with me. It have been bleeding more and more lately. I will be a happy camper once I can stop the injections fully!

What did you do to prepare your body for IVF?
I did anything and everything to prep my body for a successful cycle. Here are just a few things that come to mind:
1) Stopped caffeine intake
2) Zero alcohol
3) Cutback on the sugar
4) Only used unscented body products (ex: body wash, lotion, etc)
5) No self-tanner
6) Acupuncture 
7) No perfume
8) After the Embryo Transfer, I ate pineapple 

When did you take your first pregnancy test?
My doctor had schedule me to do a beta blood test on 14dp5dt (14 days after our embryo transfer). I, however, decided to test at home on the Friday before just to "get it over it." That was 10dp5dt (10 days after our embryo transfer). Most pregnancy tests can detect hCG (the pregnancy hormone) on a test by 9 days after the embryo transfer. 

Now that you're pregnant, what happens?
My doctor said that it's standard protocol to wait 3 full weeks from the first positive pregnancy test to do the ultrasound. This means that I get to wait again - ugh. I just want to meet my baby/babies! But, until our appointment, I am to continue taking progesterone injections. 

For more details of our TTC Journey, go here.

I Want It All

Thank God (literally) that Christmas is coming up. I can't wait to celebrate Jesus' birthday and all of his awesome powers, such as this little miracle that's growing inside my belly. That being said, can you guess what's going on my Christmas list? All things maternity and baby, that's what. Because I'm bloating like a mad woman thanks to my continued progesterone injections, I have decided that I am gonna start wearing maternity clothes. Hey, I'm pregnant. It's perfectly okay to do.

I recently bought myself two things thus far:
However, just because I purchased those two things, I still want more. I found the cutest maternity website ever, and they're really decently priced. Can I have it all? I also found something that I never knew existed: BEAR CLOTHES!

I kid you NOT: I've always called my hubby "baby bear" and knew that name would eventually be handed down to our kiddos. And, I've always called myself "mama bear." I am in heaven. I want it all. Y'all - this is not a joke.
And of course I want anything that says "miracle" on it. Because that's what this babe inside me is.
Obviously my babe needs some stylish moccs too! Plus, the maker of these shoes is someone who I just adore. She is in my small group at church and has personally prayed for my little babe. She owns her own shop and you have to check it out!
Truth is... my baby also needs a cute Sam Houston State University onesie. 
In other news, my hubby and I had a good foodie weekend with my mother-in-law. She came into town to visit us. My favorite restaurant that we ate at was Moonshine in downtown Austin for their brunch. I just cannot get enough of that place. I am pretty sure the baby/babies inside me loved it too, because I hit the buffet tables twice while we were there.
The crappiest part of my weekend? I developed a minor cold or something to that effect. I cannot stop sneezing, my nose is so sore from all the sniffles, and my throat has so much drainage that it's sore too. Boo. I am praying for this to go away quickly!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm Tired

I cannot explain how tired I've been lately. This baby (or babies) is using a lot of my energy to create it's perfect little body and body parts. I am totally okay with that. Grow, babies... grow! But man oh man, mama bear is tired! What would be legit is if I could just go to sleep anytime I wanted. That would be cool. But I don't think work would like that all too much. Plus, like I mentioned before our pregnancy, I will not complain! So if I'm tired, I just gotta suck it up! I am super duper, overly grateful for this blessing.

Today I went in for another blood test and will get my hCG number soon to make sure the babes are working overtime to grow, grow, grow! Praying still!
Anyways, I have this grandiose idea for a Halloween costume. I will share my picture on Friday, October 31st. In that picture, I will also announce how many baby/babies are inside my belly. I was originally thinking of being Mary Poppins or Minnie Mouse, but a greater idea came to me. I need time to speed up just a tiny bit, kthnx.

All of those things aside, I am very happy it's Thursday. Here are a few funnies that I am enjoying.

Monday, October 13, 2014

What A Tweest

Oh my life. It is crazy beautiful. From the depths of my heart, genuinely want to thank everyone who has said a prayer for my husband and I while we went through the IVF process. God chose to bless us, and it's all because of prayer. Each and every single prayer made a difference. My heart is so thankful for each of you.
P.S. I want this verse on EVERYTHING. Literally. Buy it all for me.

I started taking injections on August 27th and I will continue taking injections until week 10 of my pregnancy (right now I'm at week 5). I would do it all over again to experience the joy of having a baby inside my belly. On October 29th, which can't seem to come soon enough, my husband and I will learn how many babies there are and hear the heartbeat for the first time. As you may recall, doctors implanted 2 blastocysts and "technically" each can split into two separate babies. So... I could have one baby inside me. Or up to four babies. With a joyful heart, I will happily take whatever God gives me. Oh and by the way, for formality purposes, you'll see that I just posted the last of my my IVF weekly updates. Even though I'm preggo, I know that I will eventually like to reflect back on each day throughout the process.

It still doesn't seem real to me. For women who struggle with trying to conceive, it's easy to wonder if it'll ever happen. It's easy to doubt. But I was reminded (yet again) in church yesterday that all it takes is prayer. God can overcome the impossible and change any situation; I'm living proof of that. Prayer: it works.
As you could probably assume, I am totally wrapped up in this blessing. My husband and I keep talking about how we'll arrange the baby/babies room, baby names, and all things related to becoming parents. P.S. yep, we've already picked out a boy and a girl name. Now, if there are multiples we may have to come up with more ideas. But, as such with this exciting time, I pretty much haven't answered any emails. EEK. Sorry y'all. I promise to catch up very soon.
Not to mention, did you know that I was in Minnesota from Wednesday until Saturday? I was there for a work conference. A few things: 1) BURR, it was very cold there. In my book, it was "freezing." I certainly didn't pack like a northerner. 2) I ate at a place called Barrio and it was legit. So dang good. I told our waiter to put a location in Austin. 3) People have funny accents there. But I'm sure I have a strange accent to them too, so it all evens out.
I will say this though: If I lived in the north, it would be downtown Minneapolis. I loved it there. It was totally cute. I stayed at a hotel right by the Convention Center and walked all around. Where my Minnesota peeps at?

Other than being in Minnesota the past few days, I've been sleeping a lot and watching plenty of telly. (I am starting to talk like a northerner - what's up with that?) Hubby and I saw Gone Girl finally and I lurved it. As my husband would say about the movie, "what a tweest." He pronounces "twist" as "tweetst" to be humorous. No, but really. I am gonna have to read the book now and see if I enjoy it just as much, which I'm sure I will.
Last thing (swear): Did anyone else watch The Walking Dead last night? I am so glad it was finally a good episode. Last season was awful. Just terrible and boring. But now? I am fairly certain I am going to get my zombie fix.

IVF: Week 6

Disclaimer: I am blogging about my IVF experience in order to document everything that I've experienced during this process. I enjoy re-reading my previous blog posts, and since this is such a big step in our lives, I wanted to ensure that I wrote everything down for future reference. Feel free to read, or not.

October 1
8dp5dt (8 days past 5 day transfer)

Today was hubby and I's third wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a fancy dinner. At dinner, the waiter could obviously tell something was up with me (maybe it's because I was very clear in ordering decafinated coffee and we were talking about baby names), because he brought me orange juice and sprite in a champagne flute, while he brought hubby some champs. It made me feel preggo, which was an awesome feeling. I'm pregnant until proven otherwise, remember? Anyways, speaking of bebe names, we decided on a boy name and a girl name. Eekk! We will share the names one we know the sex!
Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (75mg)

October 2
9dp5dt (9 days past 5 day transfer)

No major symptoms... just feeling slight twinges in my ovary area. Could be the baby burying himself/herself deep in my uterus.

Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (75mg)

October 3
10dp5dt (10 days past 5 day transfer)

I woke up at 5am simply because I couldn't wait any long to pee on a stick. At this point in the game, the hCG trigger shot is long gone out of my system, so I knew I was in the clear to test. I unwrapped my stick from the packaging and started peeing. I held it in my stream for 5 seconds, sat it down on the counter top next to the toilet, and kept peeing (TMI!) Before I had even stopped using the bathroom, two lines appeared. I was in SHOCK. I pulled up my pants, ran into the bedroom and told my hubby (who was sound asleep). He was so excited and came into the bathroom to see the test. Immediately I was balling my eyes out. I kept saying, "I am so thankful!" 

I cried for probably an hour straight and the only thing I kept thinking was, "God answered our prayers. I am so blessed." For good measurement, I took two more tests that morning. Praise Jesus!

Another thing: I kept shaking. I was shaking uncontrollably. The thought of my baby being inside me filled my whole body up with joy. Now that I think about it, Joy really ought to be used if we're preggo with a girl. Because it's exactly what I felt when I saw the tests. 
IM progesterone (75mg)

October 4
11dp5dt (11 days past 5 day transfer)

We went out of town with some of our friends and my favorite part about the weekend was being the DD because I was the preggo and couldn't consume alcohol. Plus, my hubby kept asking, "how is [insert baby boy's name here] doing?" If you can't tell, he's pulling for a boy. I would honest-to-goodness be overwhelmed with joy with whatever God gave us.

IM progesterone (75mg)

October 5
12dp5dt (12 days past 5 day transfer)

Still on a high from the positive preggo tests, and feeling great. No symptoms to report except a "full" feeling in my tummy. 

IM progesterone (75mg)

October 6
13dp5dt (13 days past 5 day transfer)

I woke up and decided to pee on two more sticks for good measure and I'm still pregnant. Haha! Thank Jesus. I can't express into words how grateful I am that God has shown me mercy. I also called the nurse this morning to let her know the good news and she was happy for me. I can't wait for my lab work tomorrow!
IM progesterone (75mg)

October 7
14dp5dt (14 days past 5 day transfer)

I went in for my official blood test at 8:30 am and was told I would receive the results within a few hours. Around 11am, the nurse called me and said, "yep, you're pregnant!" She said that my hCG level was 718, which is great. They want to see it above 100, so I am extra thankful that my baby/babies are growing at a steady pace. 

October 29th will be the day that we can find out how many babes we're having and we'll get to hear their heartbeat. Praise God!

IM progesterone (75mg)

IVF: Week 5

Disclaimer: I am blogging about my IVF experience in order to document everything that I've experienced during this process. I enjoy re-reading my previous blog posts, and since this is such a big step in our lives, I wanted to ensure that I wrote everything down for future reference. Feel free to read, or not.

September 24
1dp5dt (1 day past 5 day transfer)

I spent most of my day laying around in bed. I have heard so many conflicting things about whether or not to continue on with your normal activities or do bed rest. Either way, I assume that God will grant me a child if it's in his plan. We shall see.

Continuing on with the pineapple trick.

Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (50mg)

September 25
2dp5dt (2 days past 5 day transfer)

This morning I had a slight sense of nausea in my tummy, but nothing came of it. Maybe it's the progesterone injections that I'm getting daily? Not sure. I am super hopeful and very excited.

Continuing on with the pineapple trick.

Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (50mg)

September 26
3dp5dt (3 days past 5 day transfer)

I woke up feeling slightly nauseous again. In fact, I thought I was going to throw up but I didn't. I would gladly welcome any pregnancy symptoms if it meant that baby 1 & 2 are quickly growing inside my womb. Stick, babies... stick! Also, I went to the doctor in the AM to do lab work. They are testing my progesterone levels, which is needed to support a baby.

Continuing on with the pineapple trick.

Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (50mg)

September 27
4dp5dt (4 days past 5 day transfer)

No nausea or anything today. However, my sleeping patterns have been slightly 'off.' I'm not tired at night, but during the days, I've been napping for like 5 hours straight. Also, I'm assuming the progesterone injections are making my body temperatures all funky: sometimes I break out into night sweats and wake up with a pool of sweat.

Last day of the pineapple trick.

Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (75mg)

September 28
5dp5dt (5 days past 5 day transfer). Today is the day that my babies should be fully implanted into my womb.

No pregnancy symptoms, but I do have a pretty big headache that's been annoying me. Oh what I would give to experience pregnancy symptoms (if it meant that I was preggers.) Just praying praying praying.

Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (75mg)

September 29
6dp5dt (6 days past 5 day transfer). I feel pretty normal at this point, but that's to be expected since the hCG pregnancy hormone should just now start being apparent in my system. Over the next few days, we'll see how I feel.

Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (75mg)

September 30
7dp5dt (7 days past 5 day transfer). Still feeling normal. No symptoms to report.

Oral dex (0.5mg)
IM progesterone (75mg)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Mercy Looks Like

Because we've gone down the 'nontraditional' road to parenthood, we wanted to tell everyone the good news as soon as we found out. We understand that most couples wait much longer to share the news, but I truly believe that God has his hand in this process. Whether we share now or later, God will get us through it all. We continue to ask for prayers as our baby/babies grow. We cannot wait to share the rest of the journey with everyone.

Above all else, God has shown mercy to me and my husband. We are imperfect sinners and are not deserving of forgiveness. But He loves us SO MUCH that he would fulfill this desire of our hearts. Never underestimate the power of God. He is moving, making miracles, and wants to bless you TOO!

Here's a little look at the last two years of trying to conceive:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Favorites

Although I'm a huge fan of all Friday Favorites posts, I wanted to spice this Monday's blog post up with a little favorites. Therefore, I am calling this Monday Favorites. You should assume this post is going to be slightly random.

Favorite Recent Laugh
Hubby and I celebrated 3 years of marriage last week. While at dinner, we were in a no-cellphone-zone (per our own decision) which made our conversation much more lively. For married couples, I think it's easy to be 100% comfortable around each other while not talking. However, a good conversation is always welcomed. Anyways, during the meal, they played classic rock quietly in the background. I don't know much about classic rock, but when I heard this specific song come on, I recognized it. The song was, "Sweet Child O Mine" by Guns N Roses. Anyways, husband and I had a funny conversation about the song.

Me: Oh! This is Guns N Roses!
Ross: Wow, I'm surprised you knew that.
Me: Well, I know it from Rock Band.
Ross: That's cool.
Me: Yea, I can play this song!

<We both laugh>
I guess we found it so entertaining because I clearly am not talented enough to play the guitar all sorts of hardcore like Guns N Roses did in the song... BUT, I most certainly can jam it out on Rock Band. Maybe our humor is something that only him and I understand. So, if this story was completely pointless and zero percent funny, just keep chugging along to the next 'favorite' thing of the week.

Favorite Recent Song
Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave
If you haven't heard that song before, you are missing out on the greatest song that ever existed (not lying). Just give it a quick listen and I think you'll understand!

Favorite New Release
Okay, so I am assuming that Gone Girl is going to be my new favorite movie after I see it. I have been too busy over the last couple of days to check it out, but I am hoping to see it this weekend or next. Did y'all love it? I own the book, thanks to Jordon but haven't read it either. I just know that everyone says that it's the bomb dot com.

Favorite Recent Funny

Favorite German Moment
(I didn't know what else to call this moment)
This weekend hubby and I went to Oktoberfest with some of our favorite people and had a grand ole time. While there, we both picked up a souvenir. He got a German hat and I got this flowery thing that Germans wear on their head. But in all seriousness, my ancestors are German and English, so it took me back to my roots.
Favorite "Es Okay" Moment
My progesterone shots are increasingly becoming more and more uncomfortable on my back/butt area. I think it's just because it's an oil-based solution. I'm thinking about starting to inject them in my thighs. Any suggestions from my TTC Sisters? However... at the end of the day, it's okay; I will happily take these shots because it's all in the name of a baby or two that should be brewing inside my belly. More updates to come soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Three Years

You can see a recap of our first anniversary (here) and our second anniversary (here).

Year three in our marriage has been the best one yet. There's been up's and down's (aren't there always?), but I wouldn't have it any other way. We have grown so much closer in love and faith, and we have accomplished a lot. Two peas in a pod, really.
One thing that made us closer in our third year of marriage was our diagnosis of unexplained infertility. However, there is a happy ending... whether it be now or later. Our God put the desire inside our hearts to make us a mommy and daddy, and He will follow through on that promise. We are currently in the 'two week wait' for our pregnancy results from our first round of IVF. Baby 1 & 2 are already loved so much. 
Another lesson that I personally learned in our third year of marriage is that love is a choice. Over the past year, I struggled a lot with security in my relationship. Thankfully, my husband reminded me that we chose to marry each other. We chose to make a life-long commitment by honoring God's word to display a loving marriage. We chose love, despite all circumstances and all temptations that this life brings. We chose each other, and no one can separate that.
Year three has also brought new pet-names. Probably against my husband's desire, the most frequent names that I call him are: Baby Bear and Honey Bee. Sometimes I even mesh them together: Baby bear honey bee.
In the past year, our favorite things to do as a couple have been to binge watch TV series, people-watch at the local country bar, try new foodie places, and workout. Hubby Ross would probably not like it if I told you that we do the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred together, But, I just spilled the beans.
My husband's clothing style has dramatically changed in the past year, but I am a fan. He likes all things 'daper', if that makes sense. In a way, we've both become a little more high maintenance - him with his clothes, me with my makeup. However, I am confident that once we have bouncing babies around the house, we will have little time to worry about makeup or fancy shoes.
Our third year of marriage has also brought a strengthened faith in our Savior! We made the commitment to go to church weekly and put God first. From doing so, we've been blessed in many aspects of our life. Most notably, we joined a small group within our church made up of loving couples who we can pray for, who can also pray for us. It's been a huge blessing.
We have celebrated a lot of individual accomplishments! My husband left his job at Google (which was a contract position) and accepted a new role at a start-up company, which he loves. One thing about my husband is that he is a very hard-working and dedicated employee. An accomplishment for me is that I've gotten that much closer to finishing my master's degree (yay for December graduation!) and I couldn't do it without the support of my main squeeze.
In year three, we discovered our love languages. My husband prefers to receive love with 'words of affirmation' and I have a preference for 'physical touch.' What is sort of ironic is that we each give love very differently than our preferred receiving method. One goal I have for our fourth year of marriage is to love him how he wants to receive love, and for him to love me how I want to receive it.
Cheers to three years of a special, Godly covenant... cheers to becoming mommys and daddys soon... and cheers to a lifetime of happy memories. I heart October 1st.